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The NRA Finds A New Target For All Those 'Good Guys' With Guns.

Except for the animals or anyone who is out there with Dick Cheney, hunting tends to be a very safe sport. In fact, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the odds of being… 636 more words


A Neo-Nazi Told Police He Converted To Islam And Killed His Roommates For Insulting His New Faith

According to Tampa Bay police, an 18-year-old neo-Nazi, who allegedly converted to Islam, shot two of his roommates who “disrespected his faith.” Police arrested Devon Arthurs Friday after he took hostages at a smoke shop near his apartment. 344 more words


Far reaching bill package is aimed at curbing gun violence

Legislators were joined by New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, students and families affected by gun violence to announce bills and proposals aimed at further curbing gun deaths in New York. 1,076 more words


Register for a Free “Wear Orange” T-Shirt

Register below to receive your free t-shirt at the #WearOrange march against gun violence June 2nd.  Pick up your shirt at the event 3:30pm 3611 East Livingston Ave Columbus, Ohio 43227.   49 more words

Gun Violence

Think That Gun Owners Really Know Why They Buy Guns? Think Again.

About thirty years ago the gun industry discovered that people who owned guns for hunting and sport were literally dying out. At the same time, European gun makers like Glock and Sig were bringing their guns into the American market and their hi-capacity pistols quickly began displacing the traditional, six-shot revolvers made by Smith & Wesson and Colt. 620 more words


Mandating Self-Defense Insurance for those that Carry Firearms - good or bad idea?

“The cost of using your firearm in self-defense can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars if you have to hire a lawyer, get yourself bailed out of jail, and fight for yourself in court.” 184 more words

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Dr. Amy Goldberg has spent thirty years as a trauma surgeon at Temple University Hospital in North Philadelphia, which treats more gunshot victims than any other hospital in the state. 194 more words