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Guppies and crayfish

I was hesitant at first to put some crayfish in my guppy tank. After seeing other people doing it already I purchased two crayfish, both about 2-2.5 inches. 52 more words

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When I was a kid I found a lot of ways to earn a little extra spending money. Often it was doing something none of my other friends would take on. 1,008 more words


Among aquarium fish, few fish are as easy to breed to the guppy. This makes it easier to selectively breed guppies than most fish. As such, dozens if not hundreds of true-breeding strains or varieties of guppy have been produced by dedicated breeders. 324 more words


Guppy Fry are growing. 

So this is my second attempt at catching the baby guppies in a separate tank. I had almost 100 in this tank a few weeks ago and then poof. 87 more words

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About the Moscow breed - post by Юрмен in Russian and English

Visually clarification / evidence were not recorded or published.

It is a medium-sized fish, although giants sometimes appeared among them. The shape of the male is elegant, it is relatively narrow, but not effeminate. 489 more words

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