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Tank #1: Update - 12th Apr 2015

As we learn more about keeping fishes and shrimps, we have added endlers guppies, blue eye tetra, amber tetra, panda cory, algae eater and sakura shrimps… 115 more words

Neon Tetra

Info about Tank #2

Everyone has been saying that a bigger tank is easier to maintain and obviously, can have more space for all our fishes and shrimps. So the father and son team went to Seaview Aquarium to look for bargain. 158 more words

Tank #2

Life Will Find a Way

As you all know, Jurassic Park is one of my all time favorite movies. Sometimes though, I wish Malcolm wasn’t always right. I just got my little work aquarium set up again. 235 more words

New Orleans

what no it hasn't almost been a month since I made a post + Project Imagination

but I have reasonable excuses! (maybe)

I now have three new fish: Sir Kibble and Mr Dove the guppies, and Chinese Buffet the betta!

When we first put him in the tank – his colours have brightened a bit now owo… 117 more words

"Just Because No One Seems to Like It Doesn't Mean that Anyone Does." Words of Comfort from My Heart to Yours

When I’m working on a novel, I incorporate short chapters with several different scenarios at the beginning. These situations may consist of groups formed by humans, 685 more words

Lynn Steigleder

Wine Glass For the Fish

I redecorated my fish tank because I thought glass would look neat.

And I bought three more guppies, so now I have seven.


Elijah… 22 more words


White Knights and Guppies

Is overradicalized feminism a thing? One of the editors of prison planet has a compelling argument that there is a “sexodus” movement, with the men involved opting out of relationships alltogether, giving up out of fear of being considered part of the patriarchal rape culture. 429 more words

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