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Link Between Exercise and Healthy Gut Flora

I have been battling with my gut bacteria for years now. At first I didn’t know what I was battling or how to combat it, but through lifestyle changes I slowly started to manage my symptoms. 354 more words

The Body as Bacterial Landlord

Trillions of Microbes Living in and on Us Cause Some Harm but Also Afford Protection.

When scientists discovered that bacteria, not stress, caused most stomach ulcers, the insight overturned a century of medical dogma, transformed clinical practice and garnered a 2005 Nobel Prize for the two researchers who made the connection so many others had missed. 1,362 more words

Biological Medicine

Root causes of chronic illness

During the last 20 years, your body is exposed to inflammation such as over consumption of sugar, stress and trauma, gut bacteria, lack of sleep and other chronic disease which can be prevented before it becomes Type 2 diabetes, depression, hypertension and even cancer.

Prebiotic Support

This aloe vera drinking gel is the best natural prebiotic support I have ever come across. I like it so much I’ve started selling it! Why do I love it so much? 294 more words


Dietary Fibers Promote Gut Bacteria that Benefit Blood Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes

The fight against type 2 diabetes may soon improve thanks to a pioneering high-fiber diet study led by a Rutgers University-New Brunswick professor.

Promotion of a select group of gut bacteria by a diet high in diverse fibers led to better blood glucose control, greater weight loss and better lipid levels in people with type 2 diabetes, according to research published today in Science. 470 more words


Some commercial probiotics found lacking when compared to traditional alternatives

Dr Michael Mosley has been helping to run a study for the BBC  looking at the relative benefits to gut health from a range of products. 298 more words


Trump Bumps, Gut Health & Giving Up Chocolate

I call them my Trump bumps. Just as his presidency churned into mind-melding, bone-grinding gear, I broke out with an unexplained rash. My malady, which causes itchy welts to form all over my body and sometimes blows my lips to Kardashian proportions ( 819 more words

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