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Nov. 19, 2016: Beliefment

I awoke this morning with the word “beliefment” in my brain.  It’s a made-up word, conjured up by my sleeping self.

Stephen Colbert’s truthiness  191 more words

We Only Move Forward When We Demand the Impossible: An Interview with Bill Ayers

This moment demands all of us to spend more time thinking about where we’re headed and how we can make a movement that is coherent, unifying and capable of winning. 2,893 more words


Friday Philosophy...Unity

I think the title speaks for itself.

“The point in history at which we stand is full of promise and danger. The world will either move forward toward unity and widely shared prosperity – or it will move apart.” ~ Franklin D. 120 more words

Friday Philosophy

#NeverTrump: 30 days of poetry by American women, queers, & non-whites. 1/30—Brooks.

An Aspect of Love, Alive in the Ice and Fire

In a package of minutes there is this We.
How beautiful.
Merry foreigners in our morning, 107 more words

Poem Of The Month / The PACK Admires

Battles lost

I’ve always had the sense that people looked at me skeptically when I characterize my life as damaged by sexism. I’m a US-born person of European descent who never had to go hungry. 472 more words

Persona Poems and me

About Persona Poems

Persona poems are poems that are written in a voice other than that of the author, where the author pretends to be someone else. 1,120 more words