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An Overview of the Health Benefits Associated with Probiotics

Probiotics are living microorganisms that regulate the movement of food through the digestive system and are often used to supplement the treatment of several digestive diseases. 235 more words


Antibiotics and IBS

There could be a number of causes for the symptoms that now fall under the umbrella of ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ (IBS), but there’s one cause I’m certain of and science has validated my certainty: Antibiotics. 1,572 more words

Digestive Health

Why are so many people chronically ill? What are we doing wrong?

Why are so many people chronically ill? What are we doing wrong?

Answer by Raqib Zaman:

This should be fun to explain :)
Let me start by listing the 3 subjects that is directly related to our illnesses in our modern society:

1,673 more words

Food Additives Alter Gut Microbes

Food Additives Alter Gut Microbes:

February 25, 2015: Nature published an article investigating the effect of emulsifiers on the gut microbiome.  There were two interesting conclusions: 93 more words


Cheese as a missing link

Regular wine consumption, and the resveratrol in red wine in particular, has long been seen as an explanation to the remarkably low levels of cardiovascular mortality seen in France despite high saturated fat consumption, a phenomenon called the “ 492 more words

Spurious Health Claims

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Why should we eat vegetables ?

With LCHF eating really taking off here in South Africa, everybody is suddenly an expert, whether it’s to promote the way of eating or to condemn it. 1,230 more words

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