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Dummy’s Guide to Conversation #4: Define Stuff

There is a story of a young man and a young woman. They had dated for some time and things were moving along comfortably. Together they decided to move to a new city, where they each took new jobs and explored the area. 325 more words

Communication Is About Relationship

Fire in the Hole!!

            Let’s face it. Most recipes aren’t written with inattentive college students like myself in mind. Mince a clove of garlic. Wait. What’s a clove? … 185 more words

:D escriptions

Bad descriptions are like emoticons. You know what I mean, those cute little faces that modern teens litter their tweets and texts with.

            Happy – :) 110 more words

How I Learned the Alphabet: Taking the reader from A to B and so on...

I think that a clear organizational structure is one of the best ways to help the reader and to win his or her favor.  Some textual organizational strategies may include, as Gurak says, chunking as well as sequencing in chronological or spatial order.  137 more words

Power Connection About Your Power Connections

Sometimes a Power Connection Empowers You

Gurak and Lannon identified three ways a technical communicator connects with an audience:

  1. Using a power connection (by exercising authority)
  2. 56 more words
Writing To Serve

Technical Communication Is...

Gurak and Lannon define technical communication as the “exchange of information that helps people interact with technology, advance workplace goals and solve complex problems.” (3) I like both the service aspect of their definition and the epistemological side: that as we write things out–and as we share them–we learn together. 33 more words

Technical Communication