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Photos of illegal TEC-9 submachine gun factory operating in Montreal

Photos have emerged of an underground gun factory which operated in Montreal, Canada to produce high quality copies of the TEC-9 / DC-10 submachine gun for the criminal market. 147 more words

Gun Control

Grip frame fun, 1.0? 

Killing time in the shop and tried the brass 1860 style grip frame(that I have for converting my Ruger Blackhawk) on my Beretta Stampede. Rear frame fits good, but would need a filler at the bottom front, and the ears trimmed to the gun frame if it was to stay. 223 more words


Building Your First AR (Caliber selection / Barrel)

Welcome to part 2 of building your first AR. The caliber selection for your project will be one of the biggest decisions you make for this project. 404 more words


Barrel Swapping

Gem from the forums past.

Tom Hencken: When you guys switch barrels on your bench guns, what lube do you use on the threads? How tight? 1,132 more words


Building your First AR (Part 1: Tools)

So you have decided you want to build your first AR. Where do you start? What equipment do you need? I recently built my first AR-15 and learned a lot through the process. 411 more words


Scope Swap

As I mentioned in the last blog post I came upon some obstacles when testing my handloads. The Leupold scope base that was on the scar came loose causing inconsistent shot placements. 394 more words


Notes on gas-ring streaching

It’s hard. But still go slow. You can go too far!

Consider ordering a single hardened plug gauge from amazon instead of the spindle. The spindle got crushed when I went to far. 26 more words