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The Hunter or the Hunted? Pt 5 (Prometheus, 2012)

Resurrection seemed to kill the franchise.  But after two Alien vs Predator films, Ridley Scott became very annoyed and wanted to right the ship.  Kind of.  545 more words

Science Fiction

priest of darkness

//-  hammy and ultimately unsatisfying western

Film Review- Alien Covenant

The Alien series is now officially on my list of franchises that must be humanely put down (along with the Pirates of the Caribbean and… 567 more words


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Het verhaal van King Arthur kennen we allemaal. Er zijn al vaak verfilmingen geweest en ook kinderfilms. Merlijn, Excalibur, Lancelot, Guinevere en natuurlijk de ronde tafel. 488 more words


Noirvember: L.A. Confidential (1997)

There was no stopping Titanic in 1997, iceberg be damned. James Cameron’s epic disaster movie had all the momentum of the times, and yet it’s a smaller movie that captured more of the critics and was far more deserving of the ultimate Oscar prizes that year. 2,796 more words


The Count of Monte Cristo Review (1884 vs. 2002)

Let’s talk about the Count of Monte Cristo (original French: Le Comte de Monte-Cristo). 1,078 more words


Equals - review

Another dystopian future where people are have no emotions and are obsessed with wearing white, living alone, right angles and fluorescent light. But wouldn’t you know it there is a disease going round that causes people to feel emotions and people start feeling things for other people. 277 more words