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The Geopolitical Argument Against Gun Ownership

It’s often dodgy to wade into the morass of America’s Culture Wars.  For non-Americans, the back and forth of American pundits (and Facebook commentators) seems asinine at the best of times.   2,347 more words

Culture And Geopolitics

On Firearm Ownership, Alcohol, & Risk-Related Behaviors (2011)

TITLE: Association between firearm ownership, firearm-related risk and risk reduction behaviours and alcohol-related risk behaviours
PUBLISHED IN: Injury Prevention 2011;17:422-427 doi:10.1136/ip.2010.031443
JOURNAL URL: http://injuryprevention.bmj.com/content/17/6/422.abstract?sid=fc7bd591-f7f2-4c3a-a443-bdf28521ff34
AUTHOR: Dr Garen J Wintemute, Violence Prevention Research Program, School of Medicine, UC-Davis, … 164 more words

Studies & Reports

Relationship between the prevalence of guns & homicide rates in the US (2014)

TITLE: Examining the relationship between the prevalence of guns and homicide rates in the USA using a new and improved state-level gun ownership proxy
JOURNAL URL: … 177 more words

Studies & Reports

"The Voice Of My Own Doubts": The Conservative Case For Reforming America's Sick Gun Culture

Yesterday, a man in Virginia murdered two people on live television. The news media exploded into a predictable shouting match about gun control, mental health, toxic masculinity, and the “politicization of tragedies.” There was also a new twist this time around, a debate about whether it was appropriate to share or broadcast the horrifying video of the killings. 1,454 more words


Tips For First Time Gun Buyers

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Gun sales are up. Perhaps it has to do with uncertainty of what might happen next with regard to the erosion of, or the ongoing attacks on gun rights (and the 2nd Amendment), or maybe it has to do with a heightened awareness of self security in today’s increasingly uncertain times and future, but more and more Americans are buying guns for the first time. 80 more words


Is There A Difference Between Cops Who Shoot And Cops Who Get Shot? I'm Not Sure.

Ever since Ferguson, it seems like there’s a nasty story every day about a cop shooting someone who shouldn’t have necessarily ended up in the line of fire and gotten killed.  627 more words


Has The NRA Convinced Its Supporters That Gun Control Is A Slippery Slope? I'm Not So Sure.

The latest gun survey conducted by Pew was released on Thursday and it deserves to be studied closely by both sides.   The bad news is that the survey relies on one question – protection of gun rights versus more gun regulations – which… 620 more words