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Violent Crime a Worry

The economy appears to have turned the corner with activity picking up. Real GDP grew by 0.8 percent in 2015—underpinned by a surge in tourism arrivals—relative to 0.2 percent in 2014 and an average of -0.3 percent in 2008–14, while employment increased by 2 percent and unemployment fell.

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Dwyane Wade condemns cousin's shooting death in Chicago: 'Another act of senseless gun violence'

CHICAGO — NBA star Dwyane Wade’s cousin was an innocent bystander, police said, pushing her baby in a stroller near a Chicago school where she intended to register her children when she was fatally shot Friday. 583 more words


Girls, Guns and Gangs

Girls, guns and gangs, the three things that make young men wanna gangbang.

It seems to me that in his-story that the main mystery is the ‘thuggery’ that messes with the psyche-ology of these young prodigies. 329 more words

MAC-11 type copy with silencer seized by Queensland police

An example possibly made by a New South Wales illicit gunsmith who was convicted in 2009 of allegedly manufacturing up to 100 similar machine pistols.

Homemade Guns

The Vast Majority of Gun Crime Isn’t Committed by Lawful Gun Owners - surprised?

From: nationalreview.com,  by David French,  on Aug 12, 2016,  see the article HERE.

Here’s news that should shock exactly no one – the vast majority of gun crimes are committed by people who did not lawfully purchase their firearms. 918 more words


Gun Crime

There are about 32,000 gun deaths every year in the USA. 60% of those deaths are suicides. 11,000 are homicides. The rest are accidental deaths. 10 of every 100,000 deaths are caused by firearms, one of the five highest rates in the world, of which the other 4 are third-world countries. 147 more words

Male Aggression


The whole world is filled with news of violence and chaos.

In the United States of America the killing of white police officers by disaffected black men continues, with a new tragedy almost every day.  436 more words