Report: Bankrupt luxury catamaran builder headed to auction

Gunboat, the builder of multi-million dollar, high-performance catamarans that located in Wanchese nearly four years ago, then filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last fall, is reportedly going up for auction. 387 more words


A Foiling-Catamaran Designed for Cruising?

A foiling catamaran designed for cruising? Coastal cruising anyway. Better than most stripped-down racing sleds. The Gunboat G4. Impressive.

Gunboat’s motto for the G4 is “Get the gun, be the party, cruise home.”

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Floating out your big chance

Like chill? Wind in your face? Iron Man stomach? How about rolling with rough seas? Fur-lined foul weather gear in the closet? You got ship? 362 more words


Way out there. Not the Jetsons.

Floating out there in their own little world, yet no escaping.

Each little thing must be categorized, legally defined, and dealt with accordingly.

Flotsam. Jetsam. 515 more words


Guns. Boats. Perfect solution

Find a simple solution and become a millionaire.

Create a popular combo that crosses consumer group lines and Bingo: Cazillionaire.

Something splashy. Something people can get a bang out of. 333 more words


Three weeks spectating- Open the eyes and learn!


Howdy! I’ve had three weeks watching sailing lately. The first, actually back in February, was the Miami boat show. Luke and I both worked for Gunboat, they make fully carbon catamarans. 329 more words

New Year, New Boat! Scratchbuilt Sloop/Gunboat

So after reading a fantastic book I got from my father for Christmas (SHIP: 5000 years of maritime adventure), I felt the urge to build something new – rather than finish the multitude of ships-in-progress that sit on every available surface! 687 more words