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general question of everyone...might be helpful :)

Gurudev, I tend to hurt people whom I love and push them away. Why do I do so? I am scared of love now.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: 274 more words


सप्तपदी - चौथं पाऊल - केल्याने होत आहे रे! The Seven Steps – Fourth Step – Doing gets it Done!

लग्नाची नवीन कल्पना सगळ्यांचा मनात रूजवली, बोलावण्या झाल्या. आणि आम्हा दोघांवर लग्न पार पाडायची जबाबदारी येऊन पडली. घरच्यांचं म्हणणं बरोबर होतं – आम्ही असा लग्न कधी पहिलं नाहीए, आणि तुमची कल्पना असल्यामुळे तुम्ही साकार करा!

On the perfect practice and the perfect pose

The perfect practice is the one that is done 6 days a week (no full or new moon, of course, or during ladies’ holidays). The “perfect” pose is the one YOU are doing that moment, not the way you see David Swenson or Kino doing it. 125 more words
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Nancy Gilgoff on why 'didn’t I “change” with the updates'

It’s relatively rare when Nancy Gilgoff puts something out there online, so her response to some comments in a post at the Ashtanga Brighton blog are… 168 more words


AGK speaking

I am kumar in red dress from Salem India and BalaYogi in white dress met Him in Namamalai Salem. He  lives differently from all of us. 44 more words

A Siddhar

Guruji's knowledge session - 18th March

Be careful of the words you use, it should not hurt others. Anger can be expressed even without using hurtful words.


Gentle Friend,

this rocky ground full of thorns,

smoothen it with your sharp love.

Let the rain of devotion

moisten the hard soil,

so that you may plant

deep, your imprint.