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La Manche

Rich got the anchor chain ready to lift, wearing a familiar look of concern wrought by a week of engine stress. I hugged him. “It’s all going to be good. 2,009 more words


Just Stopping By

We spent a couple more nights between Tresco and Bryher, taking occasional quiet walks on one island or another, moving and changing our anchor as the tides and winds got stronger and trying to reconnect with each other with what little energy we could muster. 1,323 more words


Cebu's Ex Gov. Gwen Garcia Revealed How Garbo Refused to Join Anti-Drug Campaign. MUST READ!

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After the clean slate of retired PNP general Marcelo Garbo got tarnished, he is in more trouble after Cebu Representative Gwen Garcia seconded the allegations on him. 12 more words

Ex-Cebu gov Gwen Garcia: Garbo refused to join Cebu’s anti-drug drive, said it’s PDEA’s problem

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Image from Marcelo Garbo’s Facebook Community page

Former governor of Cebu spilled the beans on PNP general who allegedly protected drug lords… 17 more words

Night Watches and Nightmares

Woah, it’s a long one. Grab yourself a drink and I’ll tell you scary stories about two beautiful, distressing trips on one big assed boat. 4,004 more words


Gwen and Hyatt 20


Gwen sits on the floor against the wall next to Hyatt. A cellphone is ringing. Hyatt answers the phone, puts it on speaker, and puts it down in front of them. 662 more words