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Who is God?


What’s the easy way to be connected to divine. I was good at that but I got lost & cannot concentrate to get there again. 742 more words


Hazrat Mian Mir And The Sufi Tradition - Gyani Brahma Singh Brahma

The book ‘Hazrat Mian Mir And The Sufi Tradition’ was penned by Gyani Brahma Singh Brahma. It was published by Punjabi University, Patiala, in 1994. The book throws light on the life of Hazrat Mian Mir and the esoteric aspect of the lives of Sufis. 28 more words

Remembering God -- Passage from the Adi Granth

Remembering God


“When one is in utter distress and there is no one to support him,

And the adversaries gather-in upon him and even his kinsmen desert him; 179 more words



GURU NANAK DEV JI ( 1469 – 1539 )

Always meditate upon the               Do not discriminate on the basis                                    Earn an honest living.
Naam of One and only                       of Colour, Gender, Caste or                                           Share with others. 342 more words


Satsang (Spiritual Community) -- Guru Nanak’s Conversation with the Yogis

Satsang (Spiritual Community) — Guru Nanak’s Conversation with the Yogis



Below is based on: Peace Lagoon – Sacred Songs of the Sikhs, the Collected Hymns of Guru Nanak, Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjun Dev, and Guru Gobind Singh, translated by Sardarni Premka Kaur, published by the Sikh 3HO, a very nice anthology of the Sikh scriptures of India in clear contemporary English. 1,423 more words

Sant Mat

Prabh Milabae ko Preet Man Laagee ... Raag Gauri

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Page: 204

Shabad Video:

Shabad sung in Raag Gauri; Taal Rupak (7)
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Commentary on this Shabad by Rana Inderjit Singh  283 more words

Shabad Kirtan