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Top Ten Reasons that the Microbiome Matters:

As I’ve been busily shutting down one clinic to open another, I’ve logged many miles of driving-which has given me time to think about the microbiome as well (really!) Why would the microbiome matter? 297 more words

10-Day McDonald's Diet Leads To 'Devastation' Of Man's Gut Bacteria

McDonald’s is a worldwide billion-dollar restaurant with 62 million customers on a daily basis and 75 hamburgers sold every second. Tim Spector, a genetics professor at King’s College London, wanted to see how much a person could handle, so he volunteered his son Tom as a test subject in his newest experiment: to eat at the Golden Arches for 10 days straight. 554 more words


And the meek shall inherit the Earth...

As a human being living on Planet Earth, I sometimes ponder where my species fits in to the planet’s ecosystem. I know, it’s not really a normal thought, and it might be more entertaining to see what one of the Kardashians wore yesterday (Who? 520 more words


The guts have been on my mind today. By that I mean this article which talks about the connection between gut bacteria and our physical and mental well-being. 414 more words


Infant Antibiotic use linked to Adult Diseases

Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to children to treat various infections. Recent epidemiological studies revealed a strong link between early use of antibiotics and diseases in adulthood. 531 more words


Ear infections and Glue Ear whats the root cause?

  Ear infections account for more than a third of all visits to GP’s.  Around two thirds of all children in the Western World have ear infections at some time every year, with one third having more than four ear infections a year. 1,271 more words

Popcorn Farts & Potty Talk

Day 7 on REV

So today I have a case of the popcorn farts. In my opinion, they don’t smell– and I’m not about to take a poll to see who agrees with me. 676 more words