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"Fernando de Bentley", Guy Debord e a edição portuguesa de "A Sociedade do Espectáculo"

O texto deste post é um excerto de Editor Contra: Fernando Ribeiro de Mello e a Afrodite, a monografia “in progress” que tenho vindo a compor e que – figas – espero poder publicar este ano. 2,983 more words


Guy Debord exhibition in UCC and Psychogeography in Ciaran Carson's Poetry.

UCC library currently features on exhibition on Guy Debord, “a visionary and artist who saw the future, the future where we now live – a world of mass media and the narcissistic menace of a global obsession with the image.” The title of the exhibition, ‘Diagrams of Revolution’ greets the visitor upon entry, with Debord’s dates nearby, 1931-1994. 832 more words


Notes on Society of the Spectacle: Chapter 5

Notes from chapters 1-3 can be found here.

Notes from chapter 4 can be found here.

Chapter 5- Time and History

#125 Man is identical to time. 2,719 more words


A writer-editor-teacher's quote of the week #58

“It is not a question of knowing whether this interests you but rather of whether you yourself could become more interesting under new conditions of cultural creation.” 22 more words


1.1k like-shares in one day!

My latest cartoon in Hyperallergic got more likes in one day than any others have gotten in a week. This must mean I’m communicating or…people are just pressing the wrong button a lot? HA!

Convolute A: Memory, art, holocaust

I could hear them howling from afar
I saw them rushing to your car
In a moment all went screaming wild
Until the darkness killed the light… 518 more words