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Gun laws in America?

Out Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enought’ President Obama Angry Speech over Umpqua Community College Mass Shooting in Roseberg Oregon. Obama Delivers Remarks: Majority wants ‘common sense’ gun laws, no ‘sufficient gun safety laws’ in U.S. 469 more words


Shooting in Oregon. When does the madness stop?

Today a shooter opened fire at a community college in Oregon. Early media reports indicate numerous fatalities and a number of additional people wounded. That brings the total of mass shootings this year — incidents where four or more people are killed or injured by gunfire — to 294. 152 more words

Gun Laws

I don't care

I don’t care what political party you’re with. I don’t care what reasons you have for owning guns. I don’t even care what freedoms you think are rightfully yours. 671 more words

Stuff That Matters

When will it all end?

Another senseless shooting at a college in Arizona today, at least I think it’s senseless, how do I know if it is or not? Maybe the shooter was somehow wronged, wronged so much that the only thing they could do to take away the pain was to lash out. 382 more words

Gun Laws

NEWS ROUNDUP: Nicki Minaj Addresses Miley Cyrus’ Failure To Acknowledge Black Women…AND MORE

Rapstress Nicki Minaj took us all by surprise when she called out Miley Cyrus while accepting an award during the MTV Video Music Awards in August. 435 more words


A Simple Analogy

Whether you ask religious fanatics or even the government why they didn’t stop a mass shooting, the response is usually incomprehensible. Religious fanatics fail to express the difference between fate & destiny, thus miserably failing to answer a logical question. 203 more words

Mark Caserta: Adding more gun laws is not the answer


Mark Caserta: Free State Patriot Editor

The threat to our homeland from domestic Islamic terrorism has never been greater in the history of the United States. 579 more words

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