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Bolster Removal

Yesterday was one week post skin graft and time for the bolster removal. My blood pressure reading did not reveal the nervousness I felt! Two years ago a bolster removal was so painful I felt faint, so I had them recline my head so I couldn’t watch. 399 more words

Skin Graft

Why gut bacteria might be in a recipe for longer, healthier life

The scientific community is increasingly aware that an organism’s interactions with the millions of microbes in their bodies – the microbiome – can influence many of its functions, such as cognitive and metabolic activities and aging. 654 more words


Gut Microbes May Talk to the Brain Through Cortisol

Gut Microbes May Talk to the Brain Through Cortisol

Summary: Researchers identify a predictive relationship between serotonin, cortisol and fecal microbiota. The study provides additional support for previous findings that implicate gut bacteria in ASD. 1,275 more words


Lectin, gluten, stomach, fasting, toxins, wheat, and foods

By Dr Mercola

From an evolutionary standpoint, any creature, including plants, has a built-in imperative to grow, thrive and propagate. Plants, being rooted into the ground, cannot outrun a predatory insect. 4,587 more words


New Study Finds That Natural Compound Paired With Certain Gut Microbes Could Prevent Severe Flu

A new study by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis finds that a gut microbe can prevent severe flu infections. According to reports, the new study which was conducted on mice finds that a certain gut microbe possesses some qualities that could prevent flu infections. 512 more words


Weight Loss Surgery Works - Not Why You Think - This is What Happens When #weightloss #health #diet

Overweight and ready to take action?

Every year nearly 200,000 Americans opt for a more extreme, old-fashioned solution: surgery. Physically altering the size and shape of the stomach.

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The Power of Animal Friendship

Dogs have long been man’s best friend, providing love and companionship.  New research however, reveals that the benefits of this friendship go way beyond that. 232 more words