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November 28, 2016: Gunstock-Belknap-Piper (again)

I’ve done this loop twice before (both times, this year), and after hiking it again today (the third time) I can say I’ll never get tired of this one. 941 more words


Gunstock Season Pass Holders Qualify for Home and Auto Discounts


Concord Group Insurance has created a special Affinity program that provides savings and special benefits to its member policyholders. Gunstock Season Pass Holders qualify as a member of Concord Group Affinity Program, and can receive a 5% discount on  auto and home insurance as well as complimentary roadside assistance coverage and/or identity theft protection.  116 more words

September 25, 2016: Gunstock-Belknap-Piper revisited

My regular hiking buddy was nursing an injured knee this weekend, so we had to cancel our plans to hike the Wildcats today. But after seeing pictures of the rime ice on the nearby Carter mountains this afternoon, and hearing about how cold and windy it was in the Whites this weekend, that was probably a blessing in disguise. 1,337 more words


July 16, 2016: Gunstock Redlining

Having time only for one outdoor activity today, I ended up choosing hiking over kayaking. Looking over the Belknap Range map and checking what trails I still needed to redline on Gunstock, I thought I could check off that part of the spreadsheet today. 1,471 more words


July 3, 2016: Mt. Rowe, redlined

I had a wee bit of redlining to finish on Mt. Rowe: GES Nature Trail, Yellow trail, and the tippy-top section of the Benjamin Weeks trail between North Spur and Ridge trails. 1,336 more words


April 17, 2016: Sunrise 'yak + Gunstock-Rowe loop hike

Looking at the weather forecast, I knew today was going to be a gorgeous, warm spring day, and that although it’s still cold in the mornings, the wind would be practically nothing at sunrise and the water would be calm. 1,451 more words


March 11, 2016: Gunstock-Belknap-Piper

Having just wrapped up production on a Patternworks catalog a couple days early, and knowing that hubby and I would be working on house stuff again this weekend, I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take the day off today to do a nice, looooong hike. 1,219 more words