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Spider-Man at the Movies

Dear Readers (especially Sony Pictures),

I like to write about how much I love Spider-Man on this site.  I also like to write about how much I love reading Spider-Man comics.  1,968 more words

Marvel Cinematic Universe / Other Comic Book Movies

Miles + Gwen = One CLASSIC Team-Up!

For Lent this year I’ve given up making sassy/snarky comments while driving.  I’m a pretty positive guy…but I can be an impatient driver.  Now, when I feel I’m about to say something in that vein, I offer a prayer for the other driver instead.  2,169 more words

Marvel Comics

The Door Of Peter And Mary Jane

I’m going to keep bringing it up until Marvel stops screwing it up and no, an alternate reality isn’t enough. You still have the main reality featuring a deal with the figurative devil undoing a marriage that people support just because the Spider-Writers prefer… 842 more words

Marvel Spotlight

Dan Slott belly flops in 'Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy' finale

The finale to Marvel’s Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy is now in stores — or is it? Yes, the event that began with Before Dead No More… 213 more words


"Yesterday's" Comic> Spider-Man Unlimited #4

Spider-Man Unlimited #4

Marvel (March, 2000)

“What Lies Beyond The Edge Of Manhattan?’

WRITER: Eric Stephenson


INKER: Harry Caldelario

COLORIST: Mark Bernardo… 269 more words

Yesterday's Comics

Day 16: Gwenpool #0

COMIC TITLE: Gwenpool #0
Christopher Hastings- Writer
Gurihiru – Artist
Danilo Beyruth- Artist
May 4, 2016                                                                                                                                                         Marvel Comics

In the last year or two, there has been a craze going on in the Marvel Comics Universe with the character of Gwen Stacy and what Marvel has done to her. 348 more words

Comic Book Review

SPIDER-MAN #12 Ignites a Webslinging Romance – Your First Look!

Gwen and Miles sittin’ in a tree…you know the rest! What you don’t know is the twists and turns that await you inside this brand-new 4-part crossover between Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen! 147 more words