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The Brilliance - Brother (The Brilliance Music)

It looks like an adventurous, yet sensitive, approach to music runs in the Gungor family. This one is almost timeless, with a twist of now. 573 more words

Derek Walker

The stone with a broken heart

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t not know what an opal was. Even as a little girl I knew, perhaps because I’d heard the story of my mother’s first engagement ring so many times. 313 more words

Beautiful Things

Listen to this song and listen intently to the lyrics. We are reminded that God has made us and is continually making us and shaping and forming us into who we are supposed to be. 117 more words

Cannot Keep You

Today’s song is from a great band, Gungor. This is an excellent song about how we can’t isolate God to certain places (among other things). Well worth a listen.


momentary carbon stories

“i am mountain, i am dust
constellations made of us
there’s glory in the dirt
the universe within the sand
eternity within a man
we are ocean, we are mist… 299 more words


Worship that misses ... on purpose 

If every song and scripture connects with you in worship, it might be time to try another church. If what is included in worship is only as wide as your current experience, there’s a real problem. 402 more words


Making a Beautiful Thing Out of Myself

Yesterday, I felt it.

I felt … good. Peaceful, content, happy.

How often do you feel that way? Truly feel that way?

For me, during the large majority of my life, it has not been often. 699 more words

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