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My Sketchs

I am still learning, but I try to draw as good as I can. Here are the sketches….checkout my new site : ameyrk.wordpress.com 8 more words

How Much It Hurts When Wolverine's Claws Pop Out

Ever wonder how painful it is to experience claws popping out of your hands? Or in Laura Kinney’s case, including your feet? Well she managed to put the experience in striking detail. 23 more words


All New Wolverine And Spider-Gwen VS Red Hornet

Wolverine and Spider-Gwen’s consciousness were accidentally switched by Red Hornet’s machine, hence the absolute hilarity¬†when Wolverine (Or Spider-Gwen’s consciousness) popped her claws into her own face. 6 more words


REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

The following quick review of The Amazing Spider-Man was written in August 2016.

Five years after the release of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, Sony restarted their Spider-Man… 451 more words


Tea-Time with Tony Poulson

Tea Time? More like rambling lunatics at 2am. Tony Poulson is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, and a really good illustrator, too. 1,304 more words


Spider Gwen - Fan Art Friday #5

This is only a W.I.P. of a comic book page I’m working for my Portfolio, Spider Gwen is my favorite super hero so I felt it was necessary to have a drawing of her on it! 35 more words


Gwensday - Spider Gwen Appreciation

I want to talk about my new geek obsession. It came about slowly. I had heard about Spider Gwen more than once in the past year or so. 479 more words

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