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Labour MP: English Votes For English Laws is "Racist"

A bit of an Emily Thornberry moment for Gerald Kaufman responding to EVEL:

“Even the title of this motion sounds racist.”

Labour’s contempt for England slips out again.

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Selfie Time: FLOTUS Rips Up Camera Rules

First Lady Michelle Obama has flexed her FLOTUS muscle by ripping up the a 40 year old rule banning cameras on White House tours:

Big news!

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Catch-Up Service: PMQs in Full

Did you miss PMQs? Watch the whole thing in full below:

Via UK Parliament

"Dodgy" Dave v "Jurassic Park" Skinner

Labour are boarding the outrage bus after Flashman Cam snapped back at Dennis Skinner’s “Dodgy Dave” jibe by calling him “Jurassic Park” at PMQs:

The PM had to… 9 more words

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Confirmed: BBC3 Goes Online Only

Some of the Beeb’s finest public service broadcasting is taken off air:

We have reached a provisional decision on proposals put to us on BBC Three, BBC One +1, CBBC and iPlayer…

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Supercar Socialist: Polly Toynbee's £135,000 Ferrari

Watch Polly Toynbee call a Ferrari a “misogynist motif of the patriarchal social order” and George Monbiot rev up a Land Rover as they ‘audition’ to be the new presenter on Top Gear: 16 more words

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