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Lefaucheux Pinfire Revolvers

Lefaucheux Pinfire Revolvers

by Dennis Adler

As early as December 1861, it had become clear to both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis that the Union and the Confederacy would need to import longarms and revolvers from Europe in order to equip the tens of thousands of volunteers fighting on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. 1,078 more words


The Utility of Second Strike

There are essentially four failures in a firearm– a failure to feed, a failure to chamber, a failure to fire, and a failure to eject. A light strike is a failure to fire, and is corrected by either A: Doublestriking or B: corrective action. 228 more words

Gunsmiths. Finding the Right One

A good gunsmith may not be part of your shooting gear, but it’s certainly an essential component to keeping your shooting life smooth-running and fully functional. 217 more words


The 1911 is dead, long live the 1911

The 1911 is a wonderful gun. It fits the hand snugly, the trigger is possibly the epitome of man/machine interfaces, and it throws a 230gr round affectionately referred to as a ‘flying ashtray’ with a stout and reliable authority. 815 more words

[Clinton] Builds A Better Handgun

A few months ago, we caught wind of someone doing something remarkable. built a pistol from plans he found on the Internet. You can find plans to build anything on the web, from houses to four-stroke engines to perpetual motion machines. 220 more words

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Titanic Contender #4


The fourth (& final!) entry in our “Raise the Titanic” giveaway is this Echave & Arizmendi Model 1918 Bronco in .32 ACP. 53 more words