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a little family visit: blue skies and nightlife

Today was a national holiday, Buddha’s birthday. We spent the morning at Mugaksa, a temple on a mountain in the middle of downtown. We hiked around, looked at all of the 5.18 memorial monuments, hiked some trails, and walked around the temple grounds. 158 more words

Father And Son

middle school sports day: dress to express

Every year schools across South Korea have Sports Day, two or three days of fun sporting events. Each class picks a goofy outfit for their team, this makes the playing field very colorful! 22 more words


run, play, jump, run, play, jump (again)

Ahhh, lazy Saturday, you fit perfectly. (Yawns, drinks coffee.) With so little to do today, we don’t know what to do first. Playing with Lego’s seemed like work, so we went to the park and played well into the afternoon. 82 more words

Fourth Year In Korea

rising son

We had another sleepover, another night of pizza, movies, epic tank battles and tablet games–long into the night. My philosophy: if your homework is finished, and your responsibilities are taken care of–then playtime! 21 more words

Fourth Year In Korea

slouching tiger, winning dino

Tamara got us seats in the expat skybox at the new baseball stadium: KIA Tigers Champion’s Field. It was great to be back to watch a game for family night–especially in a box.  64 more words

Fourth Year In Korea

first sunny day

The sun was out today and the wind was nice and cool–perfect for our first few hours of outdoor playtime; and we weren’t alone! It was great to see other families out to play. 28 more words

Father And Son

saturday pizza and games

Today was a well-earned Saturday. This past week was the first week of classes; some tension there, but a good week overall. We met a friend, BH from Connecticut, downtown at the Canadian restaurant First Alleyway, for the best pizza in town. 55 more words

Father And Son