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The Offering

Today a student brought flowers for Hanuman and Guruji–a beautiful offering. The real offering, however, is the simple and, yet, at times, difficult task of coming to class. 163 more words

Classes & Offerings

The Sincere Devotion to Strangers

I am about to get all profane and unfactual, but I write short so no big deal. I get all Whitney Houston emotional when I think of Guruji at this time. 321 more words


Guruji's 100th birthday and my final Mysore class (for now…)

It is my final Mysore class at Indaba tomorrow before I hand over to Rachel. It will be the eve of the full moon which is also Guruji’s 100th birthday.  130 more words

All is coming.

Oof, the weeks have been disappearing! Everything feels so slow under the summer sun, but it’s like someone is secretly fast-forwarding my clocks on me. 627 more words


To Guruji - today! (In his love!)

“Realized souls never see this door as a door. They don’t see the wall as a wall. They only see everything around them as, God They don’t see things, normal, like we do”.

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By Kamlesh Tripathi

Long time ago there lived a Maharishi by the name of Shandilya. He had many pupils, who regularly attended his gurukul… 684 more words


Guruji- A tribute! (Shri. Pattabhi Jois)

Thought to practice and obey – “Never criticize or judge the Guru, whether they appear to be, right or wrong”.

I was so stupid, I didn’t come prepared.

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