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Meat, Gut Microbes, Platelets and Thrombosis

A paper in Cell  explores the animal and human evidence for a relationship between meat, gut microbes, platelet reactivity and clinical thrombosis. Trimethy-amine-N-oxides appear to be the mediators (after microbial metabolic production of choline.

Gut microbes may impact on brain development and function

An increasing amount of research has come out in recent years illustrating the crucial relevance of healthy gut bacteria. Now a new study from the Karolinska Institutet has revealed that our gut-residing microbes can influence the integrity of the blood-brain barrier. 375 more words


Weighing the differences

In Dutch there is a saying “ieder pondje gaat door het mondje”, 149 more words

Inside Out

Babies in the Womb Aren’t So Sterile After All

In a series of papers published in the journal Birth Defects Research Part C: Embryo Today, scientists explore the still-mysterious world of microbes in the developing fetus. 474 more words

How do your microbes grow?

If you’ve recently been on holiday, changed your diet, or taken antibiotics, the chances are that it’s affected your microbiome. This community of microbes – made up of trillions of bacteria, archaea… 664 more words

Clinical & Medical Microbiology

Too Many Antibiotics May Make Children Heavier

There’s growing evidence of the long-term health problems linked to too much exposure to antibiotics. Not only are the drugs becoming less effective as bacteria become resistant to existing medicines, but they are changing our bodies, particular those of young children, in potentially unhealthy ways. 549 more words

Heart Disease May Begin, in Part, in the Gut

Researchers are looking at a surprising part of the body to find clues about heart disease. New studies focused on the gut—gut microbes specifically—show a complex link between diet and cardiovascular disease that is not as simple as calorie and fat counts. 371 more words

Cardiovascular Disease