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B4 colour review and testing prt1

Yes if you know my blog you’ll have seen my last post about tempting to change my hair

As I am so skilled in the blogging word I now can insert pictures to show you what I’m currently doing fun times for all!! 332 more words


There are spiritual masters in us all. How to learn from others and also teach them what you know.

We all know at some points we hit stagnant waters. We get kind of bored with life. Some of us (like me) feel our only ways of learning are through academic means. 1,116 more words

Skanda Kumara old pictures

Śrī Gajavāhana

Śrī Kumāra

Śrī Śaktidhāra

Śrī Subrahmanya

Śrī Subrahmanya

Śrī Brahmasastā

Śrī Kārttikeya

Śrī Krauñcabheda

Śrī Kandaswāmi

Śrī Saravanabhavar

Śrī Senāni


problems in life

generally there are 3 type of problems due to

People Around
Because of Body and Mind

People Around : because of this we get troubles in relationships / personal life / financial due to gossip , lies and many other different situations. 330 more words


lalitha sahasranamam

lalitha sahasranamam is a wonderful stotra that contains 1000 names of lalitha devi who can be called as Durga or Ultimate Shakthi. Jhana over the names of lalitha will purify thoughts and will help sadhaka win worldly and spiritual quests. 48 more words

Ulangkaji Matematik Tahun 1 (Kotak nombor)

Sebelum ini Cikgu Joe memperkenalkan kotak nombor sebagai satu sistem bantuan kepada murid untuk menyelesaikan operasi tambah dan tolak. Sempena peperiksaan akhir tahun ini, maka Cikgu Joe membuat ulang kaji supaya mereka boleh mengimbas kembali teknik yang di ajar.


Membina Video Pembelajaran Menggunakan Movie Maker

Hari ini kita akan belajar cara membina video pembelajaran menggunakan Movie Maker dengan mudah.