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Don't worry, be crappy!

Mister Guy Kawasaki and lots of other Lean Startup evangelists, often say that we should first ship and then test and improve. While I can agree with the idea that developers often spend too much time with unimportant stuff, the Lean Startup ideas often translates to: do not implement anything, just do things manually, don’t waste time automatizing things, write crappy software then wonder why nobody uses it, then, of course, blame it on poor marketing. 163 more words


Preparing Their Pitches

The students you see in this post represent Moldova’s brightest hopes for the future.

They are optimistic in a country where many people are pessimistic. They want to start businesses and help others. 435 more words

Guy Kawasaki

​Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. – Guy Kawasaki


Projects Evangelists

I love to watch project managers who are body and soul into the project. They live it. They breathe it. They enjoy it all. They suffer it all. 205 more words

Project Management

Being A Great Analyst > Key Attribute #4 > Be Enchanting

If you are a good analyst or a decision-maker that uses analytics, being enchanting makes your job much, much easier.

One key to using data and analysis effectively is understanding how to enchant people by being likable, trustworthy and using data and analysis to further a great cause. 329 more words

General Analytics

Guy Kawasaki

​Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. – Guy Kawasaki


El arte de cuativar / The art of enchantment (Guy kawasaki) - Personal notes -

El poder de cautivar: Necesitarás  convencer a las personas de que compartan el sueño contigo; y para lograrlo deberás tocar una emoción. Considero que lo que hace que un cliente nos prefiera a nosotros y no a la competencia; es creando experiencias positivas, memorables, únicas e individualizadas a nuestros clientes. 577 more words

"El Arte De Cautivar"