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A Very, Very Bad Idea

Fact: In the US there exists approximately one gun for every citizen (adults and children).

I don’t think they’ll miss one.

Comic Commentary

Questions people ask me

I wanted to write today because of something that has been going on lately. People know I’m joining the U.S Navy and many of them are puzzled which, in turn, puzzles me. 847 more words


How to Curb Gun Violence (Really)

Mass shootings like those in Las Vegas and Sulphur Springs, terrible as they are, are only a small taste of the carnage that goes on in America on a daily basis, courtesy of firearms. 2,215 more words


An Old-Fashioned Approach To Gun Control.

When I lived in South Carolina, round about mid-August I would get in my car, ride on over to pick up my deer-hunting buddy Sherrill Smith and drive up yonder to see Sheriff Hogg. 641 more words


Viral Meme Portrays Massive Faults Found in Libs Gun Control Debate

H/T Conservative Tribune.

As gun owners we must remain vigilant. 

There’s a reason that the term “going viral” is used to describe memes: A single idea can spread rapidly and infect an entire culture, just as a single virus can impact an entire body. 576 more words

Proposal would make guns with 'bump stocks' illegal in Columbia

H/T The Post And Courier.

I have noticed every time a DemocRat wants to pass anti gun legislation they claim to be gun owners and supporters of The Second Amendment. 437 more words

Leftwing Gun Control Push Creating New Market for “Ghost Guns”

Reported By Onan Coca November 20, 2017

URL of the original posting site: https://constitution.com/leftwing-gun-control-push-creating-new-market-ghost-guns/

Pundits, legislators, and media-types all love cryptic terms. One of the favorites out in California is “ghost guns.” In recent years, the anti-gun legislators out there have been using the term to describe various kinds of firearms… but it’s a term broadly used to describe guns that lack serial numbers. 296 more words