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Double Date Night at Gwen - Los Angeles

“You’re just in time! We’re doing last call for Happy Hour, what would you like?”

YAAASSSSSS. I arrived at 6:25pm and got rewarded with $7 cocktails /gloat. 632 more words


Get Away

Rich finished work and we began our last week in Mallorca with celebratory beers. My painting efforts stepped up: the toe rails turned yellow and Rich helped me finish the rubbing strakes’ orange. 1,879 more words


Gwen Supports Full Gherkin Syntax

With the recent addition of Data Tables and Doc Strings, Gwen now supports the full Gherkin syntax! We’ve also enhanced the REPL console with a… 62 more words


Gwen Automation with Data Tables

Gwen now supports data tables and in this post I’m going to show you some examples of how they can be used with the web engine to automate some repetitive tasks on the… 1,211 more words


Torchwood: Children of Earth

I remember sitting down to watch the first episode of this back in 2009, thinking “this will be shit, but at least it’ll be over by the end of the week”. 2,178 more words

Captain Jack

Deal 1040: Gwen muses

Interesting times indeed. This latest adventurer or victim (it is so hard to tell them apart) has potential. He might yet live to prove himself. 204 more words

Daily Deal

Cure a lingering cough

About 2 weeks ago, my hubby came down with the flu.  Sigh!  Something you should know about us is that we don’t go to the doctors unless we are dying and so, as expected, he waited and waited before finally going to see the doctor.   170 more words