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Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun

This wasn’t the blog post I had in mind when I was thinking about what I wanted to write about tonight. But I had an existential murmur that changed my mind when I stood between two TVs, one celebrating Shaun White’s Olympic… 1,296 more words



“Fighting the suffering while seeing the gift

Love is the yes to it all

Somehow I know that my heart will keep breaking

But may it stay open and soft” 746 more words

Tomme Suab's 2017: Honors and the TS2017

Image above is entitled “Transition” and is featured courtesy of the artist, Denise Presnell (oil on canvas).

It’s been quite a year, huh? For a lot of us, 2017 cannot end quickly enough. 2,268 more words


Everything is Not Different: Reflections on College and Graduation, Maybe

The world was not made new in the night.

Time has continued in its quiet stroll.  The events of my life do not – cannot, should not – affect its pace. 1,007 more words


Churchy Attendance

I can’t explain what I did this weekend.

I kept telling people I was going to a church event. Eventually, I added a “y” to make it a “churchy” event. 433 more words

Gay Christian

Playlist for a deconstruction (Part 1)

As I’ve sought to convey in my last couple of blog posts, the last several months of my life have been … interesting.

Long story short, late last year, I had a pretty serious existential crisis during which I basically ended up withdrawing into myself and cutting myself off from most of the people I know here in Dubuque. 896 more words