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Welcoming the Mayor to Hell. The Story of Jane Byrne and Cabrini Green

‘What It’s like to be in Hell’

Three weeks in 1981 saw an almost complete halt in criminal activities in the notorious Cabrini Green housing project in Chicago. 1,925 more words


Japan has almost eradicated gun crime!

Japan has one of the lowest rates of gun crime in the world with just six gun deaths in 2014 when compared to 33,599 in the US. 231 more words

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Strict Gun Laws Do Not Protect Citizens: Look At Chicago

Gun Laws have been the center of controversy for a number of years, from the shooting in 1999 at Columbine to more recent events at Sandy Hook in 2012, San Bernardino in 2015, and the Orlando Shooting in 2016. 2,130 more words

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Now Here's A Sheriff Who Really Knows His Law.

There’s a little town in the middle of Indiana called Goshen which is the birthplace of the great Hollywood movie director, Howard Hawks, but will now become famous as the residence of America’s most intelligent, perceptive and downright stupid champion of the 2nd Amendment, namely, Brad Rogers, who happens to be the Sheriff in Goshen and recently opined at length in a local newspaper about the importance of 2nd-Amendment ‘rights.’ 603 more words


Gun crimes up in Regina in 2016: police stats

Figures released by Regina police show that with only days left in December, 2016 is on pace as one of the worst years ever for gun crimes in the city. 563 more words


Halifax sees upswing in homicides

Homicides in Halifax are trending upward again, according to information from Statistics Canada and the Halifax Regional Police.

On Tuesday evening, police confirmed Terrance Patrick Izzard, 58, was the city’s latest homicide victim. 585 more words


Windsor police take loaded handgun off the streets

A suspected crack cocaine dealer is without his gun today after police seized a loaded .22-calibre revolver Thursday.

Heavily armed Windsor police officers acting on information from the drugs and guns unit stopped a vehicle carrying a group of men. 41 more words

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