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Scoliosis Cull

About half the guppy fry (there were at least 35) ended up showing various grades of scoliosis. Not entirely sure what the root issue was, but I knew I didn’t want to keep them due to limited space constraints. 319 more words

Examining the Benefits of Unique Coloration for Male Trinidad Guppies

Fatin Chowdhury ’20

The predisposition of organisms in seeking certain phenotypic traits in mates is an oft-observed aspect of the natural world, with sexual selection being a well-studied phenomenon. 408 more words


Progress and Setbacks in the Past Two Months

I ultimately decided not to keep my shrimp and guppies together. My two trios (now pairs, as for some unknown reason one of the females from both groups eventually died) live together in a divided tank as a temporary measure until they start reproducing. 671 more words

How To Sex Male And Female Guppies

How To Sex Male And Female Guppies

To tell between the sexes of a male or female Guppy fish apart is actually very easy once the fish reaches adolescence. 406 more words


Guppies and Shrimp, Oh My!

If the title hasn’t clued you in yet…I have started getting quite hooked on guppies. Quite. But to be honest, I always sort of brushed them off because they were so common, and I simply wasn’t that interested in live-bearers. 816 more words

Aquarium Wish List

This is not my own wishlist but I’m going to link items based around fish and aquariums that people might find useful and interesting. As for all things, make sure you do your research and read reviews. 177 more words

Nikola's results from IFGA Annual Show 2019 Seekonk, MA

This is Nikola’s second time to attend
and participate in the IFGA Annual Show.
Nikola is only five years old,
but he looks a little older… 375 more words

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