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Do as I Say, Not as I Do!

Just in my last blog post I mentioned how we try not to get TOO political here on the blog.  But, sometimes I just cannot help myself, particularly given the fact that this figures to be a pretty important election year.  546 more words


Hillary Clinton Promises to Expose the NRA

Lobbies are the greatest danger to American democracy. They eliminate the importance of casting ballots by the majority of Americans. Legislators who owe their allegiance to contributions from big business will always fail to represent the electorate. 576 more words

DRGO - Healthcare and Gun Owners...

I wanted to springboard off of Robert’s post about the apparent woeful ignorance of some doctors about guns to highlight an organization that I believe is doing some real good and fighting the good fight. 710 more words

Concealed Carry

Is There a Doctor in the House? Why Yes, Unfortunately!

It was never my intention, nor John’s, to use this blog as a political soap box.  A few of our posts have dabbled in this area, but we feel like others do a better and more focused job in the political arenas.  893 more words


NBA's Thunder among groups opposing 2 Oklahoma gun bills

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Firearms bills to allow most Oklahoma adults to openly carry guns without any training or background checks have led to a showdown in Oklahoma between supporters of expanded gun rights and the state’s business community, including the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team. 447 more words

National / World

Gun Laws, State by State – A Cross-Examination of the First 10 States

To break up the monotony of the same format week after week, I decided to periodically consolidate some of the most pertinent information about gun laws state by state. 295 more words

Gun Control

Even If Hillary Uses The Gun Issue Against Bernie, Will It Work Against Cruz Or Trump?

Ever since Hillary broke Bill’s taboo on making guns a campaign issue, I began to fantasize about the possibility that, for the first time of all time, guns might become a major issue in a Presidential election.  630 more words