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Too Many Antibiotics May Make Children Heavier

There’s growing evidence of the long-term health problems linked to too much exposure to antibiotics. Not only are the drugs becoming less effective as bacteria become resistant to existing medicines, but they are changing our bodies, particular those of young children, in potentially unhealthy ways. 549 more words

Heart Disease May Begin, in Part, in the Gut

Researchers are looking at a surprising part of the body to find clues about heart disease. New studies focused on the gut—gut microbes specifically—show a complex link between diet and cardiovascular disease that is not as simple as calorie and fat counts. 371 more words

Cardiovascular Disease

And another one: Gut microbiota are related to Parkinson's disease and clinical phenotype (!!!!)

The human digestive tract contains up to a thousand different types of bacteria, which help you digest  food, make vitamins and maintain your immune system. The amount of bacteria is influenced by diet, age and other variables, and is thus unique to each individual. 827 more words


INSPIRATIONAL: Our gut microbes are the key to the obesity epidemic


Everything you think you know about diets is WRONG: Counting calories is a total waste of time, it’s bacteria in your gut that make you fat and finally, cheese, alcohol and chocolate can all help… 265 more words


Mainstream medicine and gut biome

It’s good to see researchers taking on the overwhelming complexity of the gut biome.  At the VA, Dr. Dale Gerding has identified a specific bacteria that can be used to fight one that is often deadly.  221 more words


The Role of Beneficial Bacteria in Mental Health


“We mostly don’t get sick. Most often bacteria are keeping us well.” – Bonnie Bassler

More and more research is focusing on the role of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and mental health.  686 more words