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Want To Take A Public Health Approach To Gun Violence? Ask The NRA For Help.

Here we go again.  Another state, Texas, is going to try and keep physicians from talking to patients about gun ownership thanks to a bill newly-filed by a state representative named Stuart Spitzer, who… 638 more words


SB 45 - send message to Brownback that KS should require training to own a gun

This past week Kansas passed SB 45 and it’s on its way to the Governor Brownback’s desk for signing.

What is Senate Bill 45?  SB 45 allows new drivers the ability to start driving a car without any training and without a driver’s test.   445 more words

State Of Kansas

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Have Christians That Support Weapons Rights Forgotten Exodus 20.13?

By Peter Wesson

I recently was checking out the stats and such on “The Light and Liberty” and noticed that there was a re-blog request pending on an article.  851 more words

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NRA: Campus cops used tax dollars to fight campus carry bill

Marion Hammer, past president of the National Rifle Association and its current lobbyist, sent out an alert to the group’s members today claiming university campus police chiefs are using tax dollars to lobby against… 305 more words


Florida Legislature looks ready to give OK to packing guns during hurricanes

The Legislature looks set to give Floridians the right to carry a concealed weapon when evacuating their homes because of a hurricane or other emergency. 243 more words


Guns on campus bill clears Senate panel on party line vote

Students with concealed weapons permits would be allowed to carry guns on Florida campuses under a controversial measure which cleared a Senate panel Monday on a party line vote. 311 more words