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A Thought About the NRA Magazine "American Rifleman"

Unfortunately, my father is a supporter of the NRA and, more unfortunately, we have the same name.  Because of these facts, my father’s mail comes to my house because it is easier for me to separate out our mail instead of worrying about him remembering to send any of mine he got.   178 more words


31,328 deaths and 70,000+ Injuries Not A Health Problem?

Once again, the NRA is trying to lie about the facts. Gun deaths and injuries would seem to be a simple fact. Just count them up and you’ve got a total. 199 more words

Conservative Politics

The Future of Concealed Carry in the United States, Part 1

I have been on a little unintended hiatus from blogging because I have been spending more time recently trying to work on my book, Concealed Carry Nation: Understanding the Culture of Armed Citizenship in America. 361 more words


American Gun Laws: When will the U.S learn?

By now we’re all too familiar with the latest case of police brutality that emerged recently out of the U.S; 50 year old, unarmed civilian Walter Scott was shot 8 times by police officer Michael Slager. 2,146 more words

College kids carrying guns - what could go wrong?

When you think of American college kids what comes to mind?

If you said partying – I would say grab some cheap beer and a beer bong and let’s do this!   435 more words

Gun Control

Mayor Barrett says those in Madison partially to blame for Milwaukee's violence; lawmakers respond

MADISON (WITI) — The Wisconsin Assembly is back in session, and on Tuesday, April 14th, lawmakers responded to charged comments from Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett regarding all the violence we’ve seen in Milwaukee in recent weeks. 1,447 more words


John Ivison: Rejection of mandatory minimum law for gun crimes confirms Supremes' politicization

You have to admire Beverley McLachlin’s sense of humour.

In his crusade against the long-gun registry, Stephen Harper used to say “you don’t prevent gun crimes in our cities by cracking down on duck-hunters.” 846 more words

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