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Adding A Bit Of Tropical Colour

Today I got a few more fish for the tropical tank, mainly to add a little bit of colour. I decided to do this after going through a few older photos of my tank… look how bright this Krib was back in 2012. 119 more words

Tropical Fish

New Tropical Fish and Snails Added to Tank

Today was a good day for the tank, with some new fish and snails being added, along with some additional filter floss.

I was pleased to see both of our new albino Bristlenose catfish keeping busy today. 454 more words

Tropical Fish

25 Discounts for Christmas!

Woo-hoo! Who doesn’t love a good discount?!

For the first 25 days of December I will be sharing with you some Amazon.com discounts. Are you ready to save up to 75% on the items you may have already been eyeballing? 462 more words

Guppies only avoid infected shoalmates when they pose the highest risk of transmission

Jess Stephenson is a new Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, USA. She is interested in factors affecting the spread of infectious diseases through natural populations, and how these ecological factors might affect the evolution of both host and parasite. 1,056 more words

Guest Post

Purple Moscow Guppies

Just an update on my stock here.  This is still the line of Purple Moscow that I have been working on for about 5 years or so now.   111 more words

FIsh Spotlight

Gay Urban Professionals

Dear anglophone visitors, I am not advocating waterboarding gay urban professionals in any form, nor do I suggest that airboarding guppies or any othe fish for that matter is a good idea. 122 more words

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