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किले के उस हिस्से में अजीब सी मनहूसियत थी...

हर शहर की अपनी खुशबू होती है, अपनी छाप होती है. नदियों, मैदानों, फसलों, फूलों, संस्कृतियों और विरासतों से आती ये खुशबू एक शहर की आत्मा का अभिन्न अंग होती है.

Madhya Pradesh

M P Diaries - Gwalior - Day 1

A little nervous about the long holiday with my travel buddies we started from Mysore on our long journey to Gwalior! We landed in a slightly chill, dusty Gwalior, reminiscing our slightly tough Gujarat tour! 211 more words

Just Like That

The Unexpected Spectacle

Gwalior for a year end family holiday!!

Mmmm…..  I am not very sure.

This was my first reaction as we dabbled and discussed different options. 408 more words


Witnesses of glorious days

In the early morning in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, the majestic abandoned palace towering above the city was empty except for some bats that inhabited the lower floors. 271 more words