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Roll out the Gun Control Laws

“They didn’t let a crisis go to waste” to quote Rahm Emanuel. Before the facts were known, before the ink dried on the paper of the writers, the narrative was in full swing. 1,207 more words

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Armed Security Would Have Saved Paris Victims

Since 2012 the war that ISIS has waged in Syria against the government of President Bashar – al- Asad has killed, by some estimates, upto 100 000 people and has displaced, definetly, millions.  929 more words

Codrea on Colorado PP Shooting

“Predictably, the enthusiastic blood dancing and knee-jerk demands for more “gun control” have commenced with eye-rolling feeding frenzy fervor, along with no shortage of hate-filled tirades against “ammosexuals.”  And naturally, the political temptation will exist to “do something.”  Here’s what to keep in mind: 233 more words

Anti-gun Asshattery

Soros, Rothschild and Obama don't want you to have guns...but they murder with their drones hundreds of civilians in the Middle East.

Enough is enough, apart from the fact that at Planned Parenthood they dismembered bodies of unborn children because they practice late term abortions and this is criminal, apart from the fact that in France there’s gun control and the terrorists had rifles and did a big massacre the same, what we all can’t stand of Obama is hypocrisy. 467 more words


Oh, gee, another Planned Parenthood is attacked. I wonder if the NRA is going to respond to this one and vehemently defend Americans’ “gun rights”…

As Paris and Brussels reel, London’s Met Police say: Hand over your BB guns

UK Shooting News

The Metropolitan Police have launched a two week gun surrender, urging members of the public to hand in lawfully owned ” imitation weapons, BB guns and air weapons”. 373 more words