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Guns and the City

The second amendment gives U.S. citizens the right bare arms. This was essential during the American Revolutionary Era, when the British and Native Americans posed a realistic threat to invading our newly formed United States.  854 more words

Something a Little bit Different: The Colin Kaepernick Controversy

Now I know this blog is intended to be a fashion blog and one that I have left quite abandoned since I actually got a job in fashion that has taken up most of my time. 1,099 more words

About That "Black on Black" Crime

Nothing makes me madder than some smart-ass that replies to any post that deals with Black Lives Matter — or the protesting of any civilian that is killed by excessive force unnecessarily by a police officer who will never face accountability for it — with “why don’t black people care about black on black crime in Chicago.” 120 more words

Issue Is or Issue Ain't

Issue is one of those words that has several meaning.  An issue is, among other things, one production of a magazine, as in ‘the latest issue of Oriental Folding Fan Weekly’.   320 more words


Let's Stop Worrying About The 2nd Amendment And Start Worrying About Ending Gun Violence.

I’m not sure whether it’s Donald Trump or Wayne LaPierre who is more convinced that Hillary is an enemy of the 2nd Amendment, but I get emails from both of them on a daily basis asking for money to keep her from moving into the Oval Office at High Noon on January 20, 2017. 614 more words


New UC Davis Center To Research Gun Violence

DAVIS (CBS SF) – The University of California, Davis will become home to the first state-funded center in the country dedicated to studying gun violence, … 194 more words


Peggy Ann Smith, grandmother killed in Toronto shooting, remembered as 'sweet soul'

Peggy Ann Smith, who was affectionately known as “Nanny Peggy” to many children in a small corner of Riverdale, is being fondly remembered by friends and family after the 61-year-old grandmother was shot and killed Saturday evening. 605 more words