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Layer by Layer

To me the 3D printer and the process of 3D printing have merged together many different production methods.

If we were to look at precedent technologies and what the three-dimensional printer could have evolved from, we could probably take it back to as far as Gutenberg’s printing press. 271 more words

3D Printing

Top Ten EBooks from Yesterday and Today week ending 2/27/2015

Each Friday I bring you the three top ten ebook lists for a total of 30 FREE ebooks! I bring you the actual free ebooks, not just free previews. 628 more words


Rosenmontag in Mainz

I am a little late in posting this, but it has been a very busy week for us. Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) is the day before Shrove Tuesday and the last official day to party before lent… and Germans take full advantage! 1,401 more words

Germany Travel

Printing the Modern: Gutenburg to Benjamin, and back again

Despite the adage that ‘no one reads anymore’, our lives are still populated by things we feel we need to read – whether its reading lists, Classic books or the entire Internet on Tuesday nights at 2am. 1,647 more words

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Embracing the Other Side of the Gutenberg Parenthesis

The social web, advances in physical technology, and the rule of the knowledge doubling curve, are all factors in making word of mouth the authority in communication once again. 58 more words

What is Jikji?

Movable metal type printing is known worldwide and is considered the most important invention in human history. knowledge which was only for the upper class was spread to everyone through the invention of the printing technology. 198 more words

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Jewish History in the Sixteenth Century (Essential Lectures in Jewish History)

The Jewish people experienced dramatic changes in the sixteenth century that reverberate to this day. This lecture discusses three aspects of this century in particular: 1) the demographic upheavals associated with the expulsions from Spain and Portugal as well as the Ashkenazic migration, 2) the impact of the disruptive technology of printing, and 3) the ramifications of the Safed circle.

Jewish History