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ENTRANCE Releases Single to Benefit Planned Parenthood (Bandcamp)

This week, Guy Blakeslee (who records for Thrill Jockey as ENTRANCE) released a single titled “Not Gonna’ Say Your Name.” The song protests Friday’s presidential inauguration (lyrics below). 358 more words


The power of (the refusal of) words

What’s the best way to make narcissists unhappy? Guy Blakeslee, the Los Angeles-based musician behind the band, Entrance, thinks it’s to refuse to pay them any attention. 270 more words

Interview: Guy Blakeslee / Entrance

In my opinion, Guy Blakeslee is one of our times greatest guitarists, and one of my favourite musicians. A while back, I got to pick his brains for a bit about his style of playing, and the music that influenced him while growing up. 914 more words


Music Knows No Boundary - an Interview with Guy Blakeslee of Entrance Band

Guy Blakeslee, guitarist, songwriter and all around psychedelic soul opens up to A Love That’s Sound about his latest solo record, his enduring psych rock outfit, meditation, fame and the creative process. 3,692 more words