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Giant Gundam Is BACK!

The Giant Gundam is finally back!

And it does not disappoint! I was super sad when I heard that the old giant robot outside the DiverCity shopping mall in Odaiba was going away last March, but am happy to report that Gundam 2.0 is bigger, badder and even more entertaining than Gundam 1.0! 379 more words

Just Another Day In Japan

Mobile Suite Ensemble 02 : Rx-0 Gundam Unicorn 02 Banshee

Gundam Ensemble #02 RX-0 Gundam Unicorn 02 Banshee

this the box version which sold in retail, I am not sure if vol 00 and 01 have retail box version 254 more words


Gunpla Special - RG Unicorn Gundam Transformation

Note: I forgot to do the crotch piece, but it just folds out. Very simple.


Gunpla Reviews - Real Grade Unicorn Gundam

My review of the Real Grade Unicorn Gundam (RG-25).

The latest and most anticipated Real Grade of the series is here and it lives up to the hype. 522 more words


Sawano Hiroyuki - Next 2 U -eUC- (Gundam Unicorn ED)

Another absolute gem from Sawano’s NZK vocal-led project – I love how while the OP to the Gundam Unicorn TV re-edit is sung entirely in English, this one opens with Japanese lyrics before shifting into English later on the song. 121 more words

Soundtrack Selections

Sawano Hiroyuki - Into the Sky (Gundam Unicorn OP)

Of all of Sawano Hiroyuki’s NZK tracks, I find myself returning to this one the most often. There’s a subtlety to it, a pure beauty in Tielle’s vocal line that echoes the optimism and utopian dream that I’ve talked before lies at the heart of what Gundam Unicorn is about. 100 more words

Soundtrack Selections