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Dan Slott's Amazing Kaine: Peter Parker sidelined in ASM#21 — just like ASM #18, ASM #17, Spider-Verse, Silk intro, Superior Spider-Man, etc.

Fans of The Amazing Spider-Man have had a rough couple of years. Peter Parker was “killed” for an extended amount of time and replaced with Doctor Octopus as… 585 more words


Dan Slott's 'Dead No More #1' can't shake stale smell of clone stories better left buried in Spider-Man history

Marvel’s big Spider-Man event of the year has finally arrived with Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy #1. Readers who lived through the 90s wondered why writer Dan Slott would dig up the still-rotting corpse of… 761 more words

The Kitchen Sink

Spider-Man Confronts Gwen Stacy's Twins

I admit it took me awhile before I understood Sarah’s logic on Spider-man testing their DNA against Gwen Stacy and not him.

Okay fine, I still don’t fully understand it all.

From – Amazing Spider-man Vol. 1 #513


Spider-Man VS Gabriel Stacy

Gabriel lost his control when Spider-man told him that he’s not their father, and their benefactor and guardian Norman Osborn is. Add the fact that he’s a psychotic killer known as the Green Goblin who killed their mother, Gwen Stacy.

From – Amazing Spider-man Vol. 1 #513


Spider-Man Saves Sarah Stacy

Spider-Man finally has a chance to do get the maneuver right. Everyone knows how badly it turned out for Gwen Stacy when the Green Goblin dropped her from the top of the bridge. 25 more words


Spider-Man Shares His Blood With Sarah Stacy

So Goblin blood meshes well with Spider-blood. Good to know!

Nice touch on Peter finding out Gwen’s blood type early on. The writer’s really twisting the knife with that one.

From – Amazing Spider-man Vol. 1 #514


Gabriel Stacy Learns Norman Osborn Is The Green Goblin

Aside from seducing, impregnating, then killing Gwen Stacy — Green Goblin goes the extra effort of douchebaggery by raising their twins with a revised story of what happened to their mother. 35 more words