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Why The Gun Is Part of Civilization.

The Second Amendment provides the right to keep and bear arms.

The end.  Until the Constitution is amended (never will happen) it’s our right.

Such August a person as Justice Scalia however finds that there is room for regulation in the Second Amendment. 545 more words


Pierce Pulls a Pierce, Votes With Liberals On Key Legislation

If you voted for Steve Pierce in the last election, please don’t bother telling me you oppose Common Core, or that you support the gun rights of law-abiding citizens. 438 more words

Conservative Politics

A liberals first time...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch anti-gun liberals shoot guns for the first time in their lives? Wonder now more and behold, five progressives in the following video having their first taste of using a firearm. 86 more words


SB 45 - send message to Brownback that KS should require training to own a gun

This past week Kansas passed SB 45 and it’s on its way to the Governor Brownback’s desk for signing.

What is Senate Bill 45?  SB 45 allows new drivers the ability to start driving a car without any training and without a driver’s test.   445 more words

State Of Kansas

Rubio Introduces Bill to Gut D.C.’s Anti-gun Laws

Sen Marco Rubio introduced a bill on Thursday that would end the Washington, D.C., council’s ongoing war against guns by removing their authority to make and enforce anti-gun laws altogether. 513 more words

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California: The Battle for Shall Issue is On!


Federal Appeals Court will Re-Consider NRA Victory in California Right to Carry Case, Peruta v. San Diego

Litigation Update

On March 26, 2015, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered that… 1,267 more words

Anti-gun Asshattery

Entire Federal Martial Law Plan Exposed

One of the best videos Alex Jones has ever put out. After years of gathering intel, writing articles, making movies, doing his radio and TV news report, Alex compiles years of information to show how the police state has been building. 57 more words

Police State