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Invisible allies for healthy juvenile growth

Break submission by Martin Schwarzer, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institut de génomique fonctionnelle de Lyon, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, CNRS and Université Claude Bernard Lyon, Lyon. 824 more words

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Belgian Nursing Home Survey of Clostridium difficile Presence and Gut Microbiota Composition

  • Cristina Rodriguez+
  • Bernard Taminiau†,
  • Nicolas Korsak,
  • Véronique Avesani,
  • Johan Van Broeck,
  • Philippe Brach,
  • Michel Delmée and
  • Georges Daube

†Contributed equally

BMC MicrobiologyBMC series – open, inclusive and trusted2016… 688 more words

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It’s a Gut Feeling: What is our Gut Bacteria telling our Brain?

You have probably heard and given the sage advice to appreciate the little things in life. The message of the next few paragraphs is exactly that but I am referring to bacteria, the invisible but invincible little buggers. 2,875 more words


Cold adaptation: gut bacteria can make the difference

Break submission by Daniele Guido, PhD student, Department of Cell Physiology and Metabolism, University of Geneva, Switzerland

If someone told you that in our body we harbour billions of bacteria, surely you would feel mocked, but it’s true! 652 more words

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Gut Health

We have all heard the famous saying –
“you are what you eat”.
But when we talk about gut health it would be more accurate to say – 847 more words

Why do people have such different microbiomes from one another?

Discussing a computational approach to answering what controls inter-individual variability in the human microbiome.

Modulating human microbial communities continues to be an area of intense academic and entrepreneurial interest because of the role of the human microbiome in determining health and disease. 193 more words


Gut microbiota: an Indicator to Gastrointestinal Tract Diseases



Gut microbiota is predicted to play a key role in manifestation of gastrointestinal tract cancers. The human gastrointestinal tract is a complex and abundant network of microbial community. 190 more words