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When is an Ice Cream Sundae not ice cream? Synbiotic Deception!

So, time for a treat, right? Here’s an example based on my book, The Symbiont Factor. Before reading the rest of this, open the picture and look closely. 199 more words


I previously posted a fascinating research paper from UCC proposing a possible link between schizophrenia and gut bacteria, on this blog on Nov 6, 2014. 22 more words


Filthy hippy

I think I’m becoming a hippy. Scrap that, I think I’ve already become one. The realisation dawned on me at my parents house yesterday when I found myself talking about a homemade remedy that I’d whipped up with kitchen ingredients in lieu of a visit to the GP. 1,313 more words


Sharing Probiotics with my Cats

I am not saying that you need to share your probiotics with your cats. But Moonpie, Bois D’arc, and I have been enjoying this morning ritual, and it had me thinking again about the nature of different probiotics. 557 more words


Fibre: The key to optimal health?

“an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

-Not really the original meaning of this old English proverb, but an apple is a great source of fibre – so I’m running with it! 1,165 more words

Natural Health

What I Didn't Learn in School (and Should Have)

One of the many, many benefits of working at Natural Grocers is that they care about our education on nutrition. Once a month we have a two hour meeting catching up on what’s in the nutrition news, the benefits of the different vitamins we’re selling, and answering any questions we have about health in general. 475 more words


A High-Fat Diet Can Make You Sick to Your Brain

By now, everyone has probably heard that there is more gut bacteria in your body then there is you in your body.  Gut bacteria cells outnumber human cells ten to one and contain 99.9% of our unique genes. 439 more words

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