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Drug Wars and Politics

How do we fix the drug wars? Seems to me if certain deadbeats in America would stop smoking coke and meth there would be no more demand, and no financing of corrupt Mexican officials or gangsters. 287 more words

Final Project: Politics and Firearms

As a part of my Business Writing class I have been required to select a topic of my choice to research a segment of business within this topic. 312 more words

5 Nifty Multi-Caliber Guns That Will Save You Big Money On Ammo

By Eve Flanigan – Off the Grid News

Multi-caliber firearms have great appeal. Here’s a look at five choices of revolvers and long guns that add versatility to your gun collection while making your ammunition dollars stretch further. 91 more words


Is Gun Ownership a Right?

The historical context supports the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to uphold individual gun ownership.  Two thirds of Americans agree.


Survey Questions About Guns: What Would You Ask?

Recently, a major national research organization asked for my input on a study of gun owners they are launching soon. Since I have taken advantage of their work often in the past, I was happy to share my time and thoughts with them. 741 more words


Man Arrested and Fined R10K for Expired Firearm Licence: The Facts

Regarding the article that has sent gun owners across the land into blind panic, a few matters need to be clarified. 248 more words