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Autoimmune Diseases

What is an Autoimmune Disease?

  • Autoimmune diseases arise when your immune system behaves abnormally. In a normal functioning body the body’s immune system protects it from harmful substances e.g.
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Could a Leaky Gut be making you sick?

What is Leaky Gut?

Leaky Gut, also referred to as Intestinal Permeability is where the lining to your gut (gastrointestinal tract) gets damaged. In a healthy gut, we have a lining that protects our bodies from foreign substances, food and toxins. 208 more words

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For many #gluten isn't the villain its cracked up to be

Here is a rather balanced and informative article from the Washington Post on the gluten issue. Among other things,  cutting out gluten could harm your good gut flora and make you fatter, when you might be trying to lose weight  Please post your feedback on this issue on the site… 1,666 more words

Cancer Recovery

Scientific Links Between Processed Foods and Depression Keep Getting Stronger

Research shows that the food you eat can have a profound effect on your mental health. So, regardless of your mental health problem, the importance of addressing your diet simply cannot be overstated. 26 more words


Our bowel health can be challenged also in Summer time. Air jets from air conditioners, temperature swings between indoors and outdoors, change of habits and “improvised” diets on holiday are just a few elements that can favour an alteration of intestinal transit and some relevant complaints. 78 more words

Cherry Flavored Probiotic-Rich Water Kefir Soda

Last summer got my first water kefir culture and since then I have tried  many fruits and combinations.  Cherries was one of my favorites….. <3 <3 40 more words


Probiotics Part I: What Are They and What Do They Do


  • What are they?
  • What do they do?
  • Are they healthy?
  • Are they over hyped?
  • Which one is the best?
  • Why would you take them in the first place?
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