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Fish & Plant Pots

Lotus flower in full bloom. Also the red plant is looking awesome today.

A little something different today. One of my hobbies when I’m more settled is keeping fish and plants. 1,015 more words

The strange inmates of my home 🏡

My parent’s home is not exactly located in a village but it has all the attributes of a village life- the lushness of dense foliage wherever one’s eyes can gaze upon, quietitude of a sleepy village, its perfect silence delightedly punctuated with shrill calls of a chattery mynah, the tiny sparrows trotting about on our porch and quelling their parched beaks in a little pond where my father breeds tiny black and red guppies. 1,309 more words

Novosti iz mojih akvarijuma – V

Linija CD-A, mladj (podmladak) je rodjena 05.09.2020. Fotografije su snimljene 07.04.2020.

Samo da napomenem da je na ribama zbog stresa (promjena okoline… 144 more words

Moj Blog ( By Igor D.)

Know more on In-Breeding, Line Breeding & Selective Breeding

Inbreeding Live-bearers: Mainly Guppies

The paradox that is known by many but unknown by all, Ornamental fish breeding, They are seen everyday and everywhere in aquarium and aquarium hobby around the world. 399 more words

Forgot to Give a Guppy Update

I think it’s been awhile since I last properly talked about my guppies. I only have the albino yellow galaxies left, since the RREA red dumbos eventually decided they hated my setup and died. 274 more words


breeding Fish with plants only

I know the title seems strange, but we all used to settle our fish tanks with water source of oxygen, and a filter. this is a totally different experience and a new experiment to see the output. 301 more words

Scoliosis Cull

About half the guppy fry (there were at least 35) ended up showing various grades of scoliosis. Not entirely sure what the root issue was, but I knew I didn’t want to keep them due to limited space constraints. 319 more words