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Sanamluang2 market visit (3) guppy & neon tetra 

3rd post of Sanamluang2 market is finally about guppy !

There are several kind of guppies in the market, but I don’t think I took all photos of them. 368 more words


Adding some water plants for Guppies

Last night just added some water plants & clay pot for hiding spot.

That new clay pot becomes another hiding spot for golden algae eaters. They have hidden in the same spot (under the first water plant) but now one moved to new spot :) 108 more words


Panda Guppies in pottery water tank

The whole shot


Panda Guppies (3males &3females)

Since a week ago, started to feed 6panda guppies & 2 golden algae eaters (clean fish)

Decided to feed them in the pottery rather than feeding in a typical water tank. 37 more words


Studying guppies in Trinidad

For National Fishing Week, Dispatches from the Field welcomes Tim Hain, a biologist at the University of Western Ontario to tell us about his fieldwork studying the not-so-fancy-looking (but very cool for evolutionary studies) guppies in Trinidad. 1,105 more words


Configuración de Junio

Configuración de hace un mes

Lindernia rotundifolia ó Bacopa sp (?)

Cubo #1

Cubo #2

Cubo #3

Hydra verde


Hydra verde

Anubia en recuperación… 9 more words

Acuario Plantado

Beta Readers, Part II

Turns out that last post was exactly the boost I needed.  After writing two hundred words on how scary looking for betas is (and hyperventilating to psych myself up) I bit the bullet and asked a couple friends if they would be willing to read my manuscript.   380 more words


Bubble Guppies: Bubble Puppy Knit Hat - Toddler

What better way to keep your little one warm other than this pup-eriffic knit hat? This one-size, super cozy o-fish-al Bubble Puppy hat serves a duel purpose of keeping you warm and keeping you cute! 8 more words