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Again, we have yet another school shooting. Again, we have offers of thoughts and prayers but no real action. Again, we have those placing the blame for this on anything from abortion to taking god out of the schools to violent video games and other media. 66 more words


Another School Shooting Bites The Dust

Whom in your life would you have to loose from gun violence in order to support gun control? A harsh question to ask someone right, but so are the repercussions of gun violence. 414 more words


A Bid to Increase Gun Exports, Stalled After Sandy Hook, Moves Ahead


The Trump administration is pushing a rule, first proposed under President Obama, to transfer and streamline oversight of commercial firearms exports. 6 more words


Restrict Sidewalks in the U.S.

You may have thought that this didn’t concern you.

But with the news firing, flaming, and furiously forcing the facts down your throat, you are scared. 332 more words

Gun Control

Review: Cold November Will Warm Your Heart

Since this is Wicked Horror, let me start by saying that Cold November isn’t a horror movie. There’s a dream of a dead cousin that’s debatably a ghostly visit in the first third of the movie and two graphic scenes of deer gutting, but none of it is played for scares. 148 more words