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Snoozers Lose Today

By 6 A.M. the sky was a dull gray. But at 5 A.M.– WOW! Thanks to the overnight thunderstorms, we were treated to a glorious blood RED sky. 13 more words

Mississippi River

Blue Sunrise

Overnight rain and storms to our south made for a colorfully layered sunrise.

Mississippi River

Prelude to Fog

Sunrise today was quiet and was soon followed by a blanket of dense fog- so thick that the water was not even visible! No two mornings are alike, but experiencing this beauty is always worth the 0445 wake-up call.

Mississippi River

June Sunrise

It is almost the longest day of the year, and the sunrise was spectacular. Love being on the river!


Relaxing and writing Saturday

To entice me to write down stuff people would need to know if I weren’t around to tell them, Dan suggested a little get-away. He figured if we were out of the house for 24 hours we could concentrate on the details of our family’s future and spend a little relaxation time together. 476 more words

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The Most Densely Populated Place in the USA is.....Friendship Heights, Maryland

The most densely populated place in the United States, as of April 1, 2010, is Friendship Heights Village (a Census Designated Place, or CDP), in Maryland. 207 more words