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Let's Talk About Gwen Stacy

The Gwen Stacy of Marvel Comics’ Earth-65, specifically.

She’s a relatively new superhero, from an alternate universe where the radioactive spider bit her instead of Peter Parker.   414 more words

Casting Corner: SPIDER-MAN

Welcome to the Casting Corner! Here we help out the casting directors of the world by picking and choosing the best performers for movies that have yet to be cast. 851 more words

By David Coupe

ICYMI: Fan Made Death Of Spider-Man Motion Comic

This morning I briefly wrote about the death of the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and this afternoon I stumbled upon this awesome fan made motion comic that covers the storyline from Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #158-160 from 2011.   19 more words

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No One Stays Dead In Comics Except Bucky, um, Jason Todd, hmmm...Uncle Ben?

A day after making headlines that there would be a major death in Civil War II that was essentially a marketing ploy, Marvel is proving their point by teasing that someone would soon be brought back from the dead. 213 more words

Superheroes & Comics

Ultimate Spider-Man #14

Contrast. Showcasing the differences between two different scenarios. This issue we see Peter becoming comfortable being Peter with the contrasting story of the birth of one of his newest antagonists. 1,284 more words


Spider-Gwen Animation!

A snazzy few seconds of Spider-Gwen animation courtesy of someone named Michael Hollister (I think?). Really plays in the Spider-Gwen color palette well and is some fun food for thought. 48 more words

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