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How Gut Bacteria Affects the Brain & Body

We are more bacteria than we are human. Mounting research has suggested that the bacteria living in our digestive tract play a significant role in our overall health. 349 more words


Stress Factor

Believe it or not, ‘stress’ is a key factor in weight management.

This is because the GUT has its own nervous system, which is actually larger than the one in the brain. 316 more words

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The key to lowering stress could be in your stomach

Drop an ordinary lab mouse in tank of water and, unsurprisingly, the little guy will first panic, swimming furiously before simply giving up. Then infuse its gut with a certain kind of bacteria, and, just like that, the freaked-out little swimmer relaxes. 362 more words

Karma Bacterium: New additions to the Culture Club

DATE: 05/05/16
By Hilary Browne

The bacteria that reside within our gut, termed the ‘intestinal microbiota’, play a vital role in human health and disease. They salvage energy for us from complex carbohydrates we can’t digest, they train our immune system to recognise ‘friend’ from ‘foe’ and they also help resist invasion by pathogens. 577 more words

Good-for-Your-Gut Drinks Include Wine and Coffee, But Not Soda

By Dennis Thompson
HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, April 28, 2016 (HealthDay News) — The food you eat and the medicines you take can alter your gut bacteria in ways that either help or harm your health, two new studies suggest. 592 more words

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Wine And Coffee Are Good For Your Gut, Study Shows

Next time you indulge in a glass of wine after work, you may be helping the diversity of bacteria in your gut.

A new study… 112 more words