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Wiener Grauslichkeit.

Wagt man sich mit seinen blassen, knorrigen Füßchen um diese Jahreszeit vor die Wohnungstür dann knallt’s auf beiden Seiten. Hinten die Wohnungstür und vorne weil einem die Wiener Grauslichkeit entgegendonnert. 122 more words


Berlin Gürtel - Berlin belt buckle

Berlin belt buckle – Berlin Gürtel & Platz der Luftbrücke monument:
Just in front of the Berlin Tempelhof Airport there is the Platz der Luftbrücke… 30 more words


Coca Cola belt buckle and ring by Feinschmuck

Coca Cola belt buckles and rings by Feinschmuck:
A while ago Feinschmuck did these samples for Coca Cola. The confirmation for a licence to produce these belts and rings hasn´t been given yet. 16 more words


Longhorn skull belt buckle by Feinschmuck

Longhorn skull belt buckle by Feinschmuck:
Not officially announced yet but available now. Available in bronze, bronze aged, or bronze plated with silver… 8 more words


Anchor Belt by Feinschmuck - vintaging

The Feinschmuck Anchor belt buckle is aging:
Yesterday the Feinschmuck anchor belt buckle got some treatment and is now ready for some leatherwork which will be done by… 13 more words


Anchor belt buckle by Feinschmuck

Raw bronze Anchor belt buckle by Feinschmuck:
Yesterday, finally my birthday present arrived. Absolute raw, no finish yet and no belt attached. Thanks Maria and Manfred!