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Is God evil?

Man will celebrate freewill when it favours him, but when it becomes detrimental and injurious to him he cries out that God is unfaithful and wicked, shouting out the questions “Where is God in all this suffering, Doesn’t He see all the evil in the world?” … 410 more words

"People can still kill without guns" is a stupid argument against gun control

Some people argue against gun control on the basis of other methods to kill existing. To put their argument in a valid form:

  1. We should control guns only if no other methods to kill people exist.
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Medicine for the Soul

With all the anti-gun stuff happening, I have been quite depressed.  At several of my schools, the topic has come up too often.  I have been asked which students have guns or concealed carry permits.  77 more words


Rough Men

When the country is in danger, the military’s mission is to wreak destruction upon the enemy. It’s a harsh and bloody business, but that’s what the military’s for.  937 more words


My thoughts on gun control

I was not going to post about the whole gun control and the issues that are going on in our country because.  i did not feel like squaring up with people that feels my  thoughts are wrong. 594 more words

Victims' Families Urge California To End Gun Investments

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Families of mass shooting victims and others called Monday for the nation’s largest public pension fund to stop investing in companies that sell assault weapons and devices that allow guns to fire more rapidly. 669 more words