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Featured Product

Hunter Select is featuring of Enhanced AR15/M4 Enhanced Spanner Tool Combo Wrench in Steel Black for this week’s product. Our wrench is made of the highest quality steel with a durable black finish. 83 more words

My Gun is Cute: Colt Automatic Caliber .25 Pistol

Though derided by macho gun lovers as a ‘mouse gun’, the Colt Automatic Caliber .25 pistol, along with its tiny rodent kin, have put plenty of people in the hospital or in the ground. 620 more words

Testing your EDC: How many rounds?

Whenever you get a new firearm, there’s a strong temptation to mount a light, throw it in the holster, and start carrying it. Even worse, some folks get out the rotary tool and start grinding and polishing. 820 more words

1943 Military Issued Colt M1911A1-U.S. Army

Recently, our Gunsmith Shop received a 1943 Military issues Colt M1911A1-U.S. Army for some minor restoration and cleaning. Without question, the most famous United States military handgun… 206 more words


Long range 22 plinker?

​So, I haven’t gone Completely to peep sights… just on my hunting or field guns. ;)

But I didn’t want the scope that my buddy Swany gave me to go to waste, so I dug out a rail adaptor and some rings, put it on my Super Stock Marlin model 60. 199 more words


Lefaucheux Pinfire Revolvers

Lefaucheux Pinfire Revolvers

by Dennis Adler

As early as December 1861, it had become clear to both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis that the Union and the Confederacy would need to import longarms and revolvers from Europe in order to equip the tens of thousands of volunteers fighting on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. 1,078 more words