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The Gun and the Smartphone: Some Thoughts on Mindfulness

Inc. recently featured something from Quora. The question is,”How does one overcome depression and anxiety?” The answer? Focus and don’t let your mind wander.

As I understand it, the main thrust of the answer is based on the results of a Harvard study published in 2010.* The abstract is a good summary. 686 more words


I am more dedicated than you: a fallacy

Professional jealousy and good-natured rivalry has always been a pervasive (and welcome) feature of shooting sports. Unfortunately, there is also a darker flipside to this phenomenon, and every so often it rears its ugly head and spoils the mood for everybody. 857 more words


Keep Those Whipper Snappers Safe: Gun Saftey And Kids

By The Survival Place Blog

The topic of children and guns has been a hot one, over the last few years. With accidents claiming the lives of children across the world, it’s easy to see why. 532 more words


FBI Releases October Background Check Numbers

Source: BearingArms.com
via: MadMedic.com
November 2, 2016

On Tuesday afternoon, the FBI released the October report from the National Instant Background Check System (NICS). Over… 135 more words


How do I licence a firearm?

A very frequently asked question on firearm web forums and social media groups is how to licence your first firearm. It is a very intimidating concept for the uninitiated newbie, and there are plenty of misinformed opinions (and outright lies) circulating out there that serve to muddy the waters in no small way. 765 more words


Recreational Gun Culture as Serious Leisure, Part 1 - Hunting

In recognition of the opening of the gun deer hunting season in Eastern North Carolina today, some thoughts on hunting and gun culture.

In his 1995 essay “ 571 more words