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Fuck Your Prayers for Orlando

I am angry.

Yesterday I was sad. Today, I am angry.

I know that’s facile and cliche and maybe even self-absorbed. I’m trying to think of a better word — I bet the Germans have a perfectly and oddly specific one, but English doesn’t, so angry will have to suffice. 1,736 more words

FORSETH - Their guns are purchased for one reason, and one only - greed

ON JAN. 15, an innocent young teenager from Coquitlam died after being hit be a stray bullet, shot by a cold-hearted, callous and uncaring thug. 488 more words

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Exposing the Unions between Trump, Putin, and the NRA Gun Lobby

Many Americans have long known that the NRA is a criminal lobby. They advocate gun sales to increase the profits of gun manufacturers and gun sellers while fully aware that thousands of lives are lost each year from the use of guns which should not have been in the possession of their attackers. 471 more words

Fire | a poem

A walk down the road,

A trail down the street,

A plethora of people,

A spectrum of love,

Kisses on the cheek.

Running down the memory lane; 149 more words


Gun Control

By Allison Johnson
Blog Content Contributor

Fact: Not everyone who wants stricter gun control is out to take away everyone’s guns.

Now, since we got that out of the way this conversation will be easier to have. 541 more words

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