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Red Alert: Shocking View on Guns from 1 Lead Comey Replacement

H/T Conservative Tribune.

Guns owners in America need to make our opposition to Joe Lieberman as the new Director of the FBI.

Joe Lieberman has a very anti-gun stance. 336 more words

Hearing Protection Under Attack in the U.S. Senate

Time to Counter by Moving the “Hearing Protection Act”

First, Gun Owners of America needs your help to stop anti-gun Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) from scoring an anti-gun coup. 606 more words

2nd Amendment

Fundamental Problem with Gun Control

Proponents of gun control want us to believe that if we cared about people’s safety, then we would want to ban guns. Perhaps this sounds intuitive to many people, but it is important to consider that just because something is made into law, does not mean individuals will obey that law. 168 more words

Gun Control

There's A Right Way And A Wrong Way To Talk About Guns.

Remember back in 2011 when everyone’s alt-right darling, Sarah Palin, adorned her Facebook with a map of the United States containing cross-hairs over states with gun-control Democrats that she wanted to defeat? 644 more words


Can You Be Pro-Life And Pro-Gun? Some Try To Be Both.

The night after Thanksgiving, 2012, a man named Michael Dunn gunned down an unarmed, 17-year old kid in the parking lot of a mini-mart because the kid was sitting in an SUV that was blaring music which pissed Dunn off.  638 more words


Does Gun Control Work in Other First World Countries?

Individuals often claim that gun control works in every other first world country; lets examine that claim!

The political left wants us to believe that if we cared about people’s safety, then we would want to ban guns. 181 more words

Gun Control