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It's kind of a crazy story...

I talk often about how surprised I was how common gun ownership was in the South, how I once borrowed my friend Tara’s car, which unbeknownst to me, yielded a loaded pistol under the passenger seat, or how more than one friend there told me, “Oh yeah, every time I go to Savannah, I carry.” … 296 more words


I’m not a fan of what guns can do but there are some cool skull pictures of guns so I’ll relent and dedicate an album to them. 28 more words


Concealed Carry Soars 214%, Violent Crime Drops 21% John Q. Public turned out in droves and signed up for concealed carry

In addition to being history’s greatest gun salesman, Barack Obama did the best job of convincing John Q. Public there really is a need for concealed carry. 41 more words

Restaurant Internal Security

Robbers beware.

“Found above cash register at BBQ joint in Texas.  We don;t call 911.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/k8drHQT.

Sega L.a. Machine Guns Arcade Gun #5

Sega L.a. Machine Guns Arcade Gun #5
Sega Gunblade Gun, Shell Has Crack, See Pics, Working Force Feedback Motor, The Directional Pots Are Both Intact And Working. 27 more words



So there we were, watching an old western movie. A major shootout was underway and Garry looked annoyed. “Why,” he asked me, “Do they always break the glass? 761 more words