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Idris Elba Cannot Guess How Many Sneakers He Has

It may not surprise you to find out that the guy tapped to co-host the 2016 Met Gala — and the one who looks like, well, … 725 more words


Justin Bieber's Overallvolution: Every Time He's Worn a Onesie

Splash News

Justin Bieber is constantly changing his style to ensure that we can never predict what he’ll wear on any given day. There was his… 491 more words


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“If you do right, nobody remembers. If you do wrong, nobody forgets.”
– Unknown

 I’m one of those girls that tries their utmost to have a permanently open mind when it comes to people’s appearance and creativity, however when it comes to some trends I just seem to refrain myself from shuddering at the sight of it. 637 more words

Justin Bieber Wears Khaki Dad Shorts Over His Skinny Jeans and We Have So Many Questions

Justin Bieber doesn’t live by anyone’s rules, let alone anyone else’s style guidelines. When he doesn’t feel like taking selfies with fans anymore, he bans all fan photos… 198 more words


8 Important Things to Know If You're Going on a Date with Nick Jonas

Right now, Nick Jonas is at the top of his game. His latest album, Last Year Was Complicated, dropped last week, he’s about to embark on a… 741 more words

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Dwyane Wade Knows Shopping For Your Dad Is Impossible, So He’s Here to Help

Dwyane Wade knows the struggle you face when it comes time to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day. The Miami Heat shooting guard and father of three admits to PeopleStyle he even called out his sons for their less-than-stellar gifts in years past. 395 more words