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Spirit day and dark night

Happy #spiritday. Thats Hester High the fictional nearly Bully high school that alot of us miss. Nevertheless, Its been a while since I posted last. Sorry about that. 515 more words


Funny Kids

The rains are coming down and the floods are coming up. By the way, the storm of the century that I mentioned was supposed to hit over the weekend, never did happen. 993 more words


Say What

Gwen: Four scone and seven years ago …
Heath: Four score!
Gwen: Four score and seven years ago our four fathers …
Heath: Forefathers!
Me: It means they came before. 215 more words



Small waves swing us softly like a nursery rhyme mother. The view from a porthole flips from sea to coast to sky and back. The rig rumbles quietly above and a cup ticks against its shelf in the galley. 2,407 more words


Decision Making

So far my kids have never experienced “snow days.” These types of days were not built into the calendar in California. At least not where we lived. 1,452 more words


Maude & Gwen

Roll back the clock about eighteen months, if you will. I’m working out at the gym, just a two blocks from my Lower Nob Hill apartment. 1,150 more words


Integrating Gwen with Maven

Although you can download and install Gwen locally to run automated tests, it is sometimes useful to integrate it with a build tool such as Maven and have it download and install it for you and run tests as part of the release verification process. 798 more words