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Good Guy with a Gun

And so the stage is set.

Introducing Good Guy with a Gun, a satirical children’s book that extols the virtues of carrying a gun. It tells the story of a gun-toting boy named Cody who saves the day when an attacker opens fire at his school. 52 more words


No, That's Not Open Carry. That's Brandishing.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, and this article is purely an opinion analysis. This is not to be taken as legal advice. Consult a Bar-certified lawyer prior to making any decisions based upon the information cited in this article. 3,429 more words

A right to injustice

We’ve all heard of the second amendment. Some people live by it and others despise it, but we can not deny that it exists. I’m not going to pretend to be unbiased because I believe in honesty. 414 more words

Do black people have Second Amendment rights?

Bruce Webb posted an article on the Angry Bear web site asking whether Second Amendment rights apply to black people.

Supporters of Open Carry and ‘Must Issue’ Concealed Carry insist that no one should be afraid of someone exercising his or her 2nd Amendment Rights whether that be in some public park or the aisles of your local Wal-Mart.

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Law And Justice

Southern California police agencies missing more than 300 weapons

Over the last 5 years, authorities have had more than 300 weapons lost or stolen. Sunday the Orange County Register reported that an investigation of 134 state and local police agencies from Kern County to the Mexican border showed 329 firearms were lost or stolen and some were involved in crimes. 123 more words

Current Events

Litmus Test

On Monday evening, the first debate of the candidates for President will take place. Ninety minutes, no breaks, no chairs, no teleprompters or earbuds, and no excuses.

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