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Water Quality by Mary Jane

Toxins in the Water:  The Invisible Culprit.

Heavy Metals such as copper, iron, zinc,
and lead destroy the fish’s slime coat, cause blood patches, 1,645 more words

Guppy Blog - Guppies Corner

The Sleeping Fishes

The WordPress, Daily Post’s Daily Prompt is Fish.

This works out almost perfectly since I was just thinking about our pet fish.

We have quite a few guppies. 403 more words

Mom Stuff

Dealing With My Dharma

An old Hindu fable is about a guru sitting on a river bank. He notices a scorpion drowning at the water’s edge and lifts it onto the bank with his hand. 266 more words


Life and death

I don’t know if it is because we are getting close to halloween, but all the guppies died in the fish tank, and that was spooky. 358 more words


Pop eye guppy. 

A female guppy got big eyes all of a sudden. I don’t know how she got it, but when a stream of water hits her, she wobble and can’t keep her balance. 91 more words


The weak guppie

Two days ago I noticed the male turquoise guppie a little saddened. His color fins were pale and seemed bitten(and I know those to blame are the zebrafish(they bullied him). 77 more words