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Well the wife and I recently returned from visiting family, and friends in the kind of great state of Ohio. It would be much better if the dummies had not elected the bag of dog shit John Kasich Governor. 334 more words

What to look for while purchasing guns online

Buying a gun is a different experience than buying any other item. There are many things which you must consider while making a purchase. Plus if you are making the gun purchase online, there is a lot which you must keep in your mind. 260 more words


Destiny: Armsday + Foundry Orders & Test Weapons - 07/20/2016

Armsday Orders
Pick up orders by: Sunday, July 24th @ 2AM (PDT)
You may hold onto orders until you get the rolls you prefer.
Omolon Tuonela SR4… 960 more words
Destiny The Game

Purchase guns and firearms through the most famous store

Weapons have been invented by the modern advance scientific technology to protect oneself from attacking from other or to demolish the enemy. In this modern technological age, the weapons are invented in many designs and superb models in higher technological procedure. 254 more words


The Machine Shop

The picture above is of a chuck on one end of a lathe. ¬†It’s interesting to look at, almost like art in itself.

I worked in a machine shop for a few years. 272 more words


Safe Gun Storage and Your Peace of Mind

Do you own a gun? If so, then you should possess a high quality gun safe, too. A gun safe protects your arms and ammunition from being misused as well as from natural disasters like floods or fires. 502 more words