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Reboot (British pun intended) of a classic #2A graphic

Encapsulated in this graphic design is today’s tragic story along with the even more tragic event from the past. Uber will likely “pay up,” whereas murderer Ted Kennedy NEVER received the punishment he was due. 75 more words

Political Correctness

Finally, a "humorous" t-shirt design!

I’m so tired of ALWAYS doing political stuff on Teespring that when I went to choose the sub-category after first picking “Apparel” for the main section, I couldn’t resist choosing “humor.” 6 more words

Graphic Design

Second Amendment Follies, Part 3: "the Security of a Free State"

So we have seen that the real purpose of the Second Amendment was to guarantee a “well-regulated militia”. Why? Well, continue reading to the next phrase: “being necessary to the security of a free state”. 1,248 more words