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What is the best way to restore microbiome diversity after antibiotic treatment?

Even as of 2017, one can’t generalize how different types and doses of antibiotics, either individually or in various combinations, affect microbiota diversity in various locations in the human body across variables such as age, ethnicity, gender. 824 more words


Study Finds Link Between Gut Microbiota, Sleep Quality and Cognitive Flexibility

According to a new study, poor sleep quality was linked with composition of the gut microbiome and cognitive flexibility in healthy older adults.  Low amounts of bacteria in the phyla Verrucomicrobia and Lentisphaerae, were associated with poor sleep quality as well as performance on specific cognitive tests. 204 more words


Probiotics: The role of 'friendly bacteria' in improving immunity

Submitted by: Obabiyi Ajao Edited by:Amara Anyogu, PhD

The human body is designed with its own natural defensive systems. These comprise non-specific (innate) systems that often act as the first line of defence against disease-causing microorganisms (pathogens) and specific (adaptive) immune responses specific to a single pathogen only. 1,439 more words


If I recover from mild sinus infections without antibiotics, will my immune system become stronger over time than with them?

Avoiding antibiotics for mild infections may be beneficial long-term. Available data suggest different antibiotics perturb human microbiota differently (1; see below from 2).

  • Some broad-spectrum antibiotics clear out many more organisms than others.
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Is there a medical test that can detect the health of gut flora?

No, microbiota research is still far too preliminary to be able to predictably define what healthy gut microbiota entails. OTOH, presence of certain microbes in gut microflora usually signals sign of ill-health. 838 more words


What should children be eating to produce an optimal microbiota?

Refers to the paper: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/351/6275/aad3311?rss=1

This answer explains why eating one’s way to health-associated microbiota isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Healthy microbiota itself remains undefined. 841 more words