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I Rewrote a Petition

I thought that I would begin my article with this picture. It might be of especial interest, or especial meaning to any ladies that might be reading my article. 989 more words

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When I Say "Micro", You Say "Biome"

One of our favorite topics here at Let’s Get Crackin’ is the microbiome… aka your gut flora. It’s all of the good bacteria that is in your gut that is an integral part of your immune system. 194 more words

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Follow Your Gut on Family Health

Family Share picked up and reprinted a post from my website. It’s about kid health, boogers and dirt, and overprotective parents.



Why are so many people chronically ill? What are we doing wrong?

Answer by Raqib Zaman:

This should be fun to explain :)
Let me start by listing the 3 subjects that is directly related to our illnesses in our modern society:

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How can I manipulate gut flora?

Answer by Tanush Jagdish:

This is a wonderful and forward-looking question.

Ecological techniques can in general be applied to look at microbiota-host relationship.

In some ways, maintaining a healthy  microbiota is like lawn care: severe interventions can take the  ecosystem back to bare earth, so it has to be re-established.

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How does stress affect the gut flora?

Answer by Ashish Vora:

Well most obviously if you’re stressed out your androgen levels are high. These hormones can significantly change cell signalling pathways and the resulting metabolites given off in the extra-cellular fluid.

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