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Bad Guys, Guns, and Self-Defense

Although I recently wrote about the need to think beyond “good guys” and “bad guys,” I don’t mean to say that these labels are meaningless. For example, individuals who are actively involved in criminal activity are clearly bad guys. 429 more words


From The Atlantic: The Problem with Leaving a Gun in Your Car

I’d file this under the realm of the obvious, but the Atlantic recently published a story around the problem that guns are often stolen out of cars. 196 more words


It's Not the Economy, Stupid!

The commentariat has largely accepted the faulty premise that Donald Trump’s success reflects economic anxiety in the white working class, and the noxious corollary that Trump’s candidacy represents change while Hillary Clinton’s represents the status quo. 1,233 more words

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America's Super Gun Owners Are . . . What?

Lois Beckett covers guns in the United States for The Guardian, and recently cross-posted her work on The Trace, because some researchers at Harvard and Northeastern Universities gave these two gun-control-oriented news organizations early access to their findings from a study of gun ownership in the United States. 350 more words


Some initial thoughts on safe gun handling

There are several sets of rules regarding safe gunhandling. All the sets of rules emphasize the concerns of their originators. However, many similar things are said but stated in different ways.

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New survey on gun ownership released

The Guardian has just published the results of a new study on gun ownership in the US, and it confirms what several other recent studies have shown which is while gun ownership among men in the US is decreasing substantially, it’s steady and growing among women – increasing from 9% of the female population in 1994 to 12% today. 144 more words


Survey: Half Of All U.S. Guns Owned By Just 3% Of Americans

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — When it comes to gun ownership, it is the era of the super-owner in America.

While there may be fewer avowed gun owners in recent years, there are more guns in fewer hands now. 238 more words