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More Gun Control Coming: Obama’s New Special Message to You on Gun Violence

Post-Charleston, we’ve seen a huge push to renew the gun control fervor that the Sandy Hook shooting brought.

Now, after Obama personally gave the eulogy for South Carolina Senator and Charleston shooting victim Clementa “Clem” Pinckney, Obama’s community organizing project “Organizing for Action” (which advocates for his agenda) has sent out the following “incredibly important” message to millions with the note, “We cannot slip into a comfortable silence while horrific acts of gun violence become the new normal.” 317 more words


Uber's Message To Their Workforce

I know Uber’s move to ban driver’s and rider’s from carrying guns was ostensible a CMA legal move (cover my ass), but that doesn’t negate the message that move sends to their employees. 686 more words

Gun Control

What To Do When Your Doctor Asks About Your Guns

What To Do When Your Doctor Asks About Your Guns.

Either way, it is important for people to know some very important facts:

  • Doctors receive absolutely no training about firearm safety, mechanics, or tactics in medical school or residency.
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What Is The Confederate Flag Distracting Us From? - YouTube

via What Is The Confederate Flag Distracting Us From? – YouTube.

Ring of Fire Radio

Published on 30 Jun 2015

The Confederate Flag is finally coming down all over the South – and it should.

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Did the Gay Marriage Ruling Just Legalize Concealed Carry Nationwide? Legal Experts Weigh In

This is from Independent Journal Review.

While this sounds great sadly I do not see it happening.

The Obama Regime is trying to restrict Second Amendment Rights and will fight any expansion of said rights. 688 more words

Stop the Gun Grabbers – Walter E. Williams LewRockwell.com

Stop the Gun Grabbers – LewRockwell.com.

The nation’s demagogues and constitutionally ignorant
are using the Charleston, South Carolina, AME church shooting to attack
the Second Amendment’s “right of the people to keep and bear Arms.” A… 698 more words

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