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The spectacle

Tonight is the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. It’s a huge deal, these two fighters are poised to make up to  $180 million and $120 million respectively. 449 more words


Debord's Language and Critical Metaphysics

Nathalie Quintane: “With Debord there is never any doubt regarding the necessity of returning to the classical canon, he clings to this style. Thesis 204-206 in The Society of the Spectacle expresses this clearly: on should not touch the syntax (the classical), nor the vocabulary (marxist & enlightenment); this «style of rebellion» reminds of some kind of musical chairs (called «détournement») which is about replacing the subject with the predicate («reversing the genitive») – Debord gives us the famous example with the transition from  803 more words

DEEL XLVII: Mickey Mouse // Micki Maus // Miki Kuchi, ou la Phantasmagoria.

Een van de meest raadselachtige opdrachten die Walter Benjamin aan de volgende generaties heeft meegegeven is het geweest om na te denken over Mickey Mouse. In een gesprek met Kurt Weil en Gustav Gluck uit 1931 wordt over de net verschenen Mickey Mouse films opgetekend “Hier zien we voor het eerst dat het mogelijk is dat een arm, of je gehele lichaam, gestolen kan worden.” en “In deze films bereid de mensheid zich voor om de beschaving te overleven.” 2,508 more words

Notes on Society of the Spectacle: Chapter 6

Notes from chapters 1-3 can be found here.

Notes from chapter 4 can be found here.

Notes from chapter 5 can be found… 2,185 more words


The Lamp posts of Thomas Street and Guy Debord

I saw this picture on a pole on Thomas Street yesterday.

Now that’s what I call quite good.

But can anyone name the classic album from the 1980s that the very cultured Shed End Invincibles (SEI) have subverted here? 33 more words


Convolute E: Sparkling Colors, The Truth in Painting

Quote from Derrida, The Truth in Painting:

In the Analytic of the Beautiful,  the note is appended to the

definition of the beautiful concluded from the third moment: the…

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Correspondence with a former deportee (1)

Correspondence between a former deportee and Pierre Guillaume (1979)

Paris, July 2d 1979

To Pierre Guillaume

If I didn’t send you earlier this letter in reply it is first because I have many more serious things to do than to discuss whether there were six millions or only a few thousand Jews gassed and also because I thought it useful to first ask the friends of Alfred Rosmer’s opinion. 2,811 more words