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Man Arrested and Fined R10K for Expired Firearm Licence: The Facts

Regarding the article that has sent gun owners across the land into blind panic, a few matters need to be clarified. 248 more words


GOSA 2016/17 Annual Report

2016 year in review and way forward for 2017

GOSA has just short of 23 000 members at present. Although the majority of these members have joined us via FaceBook, they are not merely followers/supporters. 1,434 more words


Clinging to Their Guns and Religion?

Before I began studying American gun culture, I spent 20+ years studying American religion. So it is perfectly natural that I would try to bridge the two interests. 456 more words


Homeowner uses legally owned handgun to catch burglar for the police

This is from the Washington Free Beacon, and it’s a good reminder of why America has the Second Amendment.

Full text:

A burglar is in custody after coming face to face with a Florida homeowner and her revolver on Friday.

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February 14th, 2017

-The Administration is attempting to repeal a rule put in place just before Obama left office, which put heavy restriction on gun ownership for citizens with mental disabilities. 467 more words

Last Word on Gun Ownership Statistics (For Now)

My posts on gun ownership statistics, beginning here, brought out a number of excellent comments, some of which highlighted that others have made the same or similar points in the past. 636 more words