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Yochi Hematite-Colored Crystal Embellished Gunmetal Hoop Earrings

Yochi’s edgy and glamorous style comes out in these open-concept earrings. Hematite crystal stones offer a smoky look that pairs well with your favorite evening, cocktail dress.
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Fox The Meeting 06326-901-OS Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses,Satin Gunmetal & Grey Polarized,65 mm

DETAILSFrame: Monel. Hinge: Pin. Lens Shape: Medium Rectangle . Temple: Model/Nylon. Logo: Metal Fox Head . Lens: 6 Base Polycarbonate. All Fox Eyewear lenses have been tested and manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens and offer outstanding optical quality, performance, UV protection, scratch resistance and impact protection Color: Gnmattel/Grey Polarized Mfr#:06326901OS
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Secrets That We Keep

Podfic of Secrets That We Keep by Kilerkki, Nezumiko, DK, and Gunmetal

(Minato, Katsuko) — Katsuko attends Sandaime’s funeral, and fails to forgive.

https://godoflaundrybaskets.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/09-secrets-that-we-keep.mp3… 6 more words

After the Ending

Podfic of After the Ending by Kilerkki, Nezumiko, DK, and Gunmetal

(Minato, Naruto) — Three days after Kushina’s death, Naruto’s still crying, and all Minato can breathe is smoke. 11 more words

Suffer the Children

Podfic of Suffer the Children by Kilerkki, Nezumiko, DK, and Gunmetal

(Genma) — One year after the war’s end, Genma rescues a little girl and unearths a monster in Konoha’s midst. 11 more words

Burning on the Western Front

Podfic of Burning on the Western Front by Kilerkki, Nezumiko, DK, and Gunmetal

(Raidou) — In the final days of the war, a nineteen-year-old chuunin Raidou tries his best to not die. 10 more words