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Plug Pulled on Labour Interview, Again!

After Jamie Reed’s death from smugness was saved by the live feed going down, today the plug was pulled on Chris Leslie…

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A Lifelong Labour Voter Speaks

Steve, a “traditional Labour voter”, tells the Daily Politics:

“I was brought up in a household that’s staunch Labour. My dad was a trade unionist all his life and I’ve only ever known the Labour Party in voting terms.

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Cameraman Taken Down By Labour Press Officer

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At least the broadcasters were invited…


Informed the cameraman-slaying Labour press officer was an Anna Wright.

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Boris: "It Would Be a Wonderful Thing" to Be Tory Leader

Boris almost managed to get through this textbook Kay Burley grilling without saying he wanted to be PM. Almost:

“In the dim, distant future obviously it would be a wonderful thing to be thought to be in a position to be considered for such an honour”

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Salmond: "I'm Writing the Labour Party Budget" Full Video

The Tories are cock-a-hoop at getting their hands on this footage of Alex Salmond from last week, which they have kindly sub-titled for English speakers: 46 more words

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Jamie Reed Bottles Brillo Rematch

Jamie Reed was invited back onto the Daily Politics today to finish yesterday’s clusterf**k NHS interview:

He declined.

In fact, Labour refused to put anyone up to talk about the NHS on today’s programme. 33 more words

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Off-Cameron: Dave's This Morning Salmond Quip

Phillip Schofield introduces the next segment following his interview with the PM:

Anyone else hear the PMs little joke at Alex Salmond?… #ThisMorning #DavidCameron pic.twitter.com/BfpJxwa97I…

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