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DIY Cast AR-15 Receivers Are More Interesting Than Expected

For some reason the US News media decided on the AR-15 as the poster child of guns that should not be allowed to be made for, or sold to, the consumer. 161 more words


Remington 550-1, Pt 2

More of the improvement on the Remington 550-1. You couldn’t even feel the lettering before.






Finally got to the bottom of the shot in the old Winchester. All told, a little over 2lbs had been stuffed into the stock, which would have significantly changed the way the gun shoots and handles. 15 more words


Remington 550-1

Pleased with how this little Remington 550-1 turned out. The lettering was so caked and rusted that it looked/felt nearly invisible.#gunsmithing #restoration #remington


Find of the Day

Interesting find this morning: took the butt plate off a 40’s Winchester double, and the stock is completely crammed with lead shot and wadding. Probably an attempt to reduce felt recoil, it’s all solidified now and has to be chipped out slowly.



Got some .410 shells for shooting a buddies single shot on Saturday… Thinking about re cutting the hulls and wildcating a few down to 45 colt length. 55 more words


Yikes! Is that RUST??!?

Yes, that’s Rust in the forcing cone and first 1″ ish of the barrel on my Beretta Stampede in .45colt :o:oops::(

Apparently I need to oil the sucker a little better when put away.. 24 more words