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We Real Cool ~ Gwendolyn Brooks

I’ve recently made a blog post about the significance of the poem “The Boy Died in My Alley” by Gwendolyn Brooks, but her work is too amazing to pass up the opportunity to write about one more. 741 more words

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The Boy Died in My Alley ~Gwendolyn Brooks

I came across Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem The Boy Died in My Alley while attending college here in Baltimore. The recent events that have taken place in this city resonates within the words of this poem. 996 more words

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Weekend coffee share: an amazing week

Welcome back for another weekend coffee. What can I get you? Coffee? Tea? Water? Maybe you’re hungry? I’ve got some crepes with either a homemade sour cherry jam or spinach and dried tomatoes. 565 more words


Learning n stuff

After I reached junior high, my family moved several times and my education became a mish-mash of discontinuous scheduling. I went to three high schools. One school system would have an orderly progression of freshman to senior curricula, but that wouldn’t mesh with another system’s. 489 more words


Short and Long

Some people prefer reading long novels over short stories. Some authors prefer writing short stories over longer works. And vice versa. I am reading Travels with Charley… 556 more words

A Few Bits Of Wisdom From The Poet Claudian

Long poems generally bore me.  Even the most eloquent verses, stacked up on each other at great length, can wear on the reader.  Perhaps every long poem is best digested as a series of short poems, read at one’s leisure.   451 more words


History Gives Back Beautiful Gifts!

Many years ago, I had the pleasure of attending a poetry reading by Gwendolyn Brooks.  On that wonderful afternoon at the Cleveland Public Library, she spoke volumes, when she stated, “Poetry gives back beautiful gifts!”   Today, I can honestly say the same thing about history, which gives me the gifts of inspiration and motivation on a daily basis. 185 more words