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OrganicLife: Candida, Gut Flora, Allergies, and Disease - #Organic https://t.co/VhJXCYxos9

OrganicLife: Candida, Gut Flora, Allergies, and Disease – #Organic https://t.co/VhJXCYxos9

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Nourish rather than destroy

Your microbiome is your personal ecosystem of microbes that live in and on your body. Microbes are small organisms, e.g. bacteria and viruses, more commonly known as ‘germs’ or ‘bugs’. 872 more words


The most under-rated organ

When I go on holiday, I usually buy a new book to take with me.  It has to be a paperback, not electronic as holidays are meant to be relaxing and we are meant to switch off from the daily toil and stress of the workplace so for me, that means no or little technology for the time I am away, Social media excluded :( 1,551 more words


The human gut microbiome is being investigated now more than every before, but it still remains unclear what the perfect “gut flora” composition is. What is known is that dietary patterns can influence the composition of microbes in our gut, and that these microbes have a profound influence on our health. 200 more words

Food Additive

shift in microbial ecology at the species level

Results suggest that maternal diet-induced changes in the gut can affect offspring social behavior and that single species reconstitution of Lactobacillus reuteri can rescue these deficits. 195 more words


Stories I loved this week.

It’s been a bit of daze of working and studying recently. I’ve managed to squeeze a few fun things like seeing Sarah Wilson speak last week and have some lovely dinners with my friends and my boys. 160 more words


Antibiotics, C-sections may diminish protective gut bacteria in babies

WASHINGTON — Two new studies are offering some of the clearest snapshots yet of how babies build up protective gut bacteria, adding to evidence that antibiotics and birth by… 521 more words