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Study: Breast Milk Helps Infants Develop Gut Bacteria That Builds Immunity

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta)– Breastfeeding infants may help them form immunity-boosting gut bacteria, a new study suggests.

Quartz reports gut bacteria, which are microorganisms that live in the digestive tract, are important for a baby’s health and that breast milk could help build that. 138 more words


Study: Breast milk helps babies develop immunity-boosting gut bacteria

Gut bacteria, the microorganisms that live in your digestive tract, are all the rage these days. Connected to everything from mood to asthma to waistlines… 292 more words

Musings about the gut: What actually IS the "gut"?

There are many words that we accidentally misuse, or use without knowing what it means. Heck, up until recently, I was that irritating person who would refuse to get coffee from a cafe if they had incorrectly spelt a word on their A-frame out the front despite the fact that I had been using the made up word “irregardless” for far too long. 626 more words


In Defense of Fiber: How Changing Your Diet Changes Your Gut Bacteria

You no longer live in a world where you can pretend you’re only eating for one; the trillions of bacteria in your gut, we now know, also feed on what you put in your mouth—and they behave very differently depending on what that is. 858 more words

About That Ultra-Endurance Event You've Been Meaning To Do

If you’re serious about fitness, you know the importance of training your muscles and your brain. Without the right prep, you won’t have the physical or mental endurance to finish, whether it’s a five-k or an Ironman.

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Gut bacteria revolting

I am fascinated by the notion that my body is simply a cosmos for supporting my bacteria. When I read that our gut flora may be affecting our behavior, I started feeling a warm fuzzy feeling about my microbes. 302 more words