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How To: Cheap and Easy Barrel Blocks for Muzzle Device Work

Sitting here on this snowy March afternoon, I got to thinking about how my SilencerCo Specwar 556 suppressor is likely to be approved this week. For months now, I’ve had the included flash hider sitting in my gear cabinet waiting to be installed on my SR-15 barrel, but I have never gotten around to actually installing the device. 617 more words


Toronto artist The Gunsmith drops "Awara"

So many new artist are arising and many from the Toronto base area. A new tune is out and it’s time to load that play list if you are an Urban Asian fan! 138 more words

What's Happenin'

The #1 Gun Tip for the New Year!

There is one tip that I’d like to pass on to you as my gift for the new year. It is one that will sound like I’m trying to get your business, but is in actuality, for your safety and financial security. 505 more words

Gunsmiths & Grapes

With two full days of actual “Man, this is really kind of good!” writing on the Six Brothers under my belt, I am frankly concerned that asking for a third is indeed asking too much. 127 more words


Building the 1911 From Scratch

After half a year of reloading, I’ve came to realize a few things that probably all novice shooters eventually learn:

  • accuracy is a potential, without the right ammo, a great gun still shoots like crap…
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What A Gunsmith Does

A Gunsmith is a Craftsman. A professional gunsmith builds, repairs or customizes firearms.
They practice not only basic firearm maintenance, such as disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, and reassembling a gun, but also are capable of making functional and decorative modifications, completing extensive repairs and conducting complex work like refinishing metal, engraving designs in wood and metal, and design custom firearms. 990 more words