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* Relation between premature birth- gut flora- cramps?

I have been doing some major thinking today..

I was born at 27 weeks- therefore, three months early. For as long as I can remember I have always, always had digestion issues. 138 more words


Gutopia: A Microbial Paradise

The development of the microscope in the 17th century magnified our awareness of a microbial universe previously invisible to the naked eye. Anton van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch textile draper and science hobbyist, was one of the first individuals to glance into the microbial looking glass and identify unicellular organisms (so-called… 1,417 more words

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More than along for the ride

Our bodies abound
in out and on
with one point three
microbe critters
for every one of our cells.

That race is close
and every time… 70 more words


Hospitable fungus are found in the mouth ,and the intestines .This friendly bacteria are good for the general well-being of our bodies until an overproduction  bursts out of the blood stream and realizing toxins to our body. 343 more words


Don’t let misconceptions rob you of what could be a life-changing endeavor!

 TRUTH ⇒ Plexus products are about helping your body become more balanced and helping things to work the way they should. 130 more words


Reducing the Severity of Strokes From the Inside Out

Stroke is the second most common cause of death and disability in the world. If you are going to write sci-fi about a world where people are immortal, you end up doing a lot of crappy research to find out how it would all work. 275 more words


Intestinal Microbiota: How Your Health Depends on Microbes

Our bodies require a healthy amount of microflora to run smoothly. This healthy bacteria is essential in digestion, nutrient absorption, mental health, and energy levels. Without a substantial amount of good bacteria, destructive bacteria flourishes and wrecks havoc on our health. 342 more words

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