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Gut bacteria and obesity; eating yourself thin

Ongoing research into the role of the microbiome (bacteria in the gut) in human wellbeing is at a very early stage. But the frequency of media headlines linking gut bacteria to health is growing. 256 more words


How your food directly affects your brain

The growing excitement over the role of gut bacteria is being fuelled, in part, by the realisation of the potential role of the gut – brain… 308 more words


Gut bacteria and your health

Emerging research is demonstrating a profound relationship between the bacteria in our gut and how well we are, our lived experience. In this outstanding lecture  Prof. 42 more words


The Art of Scientific Research: New Tunable Expression Tools for Bacteroides in the Gut Microbiota

The image to the left is of the colon of a dead lab mouse, though it wouldn’t look out of place on the walls of a hip art museum. 959 more words

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C.difficile Study Using C. difficile Conditioned Medium of Six Different C. difficile Strains

Horvat S1, Mahnic A2, Breskvar M3,4, Dzeroski S3,4,5, Rupnik M6,7.


Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) is typically associated with disturbed gut microbiota and changes related to decreased colonization resistance against C. 196 more words

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What is the best way to restore microbiome diversity after antibiotic treatment?

Even as of 2017, one can’t generalize how different types and doses of antibiotics, either individually or in various combinations, affect microbiota diversity in various locations in the human body across variables such as age, ethnicity, gender. 824 more words


Study Finds Link Between Gut Microbiota, Sleep Quality and Cognitive Flexibility

According to a new study, poor sleep quality was linked with composition of the gut microbiome and cognitive flexibility in healthy older adults.  Low amounts of bacteria in the phyla Verrucomicrobia and Lentisphaerae, were associated with poor sleep quality as well as performance on specific cognitive tests. 204 more words