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The widespread notion that stories should never be changed and should be repeated without alteration every time is an innovation of modern written cultures. Before the creation of the printing press this was not a widely shared view.

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Latest Book Read: Children of the Dead End

Four hundred! Yes, after downloading this book to my e-library, there are now over 400 e-books in there. All from Gutenberg, and all written over a hundred years ago, full of history and terms and customs of the times. 696 more words


Testing the Water

I didn’t even try to blog Summer Nationals this year.

There were a couple of reasons for that. The less important—but completely unexpected—one was that driving home from San Jose, when I swerved to avoid a zigzagger on I-680 in Concord, I ended up off the side of the road with my car totaled, and spent the next several weeks in too-frequent discussions with my insurance company over the settlement. 766 more words


Mainz + Berlin (twice!)

Day 62. In Germany, I had the chance to be hosted by the marvellous Julia, in Mainz. (Thanks again!) I loved Munich and Berlin, but I also wanted to discover a city less known and… 239 more words


What? Me worry?

Why do so many of us always finding ourselves rooting for the underdog?  In the movies, our novels and songs, and even in history throughout the ages the various forms of David and Goliath draw out our emotionally inherent cries of… 533 more words

Long Ago And Far Way There Once Lived...

Planning the Gutenberg

The number of events at ACU has grown since the opening of the Hunter Welcome Center about six years ago. The Gutenberg is one of the many events that use the HWC for its festivities. 293 more words