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Rust proof your guns by duracoating them

Duracoat is not just about looks or spending that extra money on an already (heavily) accessorized dream weapon, sporting a competition hammer, cocobo wooden grips or a tinkered trigger. 441 more words


Symptom of a Decaying Society | Barbados Murders For 2017

This week Barbadians were given a horrific insight into how the crime underworld operates- David Ellis referred to it as a sub culture.

Have a listen to the program and form your conclusions. 49 more words

Barbados News

Gun Selling 

This really bothers me!!!

You can’t sell guns on Facebook!!!!!!!!

“Determination, Deliberation, Accuracy, & Speed”

The quote in the title is attributed to William B. (aka Bat) Masterson, lawman, buffalo hunter, and participant in the Battle of Adobe Walls. Supposedly, Masterson was describing the necessary/desirable qualities of a gunfighter. 1,375 more words

Hanover Sheriff's Office looking for attempted burglary suspects

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. — Hanover County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating after two suspects were caught on surveillance video trying to steal guns.

The incident happened last Saturday around 10 p.m. 160 more words


Quick Thought: Guns

The Second Amendment.

A great many of us have faith in, and desperately love, our constitution and its amendments. The first amendment, following Charlottesville (and, really, any KKK rallies) is being hotly discussed. 585 more words