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Molon Labe - The Great Debate

In 480BC, King Leonidas bellowed the words “Molon Labe!” to the imminent hordes of the Persian Army. This quote, of course, has been manipulated to support the cause of pro-gun individuals. 443 more words

Chicago's Gun Problem -- There Are Too Many

Blog by Mason Johnson

Despite comparable resources to other big city’s, Chicago’s violence continues to outpace the likes of New York and Los Angeles — why? 613 more words


Capitol Hill gun control stalwarts want to disarm those on watch lists

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein along with a virtual “who’s who” of anti-gun lawmakers are proposing to give the DOJ increased powers to deny gun transfers based on classified terror watch lists. 116 more words


Michigan House Votes To Carve Air Guns Out Of Firearms Laws

LANSING (WWJ/AP) - Are air guns and pellet guns “firearms”?

They could soon be largely exempt from that classification in Michigan as the state House finishes two days of voting on bills revising how the state regulates gun use and ownership. 188 more words


Firearms and College Campuses?

This morning’s post was going to be another filler one- commenting on my own lack of content over the last few days and regaling you all with some of the less confidential details of my brand new schedule- which is going quite well by the way. 974 more words

Judge blocks 3 of Harrisburg's gun laws; mayor calls it "incomprehensible"

A Dauphin County judge blocked the city of Harrisburg from enforcing some of its gun laws Wednesday. The city is in the midst of a legal battle with the gun owners’ group, U.S. 355 more words


Doctors and lawyers say gun violence is a public health issue

LEAWOOD, Kan. — A metro based physician’s group is joining the chorus of voices trying to help reduce the rate of gun injuries and deaths. 475 more words