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Inspired Wellness… Simple Steps That Worked

Thirty years ago I wanted solutions for my child’s illness just like most moms want today.

The year was 1987; my daughter was sick most of that year. 1,497 more words

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My name is Carlo, and this is my blog, Think Again. This blog is intended to be a space where I can share information that has helped me heal from gut issues, which have not only caused problems with digestion and food sensitivities but also significant extra-intestinal symptoms – most notably an interference in my ability to think and focus.  389 more words


The bacteria that might be making you unhappy

Depressive disorders and changes in the gut microbiota are newly well documented, but which bacteria play a role? To keep it simple, I’ve made you a table to see which bacteria are increased in a patient suffering from depression, and which bacteria are in abundance in the non-depressed population: 224 more words


Antibiotics that kill gut bacteria also stop development of new brain cells

Your health, to be in excellent shape, begins by developing a balance in the body, with a great deal of consideration to the digestive system. 698 more words


Your Belly Brain - 90% of your body is bacteria

The brain may be highly affected by the gut

“This year, the burgeoning idea that gut bacteria might have a significant impact on brain functioning gained steam in the scientific community. 311 more words

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