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Here is a "Must Read" article from Creighton Audette, Gunsmith

Three reasons you need to read this:

1. The “Ladder Test” for load development is “spot on” in my opinion.

2. The last few paragraphs on the subject of “cant” at long range. 30 more words


How To: Cheap and Easy Barrel Blocks for Muzzle Device Work

Sitting here on this snowy March afternoon, I got to thinking about how my SilencerCo Specwar 556 suppressor is likely to be approved this week. For months now, I’ve had the included flash hider sitting in my gear cabinet waiting to be installed on my SR-15 barrel, but I have never gotten around to actually installing the device. 617 more words


Installing the APEX Forward Set Sear (FSS) Trigger Kit with no prior gunsmithing experience

Disclaimer: This is my experience in the installation of the trigger kit. It worked well for me, but there is always a risk in modifying your own gun. 1,048 more words


We Can Handle Your Gunsmithing Needs

We have a gunsmith on site Monday thru Friday to handle your basic gunsmithing needs.

Diamondback Police Supply Co Inc

Refurbishing A Civil War Shotgun: Part 2

My great-grandfather’s mid-nineteenth century 12 bore shotgun was in poor condition, a victim of generations of child’s-play. Here in part 1 I glued the stock and lightly rubbed the double barrel with 000 steel wool and Rem Oil. 219 more words

12 Guage

Saving A Wall-hanger Antique Muzzleloader

This double-barrel 12 guage percussion cap muzzzleloader belonged to Ruben Burwell Anderson, 1864-1974, my great-grandfather, who lived with us in the 1970s- or else to his father. 456 more words

12 Guage

The #1 Gun Tip for the New Year!

There is one tip that I’d like to pass on to you as my gift for the new year. It is one that will sound like I’m trying to get your business, but is in actuality, for your safety and financial security. 505 more words