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The Count of Monte Cristo Review (1884 vs. 2002)

Let’s talk about the Count of Monte Cristo (original French: Le Comte de Monte-Cristo). 1,078 more words


Equals - review

Another dystopian future where people are have no emotions and are obsessed with wearing white, living alone, right angles and fluorescent light. But wouldn’t you know it there is a disease going round that causes people to feel emotions and people start feeling things for other people. 277 more words


365 films in 2016: film 13 (Memento 2000)

I love Christopher Nolan, he was the first director I was really into. I remember the first time I watched The Prestige knowing nothing about it before going into it and being blown away by how much I enjoyed this film that I only watched because I didn’t have anything else with me to watch. 461 more words

How a remake of Memento could be a good idea

There are a lot of controversial opinions expressed online, but one that seems universally agreed on is that the rumored remake of Memento is a very bad idea. 477 more words