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Seguir la actualidad de la muerte para liberarse de la vida malvada

La muerte que viene, y que venga… Muchos temen a La Muerte, y así la muerte nos sigue aún más. Todos somos seres humanos, y todos de nosotros vamos a morir. 1,327 more words


BBC's Harry Law: Pushing political agenda and displaying cultural ignorance

As I said previously, I do consider BBC’s straight journalism considerably superior to almost any American “news” outlet. Someone pointed out that BBC does lean considerably left, but it is easy to discern their reporting efforts from their features/editorials, so while I respect their journalism, their other work leaves a lot of be desired. 1,638 more words


Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership Show How Irresponsible They Really Are.

Yesterday the medical quacks who run a website called Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO) decided to demonize physicians who regard gun ownership as a health risk by descending to the lowest, possible level of pandering to the lowest, intellectual denominator – a style promoted successfully by our soon-to-be President which now serves as the rhetorical burnishing for the thoughts of every jerk, dope and creep climbing out from underneath their rock to bask in the light of the Age of Trump. 595 more words


Guest Post: Why Police Training in America is Failing and How to Fix it

In light of police shootings in the past couple of years and the resultant protests that have driven a gargantuan wedge between those who support police officers and those who believe police departments are inherently racist and disproportionately target minorities, I thought it would be relevant to publish this longer piece on police training. 5,202 more words


AR-15 Build Photos

Lower receiver, ready for a build:

Magazine release in place.

Bolt release in place. This is one of the more difficult parts to assemble, in my opinion. 88 more words


"OK, Done!" My Response to an Open Letter to Levi's Customers by its CEO

Dear Chip –

As an Army veteran, a mother, and a Second Amendment rights advocate I feel a “tremendous responsibility” to address your November 30th letter to your customers in which you “ 634 more words