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Americans voice their opinions on gun control

Gun crime is more prevalent in the U.S. than any other first-world country.

With thousands of American deaths caused by gun injuries every year, our country has yet to crack down on gun control. 564 more words


Guns, revisited

A few days ago, I received a response to my post about guns, disagreeing with my general premise that the easy availability and general plethora of guns in America was responsible for a large part of the gun violence in this country. 1,285 more words

Reasonably True

Non-Muslim extremists have killed twice as many Americans in the US as jihadists have since 9/11

Since 9/11, almost twice as many Americans have been killed in the US by non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims, according to the New America research center . 60 more words

How Media Discourse Dismisses White Terrorism

Opening fire at a specifically targeted, historically black church, killing nine innocent people is clear-cut terrorism, right? Wrong. Try again. Now if said 21-year-old Dylan Roof were to black or Muslim, that would be terrorism, correct? 515 more words

Sunday news round-up: June 15th-21st

Top Story: Dominican Republic begins ethnic cleansing operation: The Dominican Republic has begun implementing the first stages of a shocking ethnic cleansing campaign against Haitian citizens and dark-skinned Dominicans, on the basis of a recent discriminatory Constitutional Court ruling. 602 more words

Sunday News Round-up

Hi! It's time your weekly dose of Idiocy!

Well hello there! Welcome to my new blog, focussing on the idiots of the week gone by. These idiots can range from ordinary people doing stupid (yet sometimes amusing) things, to the politicians, criminals, religious leaders, sports stars and celebrities of our world remaining defiant in the face of logic, reason and science. 871 more words


Over 97% of homicides in America aren't committed in self-defense

The right to bear arms is a pillar of the US Constitution and many Americans defend it in the strongest terms.

One key argument for gun ownership is that it allows citizens to protect themselves and their families, and to prevent greater harm to society—potentially by killing an assailant. 256 more words