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Making of Gur (Highway connecting Gwalior to Jhansi)

Hv u ever wondered how Gur (jaggery) is made from sugarcane.

I am sure there r various methods used in different parts of the country & there is difference between Gur made by different people – Remember the Amitabh Bacchan movie Saudagar. 454 more words


India Blog: Gwalior

Oh god what a long train ride. But we reached Gwalior in the afternoon of the 19th and stayed at this really beautiful hotel that used to be the guest house for the Maharaja of Gwalior. 366 more words


Somewhere in the Middle

Once upon a time, foster father showed me a photograph of Robert Frost’s house which he visited while in the U.S. The photo looked like the angels in the heavens had taken up the place as a pet project and done it up in the most precious leaves, barks of trees, and pristine water for the lake. 625 more words

Tying My Shoelaces And Travelling

A Random Gallery

Currently, I have a severe knocking problem and this problem has persisted for about 2 months now, but as no one including the mechanics, people at showroom, market mechanics don’t know what efi is, I am not able to get a solution. 77 more words

Battery Change

CNC-2015, Wearable Wireless Pointing Device

About the “Wearable Wireless Pointing Device”

After the invention of computers humans are continuously developing new ways of interacting with the computer and the digital world. 408 more words


In and Around Gwalior's Jami Masjid

Gwalior’s Jami Masjid is a Mughal-era structure built in the 1660s, soon after Shah Jahan was deposed by Aurangzeb, making it an early late-Mughal structure. 42 more words


Tombs of Muhammad Ghaus and Tansen in Gwalior

Muhammad Ghaus (or Ghawth) was a 16th c Sufi saint and teacher of the Mughal emperor Humayun as well as Tansen, the famous musician in Akbar’s court. 224 more words

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