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One Guppy to Rule Them All.

Trying to find a paper on experimental evolution wasn’t an easy task for me. I found papers that I thought were interesting, but were lacking in experimental evolutionary methods and others that bored me to death. 1,321 more words

Guppy Wednesdays: A Short Postponing

I may have to postpone the project as the Guppies are not fully grown yet and haven’t started breeding (even though they are almost one month in my ownership.) As I read this… 136 more words


Nacieron los guppies half-black

Sigan el punto rojo.

Al parecer las hembras son guppies de calidad, no así los machos, que son muy pequeños y hasta desnutridos. Los adquirí de un aficionado que supongo se dio cuenta que no los podía reproducir en sus condiciones. 14 more words

Acuario Plantado

Evolution...it's a real thing!

A few years ago, when I told people I studied evolutionary ecology, I tended to get responses like, “Oh, so you believe we came from monkeys?!” Or they would automatically think of large-scale evolution.  442 more words

My Journey

Break News (New born babies)

In the morning one female panda guppy started to birth babies 

But when I found them another panda guppies were eating them, so I decided to separate them. 72 more words


Elephant Big ear and Endler tiger

Two days ago me and my girl friend went to the JJ market to look for Endler tiger and Elephant big ear

I was expected that JJ market might be a lot less quality than the market I used to go. 38 more words


4th pond and....

As I mentioned at previous post

I needed to make one more space for shirimp.

And yesterday visited Sanamluang2 market again

Then I saw Sunset guppy there, they were so goreous, also I saw another grate looking guppy, called “elephant ear”. 93 more words