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Probing probiotics: What we know — or think we know — about the bacteria in our guts

The bacteria in your gut are key to living a healthy life — or so we think. These tiny organisms living in our digestive tract have been all the… 1,173 more words

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Help for migraine sufferers from bacteria

I am keen not to overstate the potential of any individual scientific study. However this story highlights exciting news about a potential relationship between bacteria and migraines. 291 more words


Your Diet is Causing Inflammation, Part 3

So many ingredients in the SAD diet cause inflammation. But it is the preservatives, colorings, and flavorings that we really don’t know what they are doing in the body. 467 more words


Not sure what to have for breakfast? How about...

A slightly under-ripe, green banana. They’re loaded with resistant starch, a type of carbohydrate that passes through the small intestine without being digested. That encourages the population of healthy gut bacteria, and makes us feel full for an extended period of time. 13 more words

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Gut bacteria and obesity; eating yourself thin

Ongoing research into the role of the microbiome (bacteria in the gut) in human wellbeing is at a very early stage. But the frequency of media headlines linking gut bacteria to health is growing. 256 more words


Gut bacteria and your health

Emerging research is demonstrating a profound relationship between the bacteria in our gut and how well we are, our lived experience. In this outstanding lecture  Prof. 42 more words


Fermented foods; improved health and wellbeing

Welcome to Gut Well Soon, a website committed to sharing knowledge about how fermented foods are able to dramatically improve health and wellbeing. For decades scientific research has supported the view that there is a strong correlation between the state of your gut bacteria and your physical and mental health. 249 more words