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Do Guns Prevent or Promote Violence -- and Does it Matter?

Many gun enthusiasts argue that more people carrying guns would reduce gun violence. Of course, this is an argument that largely has no data to either support it or disprove it — until now. 504 more words

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Gun Rights Insanity

About 30,000 people die of gunshot wounds every year in the US. Is that OK?  And the vast majority of those deaths are not accidents but intentional killings! 196 more words

Why declaring a state of emergency in Chicago over gun violence might be our only hope

Cook County Commissioner Richard R. Boykin, 1st District, joins Anna Davlantes and Graham Elliot to talk about how he thinks Governor Bruce Rauner should deal with the gun violence plaguing Chicago’s streets. 18 more words

Roe Conn

Does Knowledge About Guns Laws Promote More Gun Laws? Maybe Yes, Maybe No.

A new study conducted by researchers at Yale University and covered in The Trace appears to confirm a truism in how people develop and hold opinions, namely, the more you want to believe in something, the more you can make yourself believe in something.  634 more words


Newtown Alliance Endorses Clinton

(Newtown, Conn./CBS Connecticut) – The group borne out of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings over three years ago is making an endorsement in the Democratic presidential race. 99 more words


Easy access to guns helped me commit murder. I've changed, but the loopholes remain

On Sundays, I attend Protestant services at Attica Correctional Facility in New York. It’s my safe place. There’s a band, a choir, clapping, and hands-in-the-air yelling—“Thank you Jesus!” “Hallelujah!” Most prisoners are black with green uniforms, and the guards, posted at the back of the chapel, are all white with blue uniforms. 1,802 more words

County Commissioner Wants Rauner To Declare 'State Of Emergency' Over Shootings

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Cook County commissioner and others have called on Gov. Bruce Rauner to declare a state of emergency in Chicago, after shootings and murders skyrocketed last month. 319 more words