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Leaving Gun Culture Behind: Perspective on Police Shootings in America

(Note: This is the “extended version” of a column I wrote for the Swedish School of Social Science’s student magazine, Smocka. If you’re interested in seeing the column as it appeared in the magazine, check it out… 367 more words


From my uncle the mechanic:

The most telling fact I have about gun ownership in MT is that my super wacky liberal environmentalist sociology professor was also an avid hunter (and gun owner).


Army vs. Civilian Shooting Styles

This is an interesting article. It does go to show how much can be learned by simple “hobbyists” in any task.

If it is true that many of the marksmanship training principles have not changed in the military, then there needs to be some changes. 49 more words


You Can Carry A Concealed Gun In Florida But It Better Be Concealed.

The movement to establish open carry of guns as a constitutional right, an offshoot of the Constitutional Carry movement and particularly active in Texas, took a big hit this past week in the gunshine state when the Florida 4th District Court of Appeals took up the case of Norman vs. 616 more words



This article expands my knowledge of Russian Cosmonauts. This whole time, I thought they were armed to shoot Americans and aliens.

I am going to purchase this book. 20 more words


Going Green

Not hugging trees or going organic. I’m talking about fiber optic sights. I’ve always been a fan of using red fibers in my front sights for all my guns until I started shooting a red dot sight on my Open Division gun. 131 more words


Soccer Moms and Gun Nuts

Soccer moms and gun nuts are rarely said to have much in common.

Stereotypically, one group seeks a sterile environment, while the other sees weapons as security. 373 more words