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They Can't Work until 14, Can't Drive Until 16, Can't Vote Until 18, Can't Drink Until 21; but They Can Own a Gun at 6

There are age restrictions on the freedom rights of American youth based on laws that take into consideration the stages of their ability to reason and their mental maturity or lack thereof; yet long before their undeveloped brains have reached cognizant sensibility they are legally permitted to own a gun. 86 more words

Rifle or "Assault Weapon"?

As we near the 2016 Election day, I am sad to report that the stupid is surfacing in force on the interwebs.

I’ve had enough run ins with people defending the criminal Clinton’s “I respect the Second Amendment, but…” garbage, which inevitably leads to them trying to convince… someone (I’m not sure who because I’ve forgotten more about firearms and firearms law than they will ever know) that “Assault Weapons are bad mmmkay?” 746 more words

Gun Laws

Covering more than the story

As a paid correspondent with The South End, Wayne State University’s student newspaper, I cover a lot of events. But since being enrolled in my photojournalism class I’ve had the chance to break out of my reporting routine. 585 more words

Digital Storytelling

New Report Sheds Light On Children Killed In Accidental Shootings

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The number of kids shot accidentally is on the rise.

Just this month, a 10-year-old boy from Indiana County was shot by his brother in Cherry Hill Township. 308 more words


Photo Story: "Gun Control."

Photo and Story by Tom Demerly for tomdemerly.com

Always be ready for that perfect photo, a remarkable shot that stops people on the page and tells a dramatic story. 583 more words

If We Don't Want People To Use Guns For Self-Defense, What Options Do They Have?

Our good friends at the Center for American Progress (CAP) have just released an important and valuable study, America Under Fire, which I am going to review in detail later this week. 634 more words


The Fallacy of Secure Areas

Regular readers of this blog no doubt fall into the “let’s mock the gun-free-zone concept after another mass shooting in a gun-free-zone” camp.  Since we are all probably on the same page when it comes to such zones, there’s no need to beat that dead horse (at least not today).  1,080 more words

Concealed Carry