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Here Are Miles Morales' Best Moments As Spider-Man

Marvel Comics, and comic book publishers in general, have spent recent years putting an arguably much needed emphasis on diversifying comic books to represent the world we actually live in. 1,096 more words


SPIDER-GWEN #1 Coming This Fall!

She’s back! The character that took the world by storm, launched thousands of cosplays, fan art, music and more is swinging back into comics this fall for… 291 more words

Great Power, Great Responsibility...we know this song

Houston, we have a Spidey!

His name is Tom Holland. He’s been in a couple of things. He as Billy Elliot on The West End. He is 19 years old. 201 more words


Gwen Stacy 

Rocking out in her band The Mary Janes


Fan-Cast: Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson

You saw this coming, right? I mean, Spider-Man was just cast (Tom Holland) and the reboot solo film is coming in 2017. They are reportedly focusing on Peter’s high school years, so it won’t be like Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man films or Andrew Garfield’s even. 460 more words


Miles Morales Will Be THE Spider-Man Of The All-New, All-Different Marvel

It’s no surprise that Ultimate Marvel breakout star Miles Morales would continue web slinging after Secret Wars in the new Marvel Universe.  He was one of the few truly original characters to come out of the Ultimate Universe, well, as original as a Spider-Man derivative can be.   600 more words

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Lana Lang vs. Gwen Stacy

(Editor’s Note: The following was originally written by Keith Feltenstein.)

In our next “Versus” match, we have a couple of first girlfriends to heroes! We have in one corner, Lana Lang, first girlfriend to Clark Kent/Superman. 755 more words

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