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El arte de cuativar / The art of enchantment (Guy kawasaki) - Personal notes -

El poder de cautivar: Necesitarás  convencer a las personas de que compartan el sueño contigo; y para lograrlo deberás tocar una emoción. Considero que lo que hace que un cliente nos prefiera a nosotros y no a la competencia; es creando experiencias positivas, memorables, únicas e individualizadas a nuestros clientes. 577 more words

"El Arte De Cautivar"

Guy Kawasaki & Stanford Reminds African America Why HBCUs Are Needed Via Instagram

After a crisis we tell ourselves we understand why it happened and maintain the illusion that the world is understandable. In fact, we should accept the world is incomprehensible much of the time. 661 more words


Books Writers Should Read—5. APE: How To Publish A Book by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch

Authors planning on going into self-publishing will learn all of the nitty gritty details about writing, editing, and producing your own book in APE. Authors… 363 more words

Write Here, Write Now

6 Things Business Teaches Us About Evangelism

We love our champions.  In any area, the champions and specialists of the world are welcomed with open arms.  They bring expertise, passion, and amazing performance outcomes that no other individuals seem to net on their own. 2,475 more words



I’m a big fan of Guy Kawasaki. He was the original evangelist at Apple and is one of the best people in the technology world at telling stories and crafting messages (in order to win hearts and minds or raise funds). 1,839 more words


Career Lesson: Greatness is won, not awarded.

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup. 45 more words


The Art of Leading

Some aspiring entrepreneurs are already working for a big company. Like external entrepreneurs, they dream of creating innovative products. They, too, must prototype, position, pitch, bootstrap, recruit, fund, partner, sell, and support. 1,009 more words