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Community News 10/29

Pretty light news week this week with a just a few things from the industry but we got a really cool custom to feature this week. 226 more words

Action Figures

The weekend happenings

Hi All! I hope everybody had a fantastic halloweekend. I know I did. Aside from the weather on Sunday, it was a beautiful, fall weekend filled with so many Halloween activities.. 542 more words


7 crazy things you didn’t know about Spider-Man!

Sometimes the storylines in the Marvel Universe can be a challenge to keep track of. In addition to the main universe (Prime Reality: Earth-616), there are several alternate universes with a seemingly infinite number of possible storylines. 564 more words


Spider-Gwen: Most Wanted Review

I like it. Not sure if I love it yet. I love seeing a version of Gwen Stacy shine. During this first volume, there are some split-offs. 408 more words


Marvel's Gwenpool

By Hannah

Gwenpool is a force of nature in a pink leotard.  She has no superpowers, but she knows everything there is to know about the Marvel Universe, and apparently gravity is not that big of a deal to her. 497 more words


Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (Spoilers!)

At this point in our “Spider-Man” re-watch, we have finally finished the Sam Raimi trilogy, and we now head over to the Marc Webb “Amazing Spider-Man” movies. 1,204 more words

Movie/TV Specials Review

Movie Review: Spider-Man 3 (Spoilers!)

“Spider-Man”, when it first came out in 2002, changed the course of superhero films as it became the first superhero film that was lighter in tone, was successful at the box office, and set up things for a very successful and lucrative film franchise for SONY. 1,229 more words

Movie/TV Specials Review