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I will be performing solo Guzheng and electronics here at 107 Project (107 Redfern St, Redfern) at 3PM on Sunday 27th January.


Superstar Colts quarterback’s season over

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THE Indianapolis Colts admitted defeat in Andrew Luck\u2019s fitness battle on Thursday, placing the star quarterback on injured reserve to effectively end his season. 5,462 more words

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10 Things You Should Know About the Guzheng

If you’re wondering what this harp-table looking instrument is, you’re in the right place. The Guzheng, also known as the Chinese zither, is a wood plucking instrument that can have 21 or more strings. 556 more words


Kerwin Young Composes new work for Zheng, Women's Chorus, and Orchestra

Kerwin Young composes Guanyin of the Southern Sea, a fantasy for guzheng, women’s chorus, and orchestra. Young is no stranger to Chinese instruments, having composed solo works for zheng, as well as suites for pipa, erhu, and guqin. 526 more words