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We Need To Talk About Oregon

I was struggling to find a topic to write on this week. UK politics had, at least to me, been relatively quiet, while the concept of the next Irish General Election being called in November seemed somewhat unlikely and mostly based on hearsay. 652 more words

"Second Amendment Allows for Monthly Shootings" Says NRA

Another mass shooting occurred at Oregon this month and already many are politicizing the issue. Many gun enthusiasts are already on the defensive and looking for ways to defend their unreasonable ownership of guns. 188 more words


The World is Broken

Where I grew up, it wasn’t necessary for my mother to ask other adults if there was a gun in the house before granting permission for me to go “play”. 2,860 more words

Gun Control

How Australia Fixed Mass Shootings.

In Australia we banned semi-automatic weapons (for almost everyone – see below) after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 (35 dead) and we haven’t had a mass shooting since. 290 more words

Gun Violence

*Courtney* Maternity Session

This bunch is ready to welcome baby Maleigh into the family in November! Maleigh is already one lucky little girl to have, not only her dad, but also her big brother watching out for her. 92 more words


Politics: Hey progressives, why aren't you demanding a 'national discussion' on anti-Christian bigotry? | Best of Cain

We have martyrs here in our homeland. Notice Obama NEVER gave mention to it, but if it had been a Muslim he would have cried holy jihad about it! 53 more words