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Fun at the Pool

Fortunately, through the power of the internet, I have obtained copies of pictures my Aunt took at the pool. Thanks for letting me put these on the blog! 128 more words


Ring 3.07 - Lucien

His arms no longer hurt from the weight he carried – instead, they were numb. His joints locked in place, scooped under Brynn’s shoulders and her bent knees. 3,268 more words


Taby's and Trish's sub suits

I came to visit Taby and Trish to see their new Restrained Freedom sub suits and before I knew it, a whole group showed up and leashes magically ended up on my hand.  15 more words

SL Diary

Day 6, the big day

The whole reason we went to Minnesota is to see my Father’s side of the family. I hadn’t seen them in about 9 years, since my Grandfather died, Gwen was a baby. 639 more words



I told Gwen and Parker that this is the last week of the summer reading program. The program ends on Sunday but my cutoff for redeeming prizes is Friday. 624 more words


Mirrors of life reflected back

As we all know there was a shooting in Lafayette last night done by John Russell “Rusty” Houser who methodically shot 11 people in a Lafayette, Louisiana, movie theater on Thursday night using a handgun he legally purchased from an Alabama pawn shop. 261 more words