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Gun Control.

Many people want Guns to be eradicated from purchasing to use for protection and even hunting. Limiting them to military/police use only; and other people believe that the gun control laws are fine the way they are. 462 more words

The Big Debate

Candidate One: Why not repeal the Law of Gravity? I mean, why is it that what goes up must come down? The Law of Gravity is a pernicious plot to ground America. 693 more words


Campus Gun Policy Transparency Act introduced in House

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison has introduced federal legislation that would require schools with to provide fuller disclosure of their campus gun laws. 110 more words


We Need a Martin Luther King for Gun Violence

200 years from now, I hope that people look back on the USA’s abhorrent gun laws which unbelievably pervaded the 21st century in the same way we look back on segregation and constitutional racism that existed until the 1960s. 749 more words

Court Rules Man Treated for Mental Illness Can Have a Gun

DETROIT (AP) — A Michigan man who can’t buy a gun because he was briefly treated for mental health problems in the 1980s has won a key decision from a federal appeals court, which says the burden is on the government to justify a lifetime ban against him. 276 more words