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Rejection: The Root of Gun Violence?

Rejection is the most powerful human emotion. Without a doubt, it is a universal experience that, it’s safe to say, everyone hopes to avoid. Personally, I believe everyone has a deep desire to be accepted. 722 more words

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My Wife's Response to the Umpqua Shooting

To begin, if you have not already done so please read the article below.  The position taken by political conservatives in America in regards to this issue is simply unconscionable. 64 more words

11 facts about gun violence in the United States


33,636 Americans died of injuries caused by guns in 2013. Here’s what we know about what’s behind that problem, and about the effects of guns on society more broadly. 117 more words
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Zombie Mommy Diaries (Raising my daughter "Buddhist")

Zombie Mommy Diaries.

Raising my daughter “Buddhist” seems so out of sync with the world today.

I am teaching her, for example, things like not to wittingly hurt or kill any insects, not even mosquitoes that provoke us and suck our blood, whereas in the ‘real world,’ anonymous teenage boys throw acid and run away with not a single thought spared to the life of a human being. 95 more words

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if guns are lawful, then idiots have guns

I meant to write about this two weeks ago, but got distracted by the joyful birth of my two granddaughters.  Now returning to regular life and opinions, I see that the Chapel Hill murder of three Islamic graduate students by a disgruntled neighbor has already disappeared from the news cycle.  281 more words

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Must Reads For The Week 12/27/14

The Advance Of The Robots: Hershey’s 3D Printed Kisses, at economicpolicyjournal.com. Minimum wage hikes are leading to the replacement of labor with technology. Watch the video to see 3D printing of candy. 348 more words

Must Reads For The Week