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What will YOU say when they ABOLISH the second amendment?

With the way things are headed in America, it is only a matter of time before the second amendment gets taken away. With CIA mind controlled shooters shooting up establishments as part of a grand conspiracy by the U.S. 350 more words



Bottom line… For a society to give up its firearms, it’s got to trust its government; and too many of our career politicians and big-money patsies have proven themselves to be anything but trustworthy. 391 more words


No, The Gay Marriage Case has Nothing to do with Guns

Fox News commentator Allen West (a non-lawyer) wrote an article recently saying that since the Supreme Court gay marriage case says this must be applied over the entire country, then clearly it has set a precedent to allow for “conceal and carry” in all states. 657 more words


Time to wake up GOP!

Dear GOP:         

I am writing in hopes that I can pass along some concerns that are troubling to me as an American first and a Republican second. 1,823 more words


A New Approach To Gun Violence May Make A Big Difference In How We Talk About Guns.

There’s a new gun in town, pardon the pun, when it comes to news about gun violence.  It’s called The Trace, and it’s a Bloomberg-backed web informational startup that may turn out to be a very important development in the ongoing debate about guns.  643 more words