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My Setup

Here I list some of the must and should have things to setup your own fishbowl(for beginners).

What to get:


Welcome to my guppy adventure

Welcome to my new blog which captures my experience with having a tiny fish bowl with couple of guppies in it.

Lets start with some history, As kids me and my siblings(lovely bro and sis) like any other kids were very interested in having pets we had fishes, cats, dogs and even chicken🐔🐤🐤 too as pets. 274 more words


Day 22: Project Aquarium

It’s has been a while since the last time I blog about my aquarium. The tank conditions seem stable right now. All the fish’s swimming happily inside the tank and there is new fish in tank! 167 more words


Day 11: Project Aquarium

Today is a sad day. I lost not one but 8 fish’s (4 Red Sword Tail, 3 Mosaic Guppies and 1 Neon Tetra). In the morning when I feed the fish everything look ok but when I back home I found 7 fish died already. 158 more words


Day 3: Project Aquarium

It’s supposed to be day two but I got distracted. So what has been changed? I added sand, artificial rock, artificial plant and more fish’s. 60 more words


Day 1: Project Aquarium

It’s been a while since the last time I had an aquarium. It’s not really day one, I had the fish a week ago, only today i got the proper aquarium. 54 more words