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The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights are based on eternal truths and are as valid today as when penned by our Founding Fathers. 198 more words

Fact check: Is it easier to buy a gun than a book?

The president keeps claiming that it is easier to buy a gun than a book. How true is this? Case study: Chicago.

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An Economy of One - August 10, 2016

Hour 1: Labor numbers revised, by a factor of ten.  Negatively.  Wages aren’t actually growing.; Gun purchases and CCW permit applications hit record, murder rate drops; Proposed law in Texas – if you are harmed because you can’t carry your firearm in a business, you can hold the business liable; Ken Klukowski of First Liberty Institute that will restrict first amendment rights of attorneys; Anyone with a license could be at risk by free speech restrictions… 80 more words


Concealed carry permit holders commit fewer crimes than police officers

A new report was reported on at the Daily Signal.


Concealed-carry permit holders are nearly the most law-abiding demographic of Americans, a new report by the Crime Prevention Research Center says—comparing the permit holders foremost with police.

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A 2nd Amendment Guy vs. Trump

This is a mini-podcast where “Gun” Sully, a pro-2nd Amendment guy (hence the nickname) explains why he was offended by Trump’s “2nd Amendment people” comment. Also, please stop trying to convert us, Goddess Hillary worshipers. 245 more words


Second Class

August 10, 2016, Prescott- I find the ongoing raising of the issue of gun ownership to be one of the simultaneously most ludicrous, and most dangerous, activities of the political season.   369 more words