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Life and death

I don’t know if it is because we are getting close to halloween, but all the guppies died in the fish tank, and that was spooky. 337 more words


Pop eye guppy. 

A female guppy got big eyes all of a sudden. I don’t know how she got it, but when a stream of water hits her, she wobble and can’t keep her balance. 91 more words


The weak guppie

Two days ago I noticed the male turquoise guppie a little saddened. His color fins were pale and seemed bitten(and I know those to blame are the zebrafish(they bullied him). 77 more words


Tuxedos negros, cryptos y espadas

Los guppies tuxedo negro con 5 semanas 8 semanas de edad, ya con el sexo definido. Aquí vemos a los machos tomando el desayuno de Domingo. 218 more words


Octubre... ¿Qué hay?

Los guppies tuxedo han empezado a definir el sexo y he logrado separar siete (7) machos, con lo que concluyo que quedan al menos entre seis y ocho hembras en el acuario de 5 galones. 242 more words


*Guppy Love*

We caught these guppies at manoa stream.  It was Isaac’s first time in a stream and we had a blast.  :0)

It’s my mom’s birthday today and watching these guppies give me an emotion that I know she’s looking over us and she’s in her own piece of heaven. 19 more words


One Guppy to Rule Them All.

Trying to find a paper on experimental evolution wasn’t an easy task for me. I found papers that I thought were interesting, but were lacking in experimental evolutionary methods and others that bored me to death. 1,321 more words