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How does the mind of an Enlightened function?


As a realized sage reads a newspaper, looks at the words, does the mind faculty in him read the words out loud? Even as I read there is a voice in the head clearly enunciating every word or since they are realized, the content is just felt, because they are beyond the paper, the scribbling or is it a balance of both small mind & big mind at play…What is the quality of reading/ Music in No Mind advaita state…what is that faculty that interprets the scribbling and converts them to some coherent meaning, Say for Example when Guruji is tweeting..is he using the small mind to express the big mind? 515 more words


#अक्षय_तृतीया #Akshay_Tritiya

#अक्षय तृतीया विशेष

२८तारखेला अक्षय तृतीया आहे. परंतु काहींचा लगेच प्रश्न असतो कि गुरुजी म्हणजे काय? कारण तृतीया तर दर महिन्याला येते हो मग याच तृतीयेचे इतके महत्व काय बर? 

Guruji - The beginning . . .

Many many years ago . . . Somewhere in the forests of India.

Guruji started his first class on scriptures like this.

He inverted his kamandal & asked. 947 more words

Vidyaan - A Story Series

Vidyaan 1.2 – Aadi: Her Moment

Fast forward:
Vidya is a 2nd year BTech student standing at the edge of the terrace. She is having a vision of a year back. She’s told by her senior to stand near the edge.

942 more words
Vidyaan - A Story Series

Vidyaan 1.1 - Aadi: The Girl on Edge

Note: Vidyaan is a story series composed to portray need of Gyan (experience) with Vidya (knowledge) in the education system.

Vidyaan – 1.1

Aadi: The Girl on Edge… 721 more words

Vidyaan - A Story Series

Showing Up: The Difference Between Repetition and Practice

“Practice, and all is coming.”

– Guruji Pattabhi Jois

Most yogis or yoga practitioners have heard Pattabhi Jois’ famous line over and over again.

 When I first encountered this, I was awestruck by how the simple wording can reveal such deep truths. 1,325 more words