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That one time I spoke some deep sh*t.

Things that I have done in the past have a tendency of weighing on my conscience.

I find myself laying awake night, in the security of my pitch black room, safe underneath my tree of life tapestry, terrified at the person I have once, or many times, been. 250 more words

News Anchor in Taipei Finds Out Live that Her Friend Has Died - Heartwrenching

A newsreader from CtiTV News in Taipei finds out as she is reading a breaking news item, in real-time, that her friend and colleague has died. 27 more words

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We are

Tears are not enough to portray our inner, most deep and sanctuary feelings.

Many tears have fled our swarming eyes to drip endlessly off our cress fallen, crunched up cheeks, chins and lashes.  267 more words

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Today's Topic: Parenting and your child. [Character Inspiration Piece]

Parenting has changed since I was a kid. Back in the day, I was disciplined when I acted out. I was taught about the value of a dollar and that too much TV will make you go blind. 960 more words


APOLLONIA--I found this "vintage" piece of poetry I must have written while I was going through a bad time. It is dark, but I still like it.

Losing Apollonia

Youth paints a perfect picture of lovers wild and free
But a prisoner of passion, he was bound eternally.
Lust lured him in with promises of comfort and romance… 456 more words