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Thor vs. Gwenpool?

From: The Unbelievable Gwenpool #2 (2016)

Marvel Comics

Gwen-Thing T-Shirt on Sale!

Based on my design from a couple weeks ago, I put up the Gwen-Thing design up on RedBubble. T-shirt is the default option, but you could also get a mug, or, inexplicably, a… 13 more words

#fanartfriday - Gwen-Thing

Gwenpool, Agwengers, all this talk about Spider-Gwen and Gwen Stacy, but where is my Giant Size Gwen-Thing?!?!?


Which side will Spider-Man end up on in Civil War?

Happy Tax Day in the US! I figure that makes it a good day to talk about somebody with money problems, right?

Spider-Man! On one hand, it’s exciting that Marvel worked out a deal with Sony to be able to include him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 687 more words


JD Reviews: Spider-Women Alpha #1

Writer: Robbie Thompson
Artists: Vanesa Del Rey
Published by Marvel

Review by: Johnny Destructo

Silk (Cindy Moon): a gal spider-bitten by the same spider that bit ol’ Spidey. 514 more words


Spoilers After The Break: Spider-Women Alpha #1 Review

I think I read all of Marvel’s Spider-Man related books except for Spider-Woman and Silk.  Now, before you start rolling your eyes, it’s not because they are women, I do read… 406 more words

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