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Spider-Gwen #4

Startin’ off with a face full of spray paint!  The YSG gang strikes again. This time tagging Gwen’s face directly!  These kids have been tagging revenge images against Spider Gwen ever since Peter’s death. 307 more words


Spider Gwen Fashion Arrives at We Love Fine!

Whether you prefer Mary Jane or Gwen is besides the point when you see the absolutely adorable new line from www.WeLoveFine.com

Check out the awesome hoodies, tanks, cardigan and leggings on some of our favorite nerdy girlies (Chubby Bunny / Michelle Nguyen, Meredith Placko & featuring We Love Fine’s own gorgeous Morgan Perry all shot by ridiculously talented photographers Greg De Stefano & Steevin Love)! 9 more words


Spider-Gwen #3

Is that a pair of angelic wings on the back of Gwen? Oh.. nope, guess not. The Punisher must be taking staring lessons from Sauron. Anyway, Daddy just can’t except that Gwen has greater responsibilities now.   238 more words


Why We Love Marvel: Spider-Man

Part Two of “Why We Love Marvel” Series

Here’s the guy you’ve all been waiting for, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! 776 more words


Look out! Here comes Spider-Gwen!

A few months ago Marvel Comics published the epic “Spider-Verse” crossover masterminded by writer Dan Slott, which featured appearances by pretty much every single alternate reality version of Spider-Man ever conceived, as well as introducing numerous new incarnations.  1,785 more words

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Loss and Triumph, Power and Responsibility

At Aloha State Park, Southern Michigan in August of 1994, when I was seven years old, I got my first Spider-Man comic. Spectacular Spider-Man #215… 2,370 more words