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On Proving the Null Hypothesis in the Gun Debate


The last couple of semesters I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to talk about American gun culture and its associated gun violence in real time. 1,353 more words


The Civilian Division of the Military Industrial Complex is Letting America Down!

Last I heard, our military doesn’t arm persons with mental health problems and criminal records. But the “Civilian Division” of the Military Industrial Complex certainly does allow arms into the hands of those who would be censored by our own military. 207 more words

Gun Legislation

Mapped: The US states with the most gun owners—and most gun deaths

The notion that arming more Americans will protect people from being shot (the “good guy with a gun” theory) is a common refrain of the gun industry and the powerful lobby that supports it in the United States. 343 more words

How Many Americans Have "Arsenals" at Home?

Back in May, Miguel at Gun Free Zone posted a brief piece on a divorce settlement auction in Arkansas. He included a link to the listing of nearly 300 guns being auctioned by Roylston Auctions. 732 more words


Murder rate drops as concealed carry permits soar

Too bad for the gun control zealots who want to disarm law abiding citizens and leave them vulnerable to attacks from psychos and other criminals (after all, no psycho or criminal tends to be law abiding and therefore gun control laws will not deter them in the slightest; just look at how well the war on drugs has turned out in eliminating drugs and drug use), but as has been proven many times before, violent crime is deterred where ever there is the prospect of the victim being armed. 569 more words

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