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Parkinson’s Disease May Be Traced to Gut Bacteria

Doctors who take care of people with Parkinson’s have long known that the brain changes associated with the disease also come with a number of physical changes, especially in the digestive system. 327 more words

TSM100 : The Illusion of a Singular Physical Self & the Microbiomes Within

As someone who has always been obsessed with microbial life, I have been fascinated with how microbes play a role in every single ecosystem – including within our bodies. 182 more words

Is there a relationship between the pomegranate’s molecule and protection of muscle against aging process?

The mitochondria are known as the powerhouse of the cell as it supplies most of the required energy to it. Therefore, their recycling is important and vital for the proper functioning of the cell. 112 more words


Mindful Microbes - What's Your Gut Telling You?

Recently I read an article in New Scientist magazine, Gut Thinking: There are strange forces at work behind our food desires. The author of the piece,  1,800 more words


Exercise Versus Dieting: Preventing weight gain

Conventional wisdom says that dieting is essential to weight loss and that exercise alone is generally insufficient for weight loss.

However, a new study looked at a related topic – preventing weight gain. 193 more words

I am more than me

Where does one living creature end, and another begin? Ponder this: depending on which scientist you are talking to, the non-human microbes living inside you either match, or outnumber, the amount of human cells you are made of. 124 more words

Gut Microbes

We Are All Caves

I learned a great deal about life on Earth listening as David Attenborough narrated the fantastic documentary series “Planet Earth”. A consistent theme, across the entire nine episodes, is that there are places where the life flourishing in an environment counts on the sun’s energy, which every living thing needs to survive, being carried to where it lives by forces that it does not control….the highest places on earth, mountain tops, treetops, the north pole, and the lowest places on earth, the bottoms of oceans, the lowest levels of caves… 1,271 more words