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Parkinson’s Disease May Be Traced to Gut Bacteria

Doctors who take care of people with Parkinson’s have long known that the brain changes associated with the disease also come with a number of physical changes, especially in the digestive system. 327 more words

Health Benefits of Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes, or sunchokes as they are often called, are starchy root vegetables that have nothing whatsoever to do with artichokes. They have great health benefits including the standard nutritional profile of the garden-variety potato which is high in potassium and other nutrients like vitamin C, B6, iron. 1,367 more words


Scientists discover important link between immune system, gut bacteria and glucose metabolism

Researchers at Oregon State University and other institutions have discovered an important link between the immune system, gut bacteria and glucose metabolism — a “cross-talk” and interaction that can lead to type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome when not functioning correctly. 571 more words


Leaky Gut Syndrome and Health

To continue the series on gut health, this article will attempt to clarify leaky gut syndrome and how it relates to diet and the microbiome. Leaky gut, while is not a very clinical sounding condition, is serious, and has been linked to development of several diseases including asthma, celiac disease, and irritable bowel disease.1 Leaky gut syndrome symptoms include intestinal discomfort, fatigue, bloating, gas, and minor aches and pains. 728 more words

Things I have tried: Part 1 (Atrantil, Restore, MegaSporeBiotic)

Like so many people with SIBO, I have tried A LOT of different supplements and therapies to help restore my gut function. Sorting through which treatments might be best for you and worth the money can be a frustrating task. 2,525 more words