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How a plant-based diet bettered my gut health

Before you follow the next new trend of diets or lifestyle changes that promises you to lose weight or clear your acne, read how a plant-based diet helped put my Crohn’s Disease in remission and created a healthy gut flora… 860 more words

Why is Gut Health Important?

Your GI tract is crucial to your whole-body health. However, in recent years, scientists have learned that the gastrointestinal system affects your immunity, emotional health, and even chronic illnesses ranging from Type 2 diabetes… 513 more words


Dips - Carrot and Beetroot


Dips!! I love them. Put everything in a pot, blend it all up and then put it on something, anything.

Cooking for me is ok, it’s not my favourite thing in the world but when I can harvest something from the garden or even better from the wild it really ignites something and I’m much more willing to prepare a meal.  317 more words


Give Your Gut Some Love

Do you have stomach disturbances like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or heartburn? These can all be signs of the gut that needs some love. It may be time to support your gut microbiome! 395 more words

How to support healthy gut bacteria

The food we eat profoundly influences the type of intestinal flora we carry, which in turn effects how we burn and store calories as well as the neurotransmitter produced which determines the mood, behaviour and risk of diseases. 249 more words

Is Coffee Good For Gut Health?

I love coffee, mostly for the taste of it. It’s not like I can’t live without coffee, but it’s just very very hard to resist a good cup of coffee when there’s some fresh-out-of-oven baked goods that I feel the absolute need to pair with coffee, even though I know coffee often upsets my stomach right away, and at times gives me jitters for the rest of the day. 908 more words

Gut Health

Benefits of fermented foods for healthy gut and enhanced immunity

Fermented food are those that grow good bacteria on them or in them, and are best detoxifying agents available. They are capable of eliminating wide range of toxins and heavy metals out of our systems. 538 more words