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College kids carrying guns - what could go wrong?

When you think of American college kids what comes to mind?

If you said partying – I would say grab some cheap beer and a beer bong and let’s do this!   435 more words

Gun Control

The Differences Between Swimming Pools and Guns

Lately I have seen several posts comparing the safety of pools with that of guns – with guns seemingly the much safer of the two ( 1,408 more words

2nd Amendment

Disservice to the Service

We have done a huge disservice to this country’s service men and women. We have not followed through with our promises to take care of their needs in exchange for their sacrifices in service to this country. 800 more words


UPDATE: Gun rights group says police chiefs broke ethics rules in campus carry debate

On Monday – about three weeks after NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer accused university campus police chiefs of lobbying lawmakers against a controversial campus carry bill on work hours – a member of a gun rights group filed complaints with the Florida Ethics Commission. 362 more words


Everytown Does A New Video And It Really Hits The Mark.

Shannon and the Everytown chicks have just posted a new video which you should watch and push out to all your friends. It’s a collection of excerpts from various appearances by Wayne-o starting with a rather statesmanlike comment quoting Churchill to a descent into lunacy about how a Glock or S&W will protect you from destruction of the national power grid.  613 more words


If We Curb Straw Sales Do We Curb Gun Crime? I'm Not So Sure.

Last week the NSSF announced they were going to bring their Don’t Lie for the Other Guy billboard campaign to Oakland, CA, Wilmington, DE and Camden, NJ.  645 more words