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Gun Crime

There are about 32,000 gun deaths every year in the USA. 60% of those deaths are suicides. 11,000 are homicides. The rest are accidental deaths. 10 of every 100,000 deaths are caused by firearms, one of the five highest rates in the world, of which the other 4 are third-world countries. 147 more words

Male Aggression


The whole world is filled with news of violence and chaos.

In the United States of America the killing of white police officers by disaffected black men continues, with a new tragedy almost every day.  436 more words


[VIDEO] Politicians, Media Guilty Of Most Despicable Form Of Racism

We don’t need more gun control; we need real solutions. Remove the jobs, break the schools, pull back the police, let the streets flood with drugs. 137 more words

Guns and blacks


“Violence will skyrocket when a group acquires a killing technology it did not develop. Groups that have invented such things as firearms without killing themselves off must also have developed sufficient inhibitions about using them. 127 more words


It's not a game...

Mum called this afternoon to ask if I had heard of what’s happening in the U.S. I hadn’t …been in a Netflix world all week. … 187 more words

Breaking News

Tory announces gun violence response program to 'heal' communities hit by crime

Mayor John Tory has announced a new city initiative to send crisis-response and counselling teams to communities plagued by gun violence, while two other programs aimed at stopping vulnerable people from falling into a life of crime are being expanded. 321 more words


Gun crime victimizes men the most—which is also why it's so hard to stop

Men kill. They kill in Hollywood films, where men like James Bond to Rambo unleash satisfying uberviolence. And they kill, too often, in real life. In mass shootings, as Damon Linker… 890 more words