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Learning by walking about.

It was just a walk; teachers and students following a circular 20 mile route around central London.

It was also a personal challenge for each of us; to keep going, to keep up, to map-read, to learn new things and to complete the walk. 485 more words


Oh, Henry

Oh, Henry
for Henry Giroux

Oh, Henry
I thought your name
was just some delicious bar
at first
a treat that I bought in a store… 213 more words


Détournement of the Song "Lenny Bruce" by Bob Dylan

Guy Debord is dead but his ghost lives on and on

Never did get any Golden Globe award, never made it to Synanon
He was an outlaw, that’s for sure… 216 more words

Interessante ting i siste @nattogdag

Ein collage basert på referansar og anbefalingar i nyaste utgåve av magasinet Natt og dag. Det var veldig mykje spennande i dette nummeret. Ros til redaksjonen og journalistane for det. 9 more words

La sociedad del espectáculo - La separación consumada

La separación consumada corresponde al primer capítulo de La Sociedad del Espectáculo, uno de los textos más prominentes asociados a la Internacional Situacionista y que devendría en uno de los sustentos teóricos del mayo francés, junto a otros clásicos, como el hombre unidimensional de Marcuse, la revolución sexual de Reich, Althusser, entre otros. 3,479 more words

Détournement as Optic

I’m very honored to have an article published in the excellent Philosophy of Photography. The advisory board of this UK-based journal features a number of scholars whose work has profoundly influenced my thinking on indexical media: Ariella Azoulay, Stewart Martin and Geoffrey Batchen, among others. 257 more words


Span 527 - El situacionismo

¿Qué es el situacionismo?

El situacionismo es un movimiento vanguardista europeo que surge alrededor de 1957. Este movimiento no solo pretendía crear una estética, sino el fomentar “la fusión entre arte y vida” ( 430 more words