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Taco USA: How Mexican cuisine became an American culinary staple

Mike Stephen (in for Nick Digilio) talks tacos with author Gustavo Arellano, whose book Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America details the history and popularity of Mexican food in America, the vast array of Mexican influences and options available, and what about the taco makes it such a versatile food. 10 more words

WGN Radio

Why Do the Grammys Hate Norteño Music?

In 2002, after the Latin Grammys had existed for two years, grad student Gustavo Arellano took the award show to task in an article titled… 2,121 more words


At Orange County Register, bad news keeps on coming

A week after Aaron Kushner announced major cuts at the Orange County Register and its affiliated papers, it sounds like the wheels may be coming off. 452 more words


13 Dishes That Aren't Mexican? Well...

I was inspired to post Buzzfeed’s 13 Dishes That Aren’t Actually Mexican to highlight a major part of what Meso is about. If you read the list, you’ll notice that a majority of these non-Mexican foods come from Texas, California, or another southwestern state. 269 more words

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Below are a few articles we’ve read this week:

Here is an 2009 NPR article discussing Gustavo Arellano’s book, Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America.  98 more words

Tito's Tacos - Authenticity Might Be Overrated, But These Are Not the Tacos to Prove That

Tito’s Tacos is classic Westside cultural appropriation. Hard shell, yellow cheese, watery salsa — apparently, that’s how you spell gringo. But is this throwback taco actually delicious? 609 more words

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