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Dailies 12/5/17

Nicky Beer – Most Bizarre Beauty Queens of the 1950’s 

—after an article by Elyse Wanshe

It’s easy to snicker at the Sausage Queen,
draped in a stole of glistening, tumescent weenies, 137 more words

Book 4: Selected Poems--Gwendolyn Brooks

I don’t read much poetry. I don’t really read any poetry the way I did in my AP Lit class senior year of high school. It’s unfortunate, because there’s so much great poetry out there. 927 more words


The Elusiveness of Truth

Truth has always been important to me.  That probably stems from my discovery early in life that truth was a scarce commodity in the world I was born into…which, of course, was and is the only world there is!  231 more words


We Real Cool

Gwendolyn Brooks could easily have written this poem from the perspective of a judgmental, authoritative figure scolding these boys for cutting class and hanging out in a place they probably should’t, but she doesn’t. 197 more words

Gwendolyn Brooks and "We Real Cool"

This short poem can mean so much. I assume many of us have read this poem before, I certainly have; however, that doesn’t change the idea that the poem can change it’s meaning to you over time. 417 more words

We Real Cool: Gwendolyn Brooks and Implied Meanings

This poem does so much in such a small space. To break it down and analyze the implied meanings of the poetry adds so much depth. 363 more words

Emphasis in "We Real Cool"

The form of “We Real Cool” is very unique compared to the other poems we’ve studied in class. The first thing I noticed was the use of enjambment, or the lines ending without punctuation and continue into the next line. 263 more words