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GUNS: An armed citizen puts an end to crime spree


‘I loaded every weapon I could’: Hero dad tells how two Georgia fugitives who escaped after killing two guards ran onto his driveway and SURRENDERED to him… 485 more words


Proof Potheads are Violent Racist

Well as anyone that knows me knows that I am anti-racism, anti-drugs and Pro-gun but, this pot head takes thing’s too far.

Let’s start providing proof he is a pot head. 132 more words

Me & Acts Of Mass Violence

On April 29th, 1996 Australia experienced the worst massacre in the country’s history. Port Arthur left 35 killed, 25 injured and a country reeling. Following the spree the Prime Minister at the time introduced strict gun control laws restricting the private ownership of guns and never again has Australia had a mass shooting. 1,273 more words


Domestic terrorist: 2008 to 2016

So who were the threats to American lives between 2008 and 2016? That’s during the eight years of the Obama administration (and don’t forget, George Bush (the dumber) was president for all of 2008. 106 more words

Back In The USA

Guns Seized From Juveniles After Alleged Prank

SANTA CLARITA (CBSLA.com) — The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department wants to send a clear message: Guns are not toys and should never be used as such. 176 more words


Gun buyback held in Jackson aims to make community safer place

In some cities, gun violence has become a major problem, and in Jackson, members of a local group are hoping to come up with a solution by getting un-wanted or un-used guns off the streets. 365 more words