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Gungor - One Wild Life: Soul - You cannot love in moderation.

Artist: Gungor
Album: One Wild Life: Soul
Year: 2015
Grade: B

In Brief: At times immediate and delightful, and at times slow, cerebral and perplexing, the opening chapter in Gungor’s new trilogy of albums celebrates the gift of life and the sense of loving unity that should be felt when Christians are at their best, at times coming back around to embrace the “contemporary worship” tag we once applied to their music, while still challenging the norms of that genre in fascinating ways. 4,170 more words


Exotic Fruit Review, Vol. 1: Soundtrack for Total Awesomeness

Here’s a new Spotify playlist we created based around the 2 things the Exotic Fruit Review is all about: 1) trying strange fruit and 2) challenging ourselves to live extraordinary lives. Take a listen!

Curtis Honeycutt

Music Thursday: Soul

Earlier this year, Gungor announced that they are releasing a trilogy of albums called One Wild Life (the three parts being Soul, Spirit, and Body).  The first installment was released last month, and it is a promising start to this ambitious endeavor. 360 more words


Christian Music Roundup - August 2015

Here we are at another month. August has felt ridiculously long, and I can’t figure out why. July should’ve been the long month with everything that went down. 1,036 more words


Old Timey Stuff

I’ve been on a Matisyahu kick lately. I listened to him pretty much nonstop last week, and after a couple days my head probably would have kept bobbing even after I turned the music off. 1,156 more words


I have this thing for dragonflies.

Don’t you love it when you play a song and it stays with in your head for the entire day, bouncing around inside?   22 more words

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