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Latest Book Read: The Treasure of Hidden Valley

Usually I choose a Gutenberg book based on ancestors I’m researching, or perhaps the area they lived or came from. This book just kinda fell into my lap, or rather my reader. 1,015 more words


The History of Paper

What would we do without paper? There are so many varieties! We use it for cleaning, wrapping, containerizing, sharing information, personal hygiene, photos and art, currency, and so much more. 665 more words


Read your Bible lately?

Dozens of authors over hundreds of years, inspired by one Holy Spirit, wrote the words in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. Johannes Gutenberg spent three to five years impressing the words in Latin onto paper or vellum in his 1,286-page, 2-volume first-ever mechanically printed Bible, released in about 1455. 113 more words


O Renascimento Científico e a Igreja

Oi filha,

Agora vamos conversar sobre o Renascimento Científico e a Igreja.

O Renascimento Científico se insere no contexto do Renascimento, ocorrido na Europa entre os séculos XIV e XVI. 490 more words


Quote the period, nevermore!

There’s an old story about a certain woman cooking a canned ham. Before putting it in the baking pan, she always cut off both ends. Each time she did so, her husband watched with growing anxiety. 567 more words

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Geek Out Bibliophiles

This fascinating video from the Crandall Historical Printing Museum in Provo, Utah, demonstrates their rare functioning Gutenberg press.