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"Self-Dosing with Bacteria"

From Harvard Medical School’s Health Blog:

 …interest in probiotic supplements is on the rise. Some digestive disease specialists are recommending them for disorders that frustrate conventional medicine, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

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What's all this about gut bacteria

After watching “Trust me I’m a doctor” the other night, I was really intrigued by the test they they did on gut bacteria, 2 subjects of very different genetic makeups gave a stool sample, then they went through a process of eating the same foods and tested their blood sugar levels as they did. 159 more words


A matter of urgency

It’s one of those things we hardly talk about. If we have to, at the doctor’s for instance, it is with an awkward feeling. But our faeces and everything that goes with it are very important. 1,204 more words


Comprehensive Stool Test to Find The Root Cause of Autoimmunity

Recently received the results of a comprehensive stool analysis done about a month ago based on the recommendations of my Naturopathic Doctor. Yes, I had to prod, poke, scoop, bottle, freeze and pass the 💩 to my doc who sent it to America for analysis.  392 more words

Autoimmune Disease

Good Digestion

In a recent question posted in Ask the Vegan Naturopath (our facebook group), a member asked if I had any tips on how to get your gut flora or digestion super healthy. 1,761 more words

Health And Nutrition

Genes and healthy gut flora reduce colon cancer

A growing number of people believe that the flora in your gut influences your health, even to the extent of causing cancer. Researcher Dr Si Ming Man has proved them right, with a study linking gut flora in mice to tumours. 498 more words

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My name is Carlo, and this is my blog, Think Again. This blog is intended to be a space where I can share information that has helped me heal from gut issues, which have not only caused problems with digestion and food sensitivities but also significant extra-intestinal symptoms – most notably an interference in my ability to think and focus.  389 more words