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I worked for Steve Jobs, and this was the best lesson he taught me

”One day Steve Jobs showed up in my cubicle with a man that I didn’t know,” Guy Kawasaki writes via Quora. “He didn’t bother to introduce him; instead, he asked, ‘What do you think of a company called Knoware?'” 96 more words


Keheningan, Sebuah Selingan

Istriku, Eva Barus, mengawali bincang seusai makan malam kami tentang setangkai mawar. “Lihat mawar ini baru mulai mekar,” ucapnya, seraya menunjuk pada tumbuhan yang bersemburat dari polybag-nya yang kusam. 374 more words


It’s Mimi again, the social media manager from Germany. Today is Friday, so it’s time for a new blog post.

In my last blog I talked about the book “The Art Of The Start” by Guy Kawasaki.

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It’s me again, Mimi, the social media manager from good old Germany. :) I’m happy to write another blog for this company. And this time I have good news: People started to interact with us on Twitter.

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You’re an evangelist? So what do you do again….??

Evangelists do 11 things – for whatever company, product, organisation or cause that they are fighting for. 871 more words


Who is at helm in a Start up?

Few days ago the news about top level shifts, followed by some top-level exits, in ‘the’ most prominent Indian startup captured headlines when the founders were stripped off of their CXO titles and their responsibilities were reduced to mere placeholder-roles akin to rubber stamps. 1,110 more words