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Understanding gut health

Understanding gut health; 1 the basics

The scientific investigation of gut bacteria and its relationship to wellbeing is at a very early stage. There are discoveries every week that support, coexist with or contradict earlier findings. 375 more words


The Perfect Valentine's Dinner

The media (traditional and social) are full of valentine news, view and suggestions. Local traders, shops and supermarkets have an overwhelming array of products linked to St Valentine’s day. 246 more words


Your health and microbes

The interconnected relationship between microbes and humans is an increasing object of research and general public interest. Microbial communities are all around us, on the equipment you are using now to view this article, in your home, place of study or work. 358 more words


What have you done for your gut lately?

We all know how great a day it is when we feel a lightness and comfort in your gut. We also know how fleeting this feeling can be with one moment of weakness that throws us off-balance. 526 more words


How your food directly affects your brain

The growing excitement over the role of gut bacteria is being fuelled, in part, by the realisation of the potential role of the gut – brain… 308 more words


Gut bacteria and your health

Emerging research is demonstrating a profound relationship between the bacteria in our gut and how well we are, our lived experience. In this outstanding lecture  Prof. 42 more words


Anti-inflammatory diet, are 9 servings of vegetables per day possible?

I often recommend a specific diet to decrease inflammation, decrease pain, and improve healing of tissue. I have been asked by patients to post this nutritional plan on my website so here it is (see below). 698 more words