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My sister Gwen broke her arm, her finger, and my life

Did you ever see the little girl name Dolly in the  comic strip “Family Circus”?  That was my sister Gwen.  She held the reins on the household brood with her childhood bossiness and know-it-all way that somehow put the brakes on our craziness.  903 more words

Gran Canaria to Banjul Part 1: Notes from the Ocean

11 November

I’m not at my best first thing in the morning. Often, whether at anchor, in a marina or at sea, my first thought of the day will be the most negative. 1,391 more words



This week I decided to go back to my first love, cross stitching. I have been very busy and very happy with knitting and crochet, but the other day I realized that it’s been about two months since I last stitched anything, and that is just unhealthy. 305 more words

Back To Life

October struggled on, dripping with sweat and coated in a film of blown-in Saharan dust. Our two week work stop in Arrecife had protracted to five and the pair of us were tense and tired, still shackled to a marina that seemed less of a luxury and more of a detention camp by the day. 1,643 more words



I stared down hard at the drink menu for a long time before finally giving up and ordering a beer along with the rest of my friends. 1,815 more words


“You do realize that we are late, right?” Sadie’s whiny voice sounded from behind me.

We were both facing my full length mirror and I paid no attention to her complaints as I put on the last of my mascara. 1,248 more words

Suspended Animation

No man is an island, except the Isle of Man. Most of the time there’s just me and Rich in the little world of Gwen, but since we’ve been on this particular island for what is now a month (Rich’s job has run over by quite a lot, so we’re… 1,303 more words