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One Careful Lady Owner

Bunty’s second best Daimler had seen lots of action, but not so much as when she had hired the new chauffeur, Clarkson, who was whizzing around the treacherous bends on the coastal road leading from Gusset to Lola’s home Much Schlepping beyond lower Minge. 463 more words


Anatomy of a toe-up sock heel

This is a very picture heavy post, meant to be a sort of tutorial for my favorite way to do socks. Making socks toe up is my favorite method by far. 1,328 more words


Lessons Learned on Re-Sizing a Sweater

There are lots of online tips for making a too-big sweater smaller. But as I discovered when I had the opposite problem — a too-small sweater that needed enlarging… 292 more words


Tip of the Week: On Hold

No, the tip of the week is not on hold–but some of my stitches certainly are! You see, I’ve been working on some mittens for an upcoming class, and I’m doing a gusset-type thumb, which means that I have to put my thumb stitches on hold while I knit the rest of each mitten. 157 more words

Tip Of The Week

Elite BJJ Pants pearl weave gusset heavy duty ultrasoft

The Tahitian pearl, while not technically from Tahiti, is neither white nor black but a rainbow of color. Tahitian pearls are known for their iridescent, vibrant, almost metallic colors, unique among saltwater cultured pearls. 324 more words

Jack Georges Milano Wide Gusset Top Zip NoFuss

The cow (For a simple costume, make cardboard ears to stick onto a hair band. To be more adventurous try and recreate the traditional pantomime cow. 307 more words

On Samsonite Classic Three Gusset Lg Toploader

Regardless of whether samsonite luggage or any other brand name, your own bags also needs to have the possibility associated with growing or even accommodating additional items in situation you decide to continue with an extended trip. 179 more words