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Obama and those with him on the loony left feel climate change is more dangerous to your life and health than those “extremists” who think they are Muslims but are not but want you dead anyway. 14 more words

50 Years Difference

The Magnificent Seven is 56 years old. 3 years older than me.

It’s very interesting to see the changes and difference between two films telling the same story, fifty years apart. 1,277 more words

Bugout! California Part 42 - Bulletproof

Trevor, Seth, and Angel sat in the big motor home, watching out the windshield.

“It’s been almost an hour,” Trevor said. “We should go look for her.” 3,526 more words


Which Calibers are the Most Popular?

I’m looking to buy a new handgun and one of the factors in determining which one is the popularity of the caliber.

A popular caliber means that more people have confidence in it, it’s also likely to be cheaper as it’s produced in greater quantities, and it’s easier to find. 175 more words


Good Guy with a Gun

And so the stage is set.

Introducing Good Guy with a Gun, a satirical children’s book that extols the virtues of carrying a gun. It tells the story of a gun-toting boy named Cody who saves the day when an attacker opens fire at his school. 52 more words