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An Ohio Judge Who Was Shot During An Apparent Ambush Fired Back At His Attacker

Ohio Judge Joseph Bruzzese was shot during an apparent ambush outside of the Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas in Steubenville, Ohio on Monday. According to the… 307 more words

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Baltimore’s Latest Anti-Gun Scheme Won’t Reduce Gun Violence

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One more reason gun owners if all possible to avoid the city of Baltimore.

It’s well-known that most major American cities are outright hostile to the idea of ordinary people owning firearms. 544 more words


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It is not any of the state’s business if a family has legally owned firearms.

ack in July we brought you  442 more words

'AMT Miami USA MAC-11'

An illict workshop made submachine gun seized in high numbers across multiple states in Brazil. Due to the bolt not wrapping around the barrel most of the weight is focused at the rear, with excessive muzzle-rise to be expected. 19 more words

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The New "Red Light Districts"

By R.C. Seely

AS THE “MANIFEST DESTINY” MOVEMENT TOOK hold and the United States expanded into the South West of the continent, mining towns started cropping up and with the mining towns saloons and brothels. 792 more words

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Texas Police Chief Asked To Leave Doctor’s Office Because Of His Gun

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The anti gun hysteria is everywhere.

The chief of police was asked to leave the Texas Ear Nose and Throat Specialists office in The Woodlands, Texas because he was carrying his firearm.   224 more words

Balancing Responsibility & Liberty: The Yin & Yang of Public Policy (video)

This is the text of the talk that I gave at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson (UUCT) on July 30, 2017. (Watch the video… 1,588 more words