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My mom comes home from suburban book club. ‘I will not read another World War II novel or so help me.’ 

Weird, but true. Think about all the movies, books, stories coming out now about ‘The Great War,’ and the Civil War. 244 more words


How about pix of crimes prevented with the use of self-defense weapons


Daily Mail just ran a feature with photos of “survivors of gun violence”. The feature did not show any of the victims who successfully shot back, or the ones who shot down the perpetrators, or the guy in a Washington state mall who stopped a shooting spree with only one down, because the shooter saw his gun. 208 more words


Pantsyr S1 : Russia's deadly short range air defense system


Air defense systems are a very important asset for every military. Without these things, an enemy can wreck havoc using its aircraft and missiles. When it comes to land based air defense systems, Russia has been the leader from the past few decades. 1,149 more words


Why Should Doctors Ask Patients About Guns? Here's Why.

Over a period of three days in June 2014, an agitated and obviously extremely upset young man named Christopher Hampton showed up seven times at hospitals in Fargo, ND, claiming that his roommate, who was also his cousin, was trying to poison him.  625 more words


What's The Best Way To Defend Yourself? A Gun Or An Iphone.

This morning’s email feed from The Trace contained a link to an article in the online Forbes Magazine about the sale of a new iPhone case that looks like a gun.  653 more words


Murder Rate In Cincinnati?

I’ve been told that the MAJORITY of deaths caused by firearms in the U.S. were committed by blacks who LEGALLY possessed those weapons.

A Constitutional Amendment that forbids black Americans from owning firearms WOULD CUT THE MURDER RATE IN HALF. 40 more words


Love for... guns!

Evolution of firearms – 10 centuries of discoveries and world changes

Since the 9th century untill the late 19th century men all around the world developed the main technologies and purposes for guns. 821 more words