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Constellation - Stuff: Objects and Materiality in Society; Use-value, Exchange-value, Sign-value

Choose an object from within your practise and apply the theories of Use-value, Exchange-Value and Sign-Value.

Baudrillard explains that ‘functional logic’ (or Marx’s Use-Value) refers to the ability of and object to perform a… 334 more words


Dredging About to Begin

Look closely- in the top photo an eagle is checking out the dredging operation being set up north of Guttenberg, Iowa.

The Gutenberg Bible: Prologue

The moonlight peaked out from behind a cloud and sparkled on the ocean, for a second it was as if there were a million moons in the inky depths of the sea, before disappearing back behind a cloud. 1,055 more words


Red Sky may be a warning, but it's beautiful

The colors were deep and vivid this morning. Rain may be coming??

A Rainbow over the River

I stitched two wide angle shots together to get this picture of today’s surprising rainbow.