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Safe Gun Storage and Your Peace of Mind

Do you own a gun? If so, then you should possess a high quality gun safe, too. A gun safe protects your arms and ammunition from being misused as well as from natural disasters like floods or fires. 502 more words



The Tower Watch is bustling with Guardians as the always anticipated Armsday has arrived. The sun pours over the mountain range lighting up the entire area. 976 more words


The Sites Gun Shop in Arrow Rock, Missouri

I had the pleasure of spending a weekend in Arrow Rock, Missouri, earlier this month at a writing workshop sponsored by Friends of Arrow Rock… 619 more words


ARTICLE | GameRant - The GunSmith Update

“Destiny ARTICLE | “Destiny Improves the GunSmith…” by¬†Anthony Taormina | 1 day ago

The GunSmith is my favorite NPC (non-player… 92 more words


Sport Shooting and Your Gun

The three major disciplines of competitive clay pigeon shooting are Trapshooting, Skeet Shooting, and Sporting Clays. They are distinguished roughly as follows:

  • In Trap Shooting, the targets are launched from a single “house” or machine, generally away from the shooter.
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This Gunsmith is ready for action!

Over the past few weeks I have been calling upon you all to shame me if I don’t keep posting finished models in an attempt to get me to finish off everything I want to finish up in order to take to Gen Con. 213 more words


Meet the Heroes: GUNSMITH!

The Gunsmith is a master marksman, able to attack two adds at once. He is also a brilliant engineer, crafting his own bolt action pistol,¬†Beginner’s Luck. 60 more words