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HAARP, mind control and modification of Schumann Resonances - questions linger...

In a recent interview with John B. Wells on Caravan to Midnight, Jim Lee (climateviewer.com) covered a wide swathe of controversial topics such as “slave-speak”, hurricane modification and carbon black dust… Among other things, Lee mentioned that the HAARP research program may have been used to affect Earth’s Schumann resonances, a topic I broached in a previous post ( 502 more words

Psy-ops & Psychological Warfare


The sun isn’t just beating down, it is searing relentlessly into our skin and boiling our sweaty brains. Rich has fastened the wind scoop, a curve of fabric that funnels cold air through the boat, on to the forehatch. 1,437 more words



I have tried and failed to make this treat for almost four years but ALAS I have found the promise land 🙏🏾. LADIES AND GENTS I GIVE YOU BANANA NICE CREAM! 97 more words



On the first day we wake early and take Gwen to the harbour in Belle Ile to stock up on water and buy a little fuel – not that it’s needed, just so that we’re customers of the port. 1,949 more words


Electric Ile

I’m gradually shedding the shackles of expectation, the great enemy of the laid back lifestyle. On our sail from the Glenans to Belle Ile an unforseen south easterly wind meant that it was possible we would have to head inland instead, perhaps to Quiberon or the islands that we couldn’t pronounce but were calling “Hodor”. 982 more words


The Ambassador

“She is going to be your ambassador. She will open doors for everyone.”

I have to laugh at how true these statements have become. Our Little Miss is no longer little. 1,051 more words