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Shame on you, Theresa May!!

Hi Gang,

I have taken a few days, before I wrote this weeks blog, and I hoped that i would have time to gather the fact, and in that time, I further hoped that I would calm down… Not much chance for the latter I afraid, So this blog may not be for the faint of heart! 1,621 more words

How can we address youth violence?

We’re focusing on youth violence at The Kickback next Tuesday, at a time when youth violence and violent crime as a whole in London has been plaguing the headlines.  606 more words

Young People

Sometimes it's best to say nothing? Or is it!

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It’s that time again… This could take some time.. So hit the link, and put the coffee on! BBR

Have you ever been part of a conversation where the person talking, is talk total rubbish? 1,505 more words

Did I not say, Enough?

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Those of you who read my blog yesterday? Will be none too surprised, that I would find myself, writing yet again, after waking to this mornings news! 1,193 more words

Enough is enough.. This Must Stop!!

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As you can see from the title of this blog? I am not a happy bunny today, in fact I can’t really put into words how I am feeling!  1,749 more words

The silent footsteps of ghosts


With London recording its 50th murder this year, and crime on the rise nationwide, I wonder what can be done, and I think about what I could do. 395 more words



I feel like I have been thinking about a lot of things this week, there have been days where my mind is so busy I forget to eat much and my brain is so full I can’t sleep properly. 295 more words