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4-year-old shoots himself just 2 days and a few miles from 3-year-old who did the same

4-year-old Codrick Beal was staying overnight with a family friend while his mother, Ashley Beal, was out celebrating her birthday. At his babysitter’s house, he found a gun and accidentally shot and killed himself. 106 more words


Unexamined Assumption: It isn't Perfect, so it is Useless

It is true that concealed carry, and open carry, don’t deter all crimes. However, the claim that therefore we should either not have it, or go to “open pointing”, is senseless. 8 more words



Nothing puts a damper on writing like a flu. I don’t know if I had a flu this last week, or just a case of the scrounge. 719 more words


Do We Need Stricter Gun Control? - The People Speak VICE News Published on Feb 28, 2015

VICE News traveled around the world speaking to people about guns, gun control, and differences in global attitudes on firearms.

In this episode, we asked you whether the US should have stricter gun control laws, and how effective stricter gun control laws are in other countries. 56 more words


Fatal LAPD shooting of homeless man is caught on video

Today a homeless man was fatally shot by an officer of the  Los Angeles Police Department. The event was captured on video by a bystander.

Los Angeles

3 Sneaky Ways Obama Has Attacked Gun Rights This Year — Without You Knowing

This is from Off The Grid News.

Obama is ruling like a tyrant by executive fiat taking away our God given and Constitutional rights while Congress is on the sideline with their thumbs up their asses doing nothing. 644 more words