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A Hunting Dog, You Say?

  • Title: A Hunting Dog, You Say?
  • Fandom: BBC Merlin
  • Characters: Merlin, Gwen, Gaius, Percival, Gwaine
  • Pairing: General
  • Summary: Gwen saves a puppy, Merlin sees to it’s injuries, and they have to figure out who to give her to, because although they can’t keep her, what with their demanding duties as royal servants, they do want to give her a good home.
  • 2,318 more words

Gwen Turned 1! (two months ago)

Better late than never, right? ;-)

It feels like it was just yesterday. Where does time go? I mean, really? Time needs to slow down. I can’t keep up. 79 more words


Chapter 7 part 2

In which Nica finally takes the stage.

For the next song, the guitar cued before the dancers appeared on stage. It was only as it started to reach a fever pitch that Emily and Lena stalked onto stage in matching black, semi-sheer halter tops and pants. 2,045 more words

Book 1

Thoughts on: Ben10 Reboot! (2017)

Reboots & Launches of popular IP’s are common place in American media, especially amongst series in the superhero genre.  It is a way for companies to publishers to keep their characters fresh and relevant for a new generation of readers and viewers.  782 more words

Thoughts On


Courage is the willingness to act in spite of fear
~Michael Hyatt

Some people are thrill seekers. Others are much more content to keep their feet firmly on the ground. 709 more words


Easter Good, Easter Good

The end of a winter of work is in sight. With escape to look forward to and the weather getting warmer our spirits have shrugged, thrown up their hands and given up most of the grumbles. 670 more words


Session 1

Mitchell at work is more than likely lying to me about playing DOOM, but because he is clearly a lonely guy because he has a huge stutter, he was so happy to finally have someone who would talk to him without mentioning it, that he’s gone along with it from the first time we talked. 1,940 more words