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The Decline of Probiotics in a Germophobic World (part 2)

“It has been estimated that the microorganisms in our bodies collectively add up to 100 trillion cells, ten times the number of human cells, and it has been suggested that they carry 300-fold more unique genes than are present in our own genome….it would be more practicable to monitor, prevent or even cure human disease by regulating the human microbiota”. 1,854 more words

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The food additive that may be promoting obesity and metabolic syndrome

People say to avoid processed foods, while I don’t agree with that fully, a new study suggests that a common food additive may be causing problems. 744 more words


Wellcome Trust Research Round-up: 12.01.2015

Our fortnightly round-up of research news from the Wellcome Trust community…

Bacteria in the human gut have evolved to utilise yeasts

Research from Newcastle University and the University of Michigan suggests that microbes in our digestive tract have evolved to break down a complex carbohydrate that makes up the yeast cell wall, allowing the digestion of yeast in food. 850 more words

Wellcome Trust Research Round-up

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Aiding woodworms for destruction: Scientists in the USA has isolated wood digesting enzymes yet another time. The mollusk attacks ships and scientists were wondering how an organism which lacks enzymes in its gut could accomplish this feat. 284 more words

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