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Gay Urban Professionals

Dear anglophone visitors, I am not advocating waterboarding gay urban professionals in any form, nor do I suggest that airboarding guppies or any othe fish for that matter is a good idea. 123 more words

Nicht Witzig


Unlike most of my paintings which are done from life or reference photos, this one is painted from remembering my childhood guppies. The guppy shapes gave definition as if swimming through the flowing watercolor stripes.


big mama

This is big mama. She is my favorite guppy. About a month ago I bought an infected fish and it infected my whole tank with a bacteria. 213 more words



One of my fondest memories when I was a child was going to my grandma’s house.  She had a huge aquarium full of guppies.  I swear there were hundreds of guppies in there. 218 more words


Top easy to breed aquarium fish

Breeding your fish in an aquarium is quiet  rewarding and satisfying achievement for any aquarium hobbies. Plus it can help you can earn some little extra in this expensive hobby.Whatever the reason, here are list of some aquarium pets you can breed easily in your home aquarium: 892 more words


Allow me to introduce you to....

Hey everyone, Jeremy here and I figured since we’re pretty new and this and are dedicated to the aquarium hobby, allow me to introduce you to our personal fish that we have thus far. 361 more words


Three new titles worth of consideration.  If you are a serious gardener, and you don’t want to simply cover every surfaced with toxic chemicals, here’s a book that helps you know your enemy: 336 more words