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Tips And Tricks by Mary Jane

  • When cleaning your box filters, save 1/3 of the cleanest floss to insert between the new floss. This will help seed your new floss with good bacteria.
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Guppy F.A.Q.'s by Mary Jane

All new guppy-keepers have similar, exciting questions.
Read below for the answers…

Question 1: How soon can guppies multiply?

Females mature at about 3 months of age, perhaps sooner in a warmer tank. 2,074 more words


Hospital Tanks by Mary Jane

Hospital Tank/Quarantine Tank – essential in fishkeeping.

Whether used only when needed or kept with fish in it that can be removed when necessary, a hospital tank should be available whenever needed to isolate and treat sick fish. 879 more words


Getting New Guppies?

Some tips to keep your new guppy, and the fish you already have, safe!

The guppy keeper should remember that many diseases and parasites can simply be avoided with proper care and maintenance of the guppy tank. 701 more words


Guppy World Setup

Its a tiny Guppy World! If you are reading this blog it is because you have shown keen interest being a fish hobbyist and Guppy fishes are the ideal choice of fishes to start with(beginners). 663 more words

My partners new aquarium

I’m really enjoying my partner’s new aquarium. It’s so therapeutic. It was looking a bit bland so I nailed a few lengths of pallet wood together and set it on the outside of the rear of the tank. 7 more words