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I don't get it.

I have a specific set of values and philosophies I hold in regards to gun ownership. I feel as strongly about those views as my friends who have an opposite set of values. 187 more words


The shadow of the gun

Readers will not have missed the fact that there has been a mass shooting in Oregon recently. Some commentators point out that it is the 994th mass shooting in the USA in three years – I don’t know how they classify ‘mass’ in that context, but if that is true, or even plausible, it is startling – and that gun deaths in that country total something like 32,000 per year. 1,471 more words


New Texas Study Busts NRA Myths: Concealed Carry Doesn’t Reduce Crime, Guns Increase Crime



Emphasis Mine

It is legal in every state in the US to carry a concealed handgun. Up until this week, it was a commonly accepted myth that carrying a hidden gun was less harmful than carrying a visible firearm, and that the incidence of crime fell when there was no weapon in sight… 544 more words

Weaponized Jackasses

I am sick. I am sick of every idiot who tells me guns are not the problem. That’s not the point.  Allowing jackasses access to guns is the problem. 157 more words



If you haven’t heard by now, there was a mass shooting yesterday at Umpqua Community College in the state of Oregon. I’m not linking to anything because it’s violent news, and it tends to spread quickly on the Internet these days. 609 more words


Shooting at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College occurred in gun-free zone

Another shooting in a gun-free zone.

The Federalist explains what happened:

Although reports are highly fluid, it appears that at least 15 people are dead as a result of the massacre, with at least 20 individuals injured.

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TEAM GOSA needs you

Last week, on 8 September, a legal team and plaintiffs supported by GOSA and GunSite South Africa launched the first in a series of legal actions to address numerous issues regarding the processing of firearm licences by the CFR. 962 more words