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Crohn's Disease - a veg diet can help

Good news for those with this hard-to-treat disease. It turns out that a vegetarian diet is especially effective at both preventing and treating Crohn’s Disease. 296 more words


Supplements that are not Optional

I am not one to advocate taking a lot of supplements. Not like I used to in the past. But there are some nutrients that are just not an option. 4,348 more words

Plant-based Diet

Know your gut health with DNA sequence test

We can be proactive with our gut health and avoid future colorectal cancers and health issues related to our intestinal health.

Email motherhealth@gmail.com to learn about your colon and gut cell health. 143 more words


Know your gut microbiome, stop obesity and future infectious disease

Sequence your microbiome and get a personalized diet plan

Order your gut DNA sequence test from us as we work with the lab by sending us an email at motherhealth@gmail.com to get a free personalized diet plan. 369 more words


 Antibiotics Kill Gut Bacteria, Stop Growth of New Brain Cells.

Our lives are intertwined with microbes. These creatures have developed a symbiotic relationship with the plants and animals of this Earth, evolving with us. We can’t see them, but life on our planet is dependent on this vast community of… 355 more words


Parkinson’s Disease May Be Traced to Gut Bacteria

Doctors who take care of people with Parkinson’s have long known that the brain changes associated with the disease also come with a number of physical changes, especially in the digestive system. 327 more words