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Understanding Michigan's Concealed Weapon Law

Michigan is an open carry state. That means if you want to walk around like John Wayne with a gun strapped to your waist or like a like a Marine, about to storm the beaches of Normandy, go for it. 185 more words

Gun Laws

The Coming American Uprising . By;- Mike j Hughes

Humanity is under great stress , much agony of mind abounds everywhere. The masses are groping in the darkness of their mass ignorance .
Terrible conflicts are about to unfold from shore to shore here upon this North American continent. 528 more words


On Bubbles

Allow us to amend some of what we said in our previous post. Words like stupid and dumb offend people, and when people are offended, there’s no real dialogue. 831 more words

John Flanagan



Problem:Mass shooting have tripled since 2011. This is a growing problem that we can get a handle on quickly if we handle it right. 526 more words

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Snyder Signs Bills To Loosen Airsoft Gun Restrictions

LANSING (AP) – Gov. Rick Snyder has signed laws relaxing Michigan’s restrictions on BB, pellet and paintball guns.

Under bills approved Tuesday, the airsoft guns will no longer qualify as firearms under state law. 111 more words


Hundreds march across Brooklyn Bridge for stricter gun laws

NEW YORK (AP) — Hundreds of men, women and children including fashion designer Donna Karan marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday demanding stricter gun laws and offering a litany of violent stories to show why such laws are needed. 541 more words