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The most frightening fact of the world may be how fake it is

Like anyone with a social media news feed, I clicked through to find out what the shooting of the Virginia news reporter was all about. And upon first viewing of the video with the gunman extending his arm with gun in hand, my thoughts turned inside out. 4,763 more words

Christopher Cudworth

If Lennon Read the News Today

I read the news today, oh boy.
The unfolding of a deadly ploy.
A reporter and a cameraman killed.
Saw the lens crash before it stilled. 114 more words

Let's Stop Kidding Ourselves About Gun Violence.

What did Goebbels say?  Tell a lie enough times and people will believe it’s true.  The NRA has been saying again and again that good guys with guns protect us from bad guys.  658 more words


Dear George Zimmerman

Dear George Zimmerman,

So you’ve recently called Obama an “ignorant baboon”, made your Twitter icon a Confederate flag, said Obama’s sons would be Michael Brown and the man who shot those two TV reporters, tried selling Confederate flags to benefit a “Muslim-free gun store”, and called Trayvon Martin, the teenager you had no business following around that neighborhood and certainly had no business confronting, a moron. 120 more words

Common Sense

"Watching The Second Amendment In Action": Setting Gun Violence Apart From Other Public Health Risks

Like many of you, no doubt, I watched the studio-produced live video of two local television journalists being murdered in Virginia yesterday pretty soon after it happened. 452 more words


That time you contact your elected officials about gun violence...      

Two more people are dead because someone was able to get a gun and shoot them.  As my grief and anger swirled in my stomach and stung my eyes, I decided to exercise the right to contact my state and Congressional legislators, begging them to do something.   1,622 more words

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#WDBJShooting and Trust Communities

by Kathryn Marguy

As a publicist, my days are consumed by social media. I post to our JHU Press Twitter and Facebook accounts, solicit content for our blog, and communicate with the media to schedule events and interviews. 1,051 more words

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