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Gut Bacteria and Health

Dr. Trajkovski’s recent research, Gut Microbiota Orchestrates Energy Homeostasis during Cold, published in Cell, finds that cold exposure changes gut microbiota composition. These changes increase insulin sensitivity, caloric absorption from food, and browning (converting white adipose tissue into beige adipose tissue). 88 more words


Habits Of Eating The Right Fibre That Can Change Your Gene Expression

For decades, #fibre has been touted as an essential component of a healthy diet. In fact, fibres are not for us. It is the food for your gut #microbiome… 783 more words


Competition in the Gut

The gut microbiome is one of the densest microbial communities on earth, but what do we know about how bacteria compete with each other in the gut? 132 more words

Gut Health in Early Life Part 1

Akhirnya setelah berpekan-pekan lewat, kesampaian juga menyarikan sepasang buku yahud tentang kesehatan saluran cerna ini. Buku seri Gut Health in Early Life yang merupakan bagian dari… 618 more words

Gizi & Kesehatan

Bacteria to Blame?

Gut bacteria may provide the trigger for autoimmune uveitis, a destructive inflammation of the eye, researchers at the US National Eye Institute (NEI) reported in a study published today (August 18) in  524 more words

Autoimmune Disease

Weight Loss the Easy Way?

Imagine having to lose 100 pounds or so, wishing you could have gastric bypass surgery, and then finding out that if a friend has the surgery  290 more words

High School

Musings about the gut: What actually IS the "gut"?

There are many words that we accidentally misuse, or use without knowing what it means. Heck, up until recently, I was that irritating person who would refuse to get coffee from a cafe if they had incorrectly spelt a word on their A-frame out the front despite the fact that I had been using the made up word “irregardless” for far too long. 626 more words