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La Société du Spectacle: remediation and media archaeology in Guy Debord's essay film

Written by: Alessio Casella

“Le monde est déjà filmé. Il s’agit maintenant de le transformer”
“The world is already filmed. It now must be transformed” 771 more words


Art as Gift: Intro

The following is a transcript of the Introduction to Derek Hampson’s talk on Jacques Derrida’s Given Time, for the Art & Theory Reading Group’s first meeting on the Art as Gift research theme, January 26th, 2017.

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Art & Theory Reading Group

The Situationist's Potlatch

“An exchange of insults” POTLATCH WAS THE NAME of the information bulletin of the Lettrist International, 29 issues of which were produced between June 1954 and November 1957.

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Art & Theory Reading Group

Social Spectacularism

Walking down the street in my hometown, I find a man passed out on the bench lying beside the library. How do I react? Easing around the man, I look away ignoring his existence. 1,591 more words

Reporter: New Brief: Derive

A complaint I heard several times from several students during the Southampton project was this: ‘Why are we bothering with Southampton when we’re in London… 423 more words


Brief Reflection: Youth Culture and Mass Culture.

The ascension of brands like Supreme and Palace have left me uneasy. Both brands were established, somewhat recently, as skateboarding and fashion lines: not established with the desire to generate global brand hegemony or generate millions or profit, rather just as unique artistic outlets for people with genuine and continued love of the skateboarding and fashion worlds.Yet both have seemingly transformed well beyond these somewhat humble beginnings into spectacles of exclusivity, brand fetishism, as well as developing immense industries of fakes and knock-off imitations. 1,920 more words