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Glenisk organic strawberry with a banana if you're feeling under the weather..

  • keepingupwiththegrub

    Today’s snacks ~ Small strawberry yogurt & a 🍌
    Dinner was leftover chips from the familys dinner eaten off the baking tray because my appetite is still not back from being sick😭

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Let's discover MINDFUL EATING

Mindful eating is based on mindfulness, a Buddhist concept. I feel that it is important to look at mindfulness first then go to mindful eating. … 1,017 more words

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Give your Lymphatic system some love to get you feeling lighter and brighter.

The lymphatic system is made up of lymph nodes and lymph vessels that drain fluids from your body’s tissues. The fluids carry toxins, immune cells, and waste products to your lymph nodes. 483 more words


Gut health DOES affect Mental health

Did you know that we have a gut-brain connection and it is no joke!?

Today I am looking into the link between my gut health and my mental health.  624 more words

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The Link Between Gut Bacteria and Mental Health

x-ray image of human head with vegetables for a brain.

The human brain is a complex organ composed of billions of neurons continuously firing electrical signals that control what we do, think, and feel. 1,736 more words


Trends #1 A Gut feel!

With science telling us that a healthy gut is key to both physical and mental health, good gut food is a trend that is here to stay. 423 more words

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Easy steps to make your own Kombucha

If you hadn’t heard yet, kombucha is the new kid on the block in terms of healthy foods to consume. It’s made of black tea (Ceylon tea) that is fermented. 1,199 more words