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The Decline of Probiotics in a Germophobic World (part 2)

“It has been estimated that the microorganisms in our bodies collectively add up to 100 trillion cells, ten times the number of human cells, and it has been suggested that they carry 300-fold more unique genes than are present in our own genome….it would be more practicable to monitor, prevent or even cure human disease by regulating the human microbiota”. 1,854 more words

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Virus-cutting enzyme helps bacteria remember a threat

Public Release: 20-Feb-2015

Researchers find a new role for Cas9 in bacterial immune systems

Bacteria may not have brains, but they do have memories, at least when it comes to viruses that attack them. 667 more words

. Bioweapon Or Potential

The Role of Healthy Gut Flora

The whole length of our digestive tract is coated with a layer of indigenous bacteria, where certain species must be in control to keep us healthy, physically and mentally. 154 more words


Nutritional Interventions For ASD

In the first 20 days of life, our intestines are populated by microbes that are critical for immunity and detoxification. Thereafter, our bodies are able to cope with a reasonable level of viruses and toxins from our environment. 2,198 more words


Glyphosate could combine with aluminum to increase neurological and gut flora issues

(NaturalNews) It’s no secret that mention of the word¬†glyphosate¬†angers many health-conscious people, while those affiliated with Monsanto, makers of Roundup, stand by their product. 630 more words


Another breastfeeding benefit: Preparing baby's belly for solid food

Public Release: 5-Feb-2015

A close examination of gut bacteria reveals that exclusively breastfed babies are better equipped for the transition to solids and potentially an early life with fewer stomach woes… 757 more words

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