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Journalists and ARs: Feeling In The Right Direction

In Media Masculinity (snicker) And The AR-15, I wrote of a brave journalist who suffered so we wouldn’t have to.  He actually fired an AR-15, which left him battered, horrified, and with a temporary case of PTSD.  1,396 more words


Review of Setting Sights: Histories and Reflections on Community Armed Self-Defense, edited by scott crow

Image caption: a book cover reads: “Setting Sights: Histories and Reflections on Community Armed Self-Defense; edited by scott crow; with a forward by Ward Churchill; contributors include Dennis Banks, Kathleen Cleaver, Mabel Williams, Subcomandante Marcos/EZLN, Kristian Williams, George Ciccariello-Maher, Ashanti Alston, and more.” Behind the text is a person holding a gun. 2,225 more words

Retired Cop Hung This Sign Outside His Home. Then Someone Decided To Put It To The Test!

When it comes to criminals, some people have no patience and for good reason, as the majority of them are a detriment to society. Communities that have a lot of criminals are less likely to thrive, which really ruins it for those who dedicate their lives to being good members of society. 469 more words

Local NRA members discuss gun ownership, gun control

About four miles southeast of Shepherd, Michigan sits a stretch of public hunting ground owned by the State of Michigan. A talkative, 69-year-old man parks his truck just off an access road, and sets up a paper target, with a small bucket of cans and plastic bottles in the backseat. 479 more words


The Second Amendment: The Culture of Defense (Pt. 4/9)

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting my research on the Second Amendment in several parts. Click here for part 1, … 892 more words

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NY Times: Teachers Get Baseball Bats to Confront Shooters in Pennsylvania District

“A school district in Erie, Pa., has supplied teachers and other school employees with miniature baseball bats to use as a last resort if confronted with an active shooter.” 13 more words


New Yorker Fact Checker Checked Out on "Gun Country" Essay

I was interested to see The New Yorker covering American kids who use guns safely and lawfully, with photos by Sharif Hamza. It included a photo of the well-known… 243 more words