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Indian Rocks Beach...One of Florida's West Coast Barrier Islands, A Real Gem

Indian Rocks Beach is one of our very favorite places to live and play! This little town is on a barrier island between the Gulf of Mexico and the Intracoastal Waterway. 512 more words

Anona Elementary

Dear Jack: Webisodes 16 and 17 of Jack-Man/Adventures in Fish-Sitting

This past week has been very exciting. I published our 2 most recent Jack-Man webisodes…

Webisode 16, “Operation GMO Freedom”, featured Nana and Papa’s garden. Papa and I used some of his old karate gear to create the fight between the GMO Monster and the Guardian of the Guardian. 284 more words

The Joy of a Clean Aquarium

I was supposed to clean it last week. I can’t believe I got so busy cleaning everything else that I forgot to clean this tank. Poor fish guys, and shrimp gal. 111 more words


Once Upon a Guppy: short story

Sorry it’s taken so long to write a post. A lot has happened since the Whole30. So much sadness, loss, stress, and joy have filled this year and it’s not even close to over! 220 more words

Short Story

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but how will the guppies breathe if the tank is full of orange Jello?


Fish Nix

We used to have 6 fish: 5 various types of mollies and 1 fancy tailed guppy.

One day, when I was looking across the room I noticed the water was getting green. 91 more words


Guest Post: Judy Alter

For Love or Money

Why do you write? For love of writing or for money? And what comes first—your writing or your life? I’ve been thinking about priorities lately. 829 more words