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Awareness: The First Step in Achieving an Armed and Polite Society

Every nation is dreaming of an armed society that it also polite. An armed citizen in America, however, is not automatically the most educated one. 466 more words

Gun Range Shooting

Police Officers to Be Asked If They Want to Routinely Carry a Gun

A survey for police officers in England will ask if they wish to routinely carry a gun. At least 123,000 officers will participate in the survey. 456 more words

Gun Range Shooting

Five Tips in Cleaning Your Gun the Right Way

Some gun owners, particularly those who love shooting at an indoor shooting range in Utah, love cleaning their guns. For some, it is a weekly ritual that they would never want to miss. 467 more words

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Why Allowing Your Kids to Play with Shooting Targets is Actually Good for Them

Spending some time at Utah gun ranges are great hobbies for adults, especially those who love shooting as a sport. Surprisingly, shooting guns can be great for kids too. 464 more words

Gun Range Shooting