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Black Women Picking Up Firearms For Self-Defense

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (AP) — Sitting in a classroom above a gun range, a woman hesitantly says she isn’t sure she could ever shoot and kill someone, even to protect herself. 987 more words

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Law enforcement leaders are 'Fed Up' with crime

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We are coming after you.

That’s the message from city, state and federal law enforcement leaders who are “fed up” with gun crime in Memphis. 52 more words


Don't Take My Guns! Unless Someone says I'm Dangerous, of Course.

Oh, look! A shitty gun bill that’ll change nothing to go with that good drug bill that changes nothing. The paperwork is, as it always is, as legalese word salad but the gist is, if someone tells Big Brother that a particular gun-owner is suicidal, dangerous, or suicidally dangerous, then the gun-owner in question will be ordered by the court to hand all of their guns to the local police, without trial or even facing their accuser. 643 more words


Baltimore City Council Mixed Over Proposed Gun Law

The city’s homicide total now sits at 187 this year and even after the Baltimore City Council members announced a new a new gun bill. 41 more words


Stop, please ....

I am going to be fairly strait on this one.  I am speaking as your neighbor, your friend, the guy in the Jeep in the woods and the one ahead of you in the line at the Supermarket.  5,930 more words

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Donald, Jr., who was photographed triumphing over a dead elephant, has decried restrictions on silencers as a restraint on sportsmen.

Amy Davidson in The New Yorker.