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Man Sets Up Disco in Operation Stack

As Theresa May prepares to chair a Cobra meeting about the crisis in Calais, which has forced police to turn the M20 into a massive lorry park of stranded trucks, one man has responded in the only appropriate way: by setting up a disco. 16 more words

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I Can't Believe He's Not Tory!

Another BBC smear on the Marr show yesterday:

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“Lord Coke, Tory peer’s drug binges with ¬£200 prostitutes”

That would be Lord Sewel, independent peer since 2012, before which he was Labour…

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Douglas Carswell v Owen Jones

Douglas Carswell wasn’t going to let Owen Jones get away with saying “I want to pay more tax”…

Who does he think he is, Charlotte Church?

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Media Bitch Fight of the Week: Owen on Owen

Our generation’s Owen Bennett took on our generation’s George Orwell on Sky this afternoon:

“The thing for Owen Jones, and I think it’s wonderful that his career’s going so well that he’s now in the top 1% of earners in this country, but people like us who actually care how they’re gonna pay the bills need a government that’s based in the centre ground…”

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Mental Marxists: Tories Will Gas the Poor

Meanwhile, at the SWP’s Marxism Festival in London:

An insight into the mindset of your average Jeremy Corbyn supporter.


Roll Call of Labour 'Morons'

From Panglossian cheerleader to doomsayer in the space of two months, Labour spinner John McTernan had some choice words after last night’s poll:

“The moronic MPs who nominated Jeremy Corbyn to ‘have a debate’ need their heads felt.

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