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U.S. Law enforcement continue to kill unarmed civilians on a daily basis - this needs to change.

Gun Violence in America

U.S. Law enforcement continue to kill unarmed civilians on a daily basis

By: David McDonald


With the increased exposure of gun violence in America (mass shootings, increasing homicide rates, police brutality and murders) I’ve really been wanting to research the facts and find out for myself why gun violence is such a large issue in America. 1,169 more words



The gun should have had blanks. Instead a 73-year-old retired librarian playacting as a victim in a “shoot/don’t shoot” exercise at a Florida police community event to show her support for the Men in Blue was shot and killed Tuesday night by an officer who mistakenly fired live ammunition instead of blank rounds, according to Punta Gorda, Fla., police. 15 more words

Tiny trigger fingers: the deadly mix of children and guns in the U.S.

(CBC News: By Meagan Fitzpatrick)

Matthew Dwyer’s life lasted just five years, cut short by a bullet that was fired from a gun with a tiny finger on the trigger — his brother’s. 1,015 more words

Texas Mother Kills Her 2 Daughters. Another person who had guns in their home to protect their children? Really?

Here’s another instance of a person with mental illness who was sold guns to “protect her children?” Another notch in the holster of gun violence stupidity and the extreme need for effective gun control. 14 more words

Gun Violence in America: Anybody Up for a Labor Day Weekend March in DC?

Wed. June 22, 2016

Well, well, well.  We’re seeing some action in DC thanks to Congressman John Lewis.  As I type, he is leading a… 240 more words

Write Over Wrong

Watch thoughts

For they become emotions

Watch emotions

For they become actions

Watch actions for they become karma

Watch ego

For it (ego) kills.

Overwrite thoughts  54 more words