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The Gun Show

One of the biggest symbols of gun culture is the gun show. But how much do you actually know about what goes on inside a gun show? 9 more words

Dish Worth the Drive: Southern Eats Edition

From the creators of local food/restaurant show Atlanta Eats, Bread n Butter Productions announces the launch of a new Syndicated food & travel television show, “ 278 more words


NRA Convention Coming Hits Nashville This Weekend

Join the National Rifle Association this weekend for the 144th annual NRA Meeting & Exhibits at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Pack your guns and your NRA membership card because this weekend will be full of concerts, gun shows, competitions, family activities, speeches, and… 82 more words

Ummm... ok, one more video?

Yep, that’s me right there all right. Wedging clay. In my dorky smiley face tank top. I… I didn’t plan this well. But, I already had the camera out… so… yeah. 85 more words

Gun show vendor defends ‘Runnin' N****r’ targets: ‘There are black people, then there are Negroes’

The Collector’s Classic Gun Show in Sioux Falls, North Dakota, banned a vendor after he “snuck in” racist pictures to be used as target practice. 201 more words