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How Do You Afford Books?

No Job? No Income other than from parents? What do you do to get to own your own book, and have that beautiful ownership feeling? 584 more words


The Promise of Gutenberg: Themes as More Design, Less Baggage

It happened again.

I sat with a potential WordPress themer, who wanted to know how to get started the right way with theme development. He’s a user experience professional by day, looking to up his coding skills. 358 more words


Age of Discovery

Age of Discovery –
Navigating the Storms of Our Second Renaissance
By Ian Goldin & Chris Kutarna
Bloomsbury – £10.99

The new maps and media have also transformed financial connections. 378 more words


Is Google Making Us Stupid?

So, is Google making us stupid?

Sven Birkerts, years before Google emerges, says yes: the web is trapping us in a world of shallowness, a web that erodes language, flattens historical perspective, and destroys privacy. 509 more words

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